Nike Video celebrates being LAST



This new Nike Video triggered a lot of memories. I remembered my first marathon (TBR Dream Marathon 2013) when I stood in front of the starting line just praying that I have the strength to finish the race. It still remembered the pain, the suffering, and how it was all worth it :)

As the new marathon season starts, if you are aiming for Condura, TBR Dream Marathon 2016, or your first Ultramarathon, Nike’s Last Video celebrates not only the last athlete who crosses the finish line, but also the imperfect journey of every runner.

I really love how Nike connects with people. Watch and Share.


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  1. 3rd to the last… and the other two behind were both senior citizens… so yeah felt last just the same! Just because I accompanied my friends in their 1st 12K in 2hrs 2mins. They were happy I never left them.


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