Hate Cramps and Muscle Pain? Try BSI


Hate Cramps and Muscle Pain? Try BSI.

Hate cramps and muscle pain? Me too! Especially when it occurs during a workout or race, it forces you to stop or completely disables you. For quick relief when cramps and muscle pain attacks, we use medicated liniment, cream or balm, but we all know how messy it can become during application, and some are just not convenient to bring along.

Luckily, I found something that solves the problem for both convenience and mess. I just recently discovered BSI Medicated Spray.

Like most brands in the market, BSI’s formulation effectively relieves muscular pain in minutes; it’s also effective in reducing muscle swelling such as muscle cramps and sprains, but it provides something more…


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BSI was designed with sports and an active lifestyle in mind; the packaging is handy, lightweight in a non-breakable plastic bottle.

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The spray form application design allows you to apply the product on the affected part without messing your hands, and no need to massage unlike other topical pain relievers.
BSI is super handy, I now bring it everywhere! Use it to reduce muscle swelling after workouts, or when you experience muscle cramps during one. I think you should get one too, especially if you cramp a lot. Check it out yourself!


BSI Medicated Spray is the only non-aerosol topical pain reliever in the Philippines approved by FDA; it has been in the market for over 5 years and is available in Mercury Drug Store, Rose Pharmacy and South Star Drug.

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  1. Thanks for the info Jeff. I really need this specially this time of the year sa Baguio, nakaka “cramps” ang tinde ng lamig. Happy New Year!


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