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Hello My name is Ryan Domondon.

And I have a story to tell about my life and running with seizures. I was diagnose / born with My disease; I have a Tuberous Sclerosis. Tuberous Sclerosis, a rare genetic disorder that affects the skin, brain/nervous system and heart. In addition to rashes, abnormal heart rhythm, and tumors on the brain and kidneys, tuberous sclerosis can cause seizures serious, life-threatening seizures that can happen to me anywhere at any moment, including when I am running.

At the 2013 Gate River Run (USA), for example, I had a complex partial seizure. During mile seven, my heart started to beat very fast. My arms just rose by themselves. I could not tell where I was, I was zoned out, but I could hear everything around me. At last year’s ING Miami Marathon(USA), I suffered four seizures.



When I’m having a seizure, I have to stop. But then I start running again because I want to finish. I don’t want to give up. I completed the ING marathon in 5 hours, 44 minutes and set a personal record of 1 hour, 13 minutes at the River Run 2013. My 5K PR is 22:03, but I still consider myself just an average runner.

Last year, I competed in 30 races and ran in two marathons in 2013 alone. I completed my first marathon — all 26.2 miles—running on a treadmill, an inspirational feat which Nike Running recognised on its Facebook page. And when I’m not running, I’m working out at the gym, climbing stairs, doing Pilates or practicing yoga. The word “disability” isn’t in my vocabulary.

Though it’s my courage, heart and determination that ultimately have allowed me to not only persevere but progress, I couldn’t do it alone. I praise the support of my mom, Myrna, brother, Robert, coworkers at the University Athletic Club and my “running family” (PRS).

But ultimately, it’s my faith that gets me through every day and every workout. When every race begins, I always pray to God. I pray that everyone will be OK. Family, friends, myself. I was born with tuberous sclerosis, but that’s the way God created me. And nobody is perfect.


So far this year the biggest race that I have accomplished is my marathon 3 weeks ago in China / The Great Wall marathon and I almost had a seizure but thank God I didn’t because those stairs are really an obstacle and it’s hot . Finished 7 hours and 32 minutes. Those stairs were very tough! It was the 7th marathon I accomplished.


I love running because of health, shape, reaching goals, achieving higher. Still more races to go! If I have a seizure and I’m active it’s better that way coz my seizures will go away quick. But if I’m not active they actually will last longer. With running it’s much easier because there is no one to bother me while I run . When I’m running having a seizure actually makes me run faster. It made me even PR in my 5k races before. I know it sounds weird but it’s true. Last year I ran a race in London and I had one seizure but I never gave up still kept going.


My next international marathon will be in Petra Jordan.


When I visited Pinoy Fitness Head Quarters. It was my dream to go there I was so nervous to see the staff. LOL. And I had to get a photo with them because I barely get to go to the Philippines. I only come to visit my cousins.

Keep running and pursue your passion. Thank you Pinoy Fitness – Ryan

Note: Ryan was also cleared by his doctor to pursue sports, fitness and running.

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  1. Very inspiring story Ryan. Indeed it was your perseverance and dedication that endeared you into having withstood your ailments. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are very brave.

  2. Salute to you! But it still danger. You encountered seizures during runs and I wonder how you still managed to finish your run? It can kill you but your perseverance keeps you alive

  3. Congrats Ryan! You’re so uplifting and inspiring. Let us thank GOD for all the strength, wisdom and perseverance that even if sometimes we feel so unworthy, a bucket of grace was already prepared to help us stand and conquer our dims. GOD bless you Ryan! :)

  4. Wow! Awesome story Ryan. You really are an inspiration to others and I like how to gave credit to your family and friends and most importantly to your faith. I agree na basta you have faith in God and pray, you can overcome anything. Also, a 5K PR of 22:03 is very fast, good job on that as well. :)


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