Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 – Results Discussion and Photos


Congratulations to all the finishers of the Condura Skyway Marathon 2015, especially to the newly certified marathoners! Tough course eh? So glad the weather was good! Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Pinoy Fitness Booth! Time to share your comments and feedback guys!

Remember, your comments are very important to the organizers, it will surely help improve the race next year. And if you loved the race, leave them a cheer!

Condura Skyway Marathon 2015
February 1, 2015
Filinvest Alabang

Race Results:
Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 – 42K Results
Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 – 21K Results
Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 – 10K Results
Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 – 6K Results

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  1. Starting with the most noticeable negative: Makalat!

    Isa o walang trash bins ang mga water stations. Ayun, paper cups dito, plastic cups doon habang tumatakbo sa route kasi walang mapagtapunan ang mga runners. Sana sinabi na lang nila na bring own water bottle para malinis.

    Aside from that, ok na yung marathon. Pero hindi ka grande tulad ng ibang organized races ni Rio since it’s for a cause.

    Sarap tumakbo sa 42k since mahangin yung panahon.

    • dapat matic na yung may sariling hydration bottle.. hindi kelangan i-announce yun, kahit me basurahan man kung wala talagang disiplina mga tao, useless.. dahil sa dami din ng tumatakbo malamang mapupuno ung mga trash bins, change starts with us, kung ayaw makakita ng kalat magdala ng sariling hydration bottle.. kung lahat ng tao ganyan ang gagawin I’m sure walang basura at walang kalat sa lahat ng running events.. peace out!

  2. Yup. It was a great running event. Bumabaha ng Summit water! Madaming Lifeline Medics to apply liniment sa mga runners, maliwanag except for a small portion before Bicutan…Congrats to Running Shield and Rio!

  3. awesome event… definitely lived up to the billing that it is the premier marathon event…

    my only negative comment… yung mga makakapal ang mukha na lower wave na nga eh nagpupumilit na mauna sa earlier wave… as in naman magbabago yung time nila kung sila ang mauuna… nakakahiya naman sa mga heroes that inspired the run… konting honesty na nga lang di pa magawa… seriously… kaya di umaasenso ang bansa natin dahil sa mga taong ganito…

  4. If you were able to run last Condura Skyway Marathon 2013 Run for the Mangroves you will be very disappointed on the outcome here because of the following:

    1. Ang laki ng itinaas sa registration fees.
    2. At almost Php 60.00 per runner na donation to hero foundation (Php 1,000,000 donation to hero foundation divided by the 15,000 runners) akala mo nakatulong ka na, di mo alam ang laki din ng napunta sa organizer. This was run is not for advocacy anymore, but for profit.
    3. The tech shirt is cheaper in quality compared to the tech shirt in the 2013 edition. It also has the name “Rio” and “Unilab” written all over it.
    4. Gatorade and Summit lang ang freebies. The 2013 edition includes a lootbag filled with Colgate Plax, Nivea Facial Wash, Soaps, etc. and overflowing Cornetto. Also a discount voucher for Nxled and Time Depot.
    5. The “prestige” of running on the Condura Skyway Marathon was gone. Halos naging parehas na din sa mga cheaper “Runrio” managed runs. The layout of the place, the freebies, etc.

    This run is just another “Runrio” run at a much more expensive price. Very disappointed.

    • Haha magaling… Para kanino ang paktakbo nyo… for sure kay rio… Hindi ako magpapakapagod para lang sa kulot na yun… buti na lang sinama nila yung SAF44 at hero foundation kung hindi never na ako tatakbo ng condura…

  5. the best condura marathon dami uphill.. sarap tumakbo walang lubak walang usok.. kaso dami ninja moves sa results talon talon haha. no issue sa mga ninja kahit sa harap ko lumundag di naman ako dinaya nila eh.. hehe

  6. Ang laki ng Finisher shirt. Ung XL ng 42K finisher shirt not the same as XL ng Technical shirt. Sabagay pde iparepair pero kung alam ko lang sana nakipagpalit na ako kasi me lumapit sa akin L ung nakuha nya finisher shirt. Hays. But overall the event is a success and I really enjoyed it kahit sobrang hirap kasi 1st ko sa 42K. :)

  7. The Best Condura. 1st time ko sa skyway daming uphill, sarap tumakbo dahil walang lubak, walang usok daming hydration. Dami rin Ninja moves sa Results.No Issue kahit sa harap ko pa lumulundag sino ba dinaya nila ako ba?? hehe

  8. It was worth the experience being a 1st timer in a Full Marathon from a regular 10k run. There are portions along Skyway that is dark near the airport and no light from the marshalls. Good thing nobody encountered accident. Water station are okay but irregular distance one from the next. Portalets are also good as it is made available. To the organizers and marshalls, job well done.

