Young girl gets electrocuted in pool of Mandaluyong condo



It was indeed a shock when we heard the news about a 13-year-old girl who died after suffering an electric shock in the middle of a swimming pool at a Mandaluyong condominium last Tuesday which makes us think twice about swimming in condominiums.

According to the news the girl was electrocuted possibly due to some lighting fixtures that was located on the island in the middle of the pool. Watch the video above for the full GMA News Report.

After the incident, it would be advised that swimmers should always check if there are fixtures around the pool area that can cause the same incident before we go in for a swim, let’s all be safe guys!

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Source: GMA News

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  1. I have been doing my swim workout on the same pool everyday for almost 2 years and yet there are lights on wall of pool. The center island with the palm tree where the plant box is located. You can get electricuted when you cross that area towards the kiddie pool. There has been no report of this kind of incident because the residents do not play or cross on that area. The victims are not residents of the condominium and in fairness to the condo facilty, no issues were reported at all until today. It might be she crossed the area where the plant box is located towards the kidde pool and back then basa pa cya.

    • “The victims are not residents of the condominium and in fairness to the condo facilty, no issues were reported at all until today. ”

      and your reason is?

      Regardless if the casualty is a resident or not, the mere fact that an electrical contraption/device was placed adjacent to the swimming pool, puts swimmers, resident or not at RISK.

      And to say that this is the first time it was reported is beyond comprehension. Understand, that it should never happen to anyone – and having this incident as a “first” does not give the developer the excuse for gross negligence on their part.

      Miriam Defensor-Santiago will decapitate your head for saying this.

  2. Puntahan mo muna kase ang condo and at i- check mo yung actual pool bago ka mag comment. Resident po kase ako at alam na alam ko yung spot na yun. Yang picture sa taas kuha yan sa malayo. Ang plant box nasa gilid ng halaman and ang halaman nasa loob ng semento.. kung magswimming ka, hindi ka naman kakapit dun sa may gitnang palm tree kase may naka install na beach bed sa pool mismo. unless, pumatong ka sa semento at dumaan ka malapit sa plant box going to the kiddie pool at the same time basa ka pa malamang makkryente ka. Yun ang nangyari.

  3. Resident? Mukhang owner/manager ka ata… you sound too defensive. May negligence pa din involved. And yeah, your logic has no logic.


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