QCIM Night Run 2014 – Results Discussion and Photos



Congratulations to all the finishers of the recently concluded QCIM Night Run 2014 in Quezon City Cirle! How was your Run? Time to share your comments and feedback guys!

Remember, your comments are very important to the organizers, it will surely help improve the race next year. And if you loved the race, leave them a cheer!

QCIM Night Run 2014
November 29, 2014
QC Memorial Circle

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Race Results:
QCIM Night Run 2014 Race Results

Photo Links:
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Photo links will be updated here as they become available! Feel free to share your comments and feedback about the event below.


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  1. okey yung ruta,kaya lang sablay s hydration puro tubig n di malamig,saging isa isang inaabot imbis n ilatag s lamesa pra makita ng mga runner,next year sna iba n yung organizer.bumawi n lang ako s GU gel.

  2. first off… had this been an actual marathon… 42.195km… it would have been a massacre… with runners collapsing left and right with the way the hydration stations were lousily managed… i had high hopes for this run because for one its a new route… finally a run thats not in BGC or at Km 0… but the event went downhill when runners can’t even get to the event on time.. supposed parking areas were not properly routed… and then the hydration station debacle… i should have realized it sooner when the first station was one small table with 3 jugs… it would have been better if they handed out bottled water… i would love to run this again next year if and only if mayor bistek learns from this and get established organizers… runrio, leadpack or even runtarantantan….

    • The mayor should have arrived on time. That was my first race event where the gun start got delayed because we had to wait for some important person to start the event. Talk about someone who has been in office for a long time, and should exemplified time management.

  3. i haven’t been running long, but so far this was the worst run i’ve joined in. the hydration wasn’t enough. the cups were the worst. and i was one of the late comers, there was this one marshall, using his megaphone, shouted “ano ba yan ang babagal nyo wala na kayong medal!” which was rude because i have struggled to finish the run and it was my first time to run the 21k category. as we were running, some of the marshalls were already sleeping or cleaning up. akala ko nga pagdating ko sa circle, nag-wrap up na lahat eh, tapos medyo marami-rami pa rin yung nasa likuran ko.

    tapos andaming naipit sa traffic, kawawa. some motorists were shouting at us and even swearing, blaming the runners for the traffic.


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