  9. Hindi nagkulang sa hydration ang event. Nice view and the road is challenging.

    I wonder bakit ung liniment nila 90% water at 10% liniment. zzz.

  10. Enjoyed the course and weather. Well hydrated ang runners from start to finish. Ayos din ang marshalls at aids :) Ang saya at very humbling ang experience ko dito. Will definitely join CSM 2016

  11. Congrats to my fellow runners… may comment lng ako napansin k kinulang yng saging hnd n umabot sa amin khit isa laging cnsabi nung marshal ubos n rw khit man lng itlog wla… kkonti nmn yng mga pinagbalatan… bakit kaya?

    Hay bgla kng namiss ang ultramarathons ni RUNMANIA sagana sa sandwich, saging, itlog at drum stick…

    ssubukan uli kta Skyway sa 7-11…

  12. Ok tlga pg c rio ang organizer, sulit ang bayad. Bad trip lng wla ko data sa 26km mark. Iba rin size nung sample shirt sa registration compare dun sa actual race shirt.mas maluwag.

  13. i was undertrained for this run, even thought of not running here pero since nilibre ako ng friend ko dito nakakahiya naman. I had only one month to prepare and train for my first FM this year kaya I’m so happy that I finished 30mins earlier than my last marathon despite the training setback and the route being difficult and all dagdag pa ung hangin na para akong liliparin na, I had a great time. Thank you Condura for this opportunity. #RunForAHero

  14. There were random pieces of rocks on the skyway. My cousin got blisters because he accidentally stepped on one (he’s a barefoot runner). I, myself almost stepped on one. Bananas were not given within the first kilometers of the race. And some runners were not able to get any bananas because the organizers(?) had nothing left to give. Such a shame. But it was a good event overall.

  15. organizer, i hope you’re reading this. i have commented on this since last year – ru series 1-3, sofitel manila run, rexona, and now condura. the problem is, almost always, the finisher’s shirt is much bigger by almost 2 inches (chest width) than the technical shirt / singlet even if they belong to the same size, say LARGE 42K. your generosity in the FS for its extra fabric should have been diverted to our loot bags. lawlaw ang itsura tuloy ng FS. the only possible reason for this is maybe the supplier for the technical shirt is different from the supplier of the FS. Even if it is so, this should not be the case since 1 inch is supposed to be 1 inch wherever you go.

    race solutions is the technical / finishers shirt provider for all runrio events. please, for the last time, calibrate your measuring tapes or at least use a measuring tape from the same supplier. diba napaka basic nito? please ayusin niyo. and mind you, this translates to savings for the FS because you now use lesser fabric than you used to.

    this thing should be corrected already come ru1.


  16. Mukhang may something nga ung timing chip, ung oras ko sa 26km mark e ang bilis, I have my watch and it registered a slower time at that mark, so pag tiningnan ung overall time ko from the 26km mark all the way to the finish e parang naglakad ako ng 3 hours from there just to finish which is not the case. Haha!

    I also saw someone who I know for sure didn’t cross or turn at the 26km mark (meaning the person cheated) pero when I looked at the results may time siya. An labo ng timing. Anyway, it was a hell of an experience and kahit mahal pa siya or not at par from the last organized race (Run for the Mangroves) I don’t regret running and joining this event. But maybe in the future I’ll think about twice before joining it again.

  17. yung time results ko, @15.82K lang ako may register, tapos finish line na agad, baka sabihin ng mga tao nag-Ninja Moves ako. buti na lang almost 7hours yung guntime ko, ewan na lang kung paghinalaan pa ako niyan, ang bagal ko na nga. To Runrio, please paki-Stress Test naman po ung sensor mats niyo, baka naman pang-2 tao lang na magkasabay ang kaya niya kunan ng register. hehe!

    agree ako sa mga nagreklamo tungkol sa saging sa 42K route, yung iba binalatan lang yung saging tapos tinapon pa sa daan. kawawa naman ung walang nakain. :)) pero di bale, sapat naman yung hyrdation, keri na rin. tska masaya naman tumakbo sa skyway, minsan lang makatapak na literal sa skyway, at wala pang toll fee.

  18. mam/sir ung pong finisher shirt 42k namin di pa po na deliver size small kc na ubusan po kami sabi nung nag bibigay pumirma na lng kami dedeliver daw po un ask kulng po mam/sir


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