Cobra FedRun – January 25, 2015



The 2015 FedRun is being organized by the Federation of Filipino Chinese Alumni Associations, Inc. It aims to promote a healthy lifestyle in the community.

Cobra FedRun
January 25, 2015

Registration Fees:
3K – P400
5K – P550
10K – P700
16K – P850

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Registration Venues:
Participating Schools:
– Chiang Kai Shek College
– Crusaders-Lorenzo Ruiz Academy
– Dr. Kwangson Memorial School
– Grace Christian College
– Hope Christian High School
– Northern Rizal Yorklin School
– Paco Citizen Academy Foundation
– Philippine Academy of Sakya
– Philippine Chen Kwang High School
– Philippine Cultural College
– Philippine Institute of Quezon City
– Philippine Jin Nan Institute
– Philippine Scholastic Academy
– Philippine Tiong Se Academy
– Samantabhadra Institute
– St. Jude Catholic School
– St. Stephen’s High School
– UNO High School
– Westminster High School
– Xavier School

At the latter part of November at the following outlets:
– Chris Sports
– Second Wind


Contact Details:
Mobile: 0998-544-6975
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Mga ser unahin nyo muna ung mga detalye (Design of Siglet, FS, FM if meron o ruta) bago ung registration venues.. pano gaganahan un mga runners mag pa reg kung kulang naman po.

  2. Ok na sana pagkakita ko pa lang wow Cobra Energy drink ito na yata ang pambuena mano ko ng 2015 ah. Ngek kulang man sa detalye ok din sa pambibitin eh

  3. I went to Chris Sports at Market, Market today and they weren’t able to register me for the upcoming Fed Run. Please tell me where I can definitely register, before I go running all over metro Manila.

  4. A good run marred by unorganized, inefficient baggage area. It took me more than 30 mins to get my bag. The organizers blaim SM for the approx. 3×10 meters area.


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