5 Reasons to Date a Runner Girl



Ever since I started running, I have made lots of girl runner friends. We come from all walks of life, but I must say, we have one thing in common: we make great partners. Here are the top reasons why dating a runner girl rocks:

1. A runner girl is not a picky eater.

The carbs never bothered her anyway; she’ll be burning them in no time.Nutrition is part of any training. She’s preparing for a long run on Sunday? Invite her on a carbo loading date on Thursday and she will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Take her to a breakfast place for a hearty post-long run meal, and you’ll surely sweep her off her feet in running shoes.

2. A runner girl is a healthy partner.

Health is wealth and we all know that, don’t we? Physically, most runners have toned legs, glowing and tanned skin. Mentally, they have the “I am born ready” outlook in life. Emotionally, girl runners are strong people. When their legs give up on them, they run with their hearts. Whether she runs a total of five or twenty five kilometers weekly, it does not matter; she is definitely healthier than couch potatoes.

3. A runner girl is always happy.

One way to live a happy life is by surrounding yourself with happy people. Ever heard of runner’s high? Here’s how it works:
– Running is a form of exercise.
– Exercising releases endorphin hormones that make people happy.
– Therefore, running makes people happy.
– Date a girl runner because there will never be a dull moment when you’re with her.

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4. A runner girl makes a good cheerleader.

Her race is just as important as your own endeavor. She’s your number one fan/cheerleader/yaya/photographer/etc. Whether you’re performing onstage, competing in your own sport, or launching a project… Trust your girl to give her full support. She will say the right words, hold your hands reassuringly to make your jitters go away.

5. A runner girl runs the world, literally and figuratively.

The world is her playground; she’s always on the lookout for new running routes. Expect her running shoes to be included in her suitcase when you are travelling. A girl runner is no damsel in distress; she is dedicated, determined, and dependent to nobody but herself.

The next time you come across that runner girl you always see in BGC or UP, go on… Muster the courage and say a friendly hello. Who knows, she might be your sole-mate. :)


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  2. Hehehhe.. Ung number 5, naalala ko nung nagpunta kme ng ilocos..
    Sabi ko sa sarili ko.. “Sayang, sna dinala ko rubber shoes ko nang makaikot lang kahit konti.. Iba environment.. :))


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