ULAH Camp Alpha 2014 (Summer Edition)



Spend your summer like and ALPHA. Unilab Active Health Camp Alpha is back this summer featuring 2 Legs, the first one will be on May 3-4 “Orientation” at The Village Sports Club, BF Homes, Paranaque, and the second one will be June 21-22 “Selection” at Sandari Batulao, Batangas.

This is presented by SPECIALIZED, where each leg consists of two days of Swim, Bike, and Run training as preparation for summer’s major races.

The first leg, “Orientation” will cover fundamental aspects of race-specific training, including familiarization with metrics like Heart Rate, Pace, Power, Training Stress Score, and Race File analysis, among others.

The second leg, “Selection”, will be much heavier in volume and intensity in anticipation of the long distance races slated for July and August.

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Both legs can be joined as standalone training camps, but for those who wish to “tri out” for limited “Black” slots under the Alpha Training Systems online coaching program, they must join both legs. Invitation to a “Black” slot will be based on several tests from both legs.

ULAH Camp Alpha 2014 (Summer Edition)
Leg 1 “Orientation” : May 3-4, 2014
Leg 2 “Selection” : June 21-22, 2014

Registration Fee:
Leg 1: P2,000
Leg 2: P2,000
Leg 1 & Leg 2: P3,000

– Inclusive of limited use of camp facilities (pool and lockers), lunch, bike mechanic on standby, SAG Wagon support, handouts, and event shirt.
– Gatorade is the Official Sports Drink of the Unilab Active Health Camp Alpha.

Download Registration Form:

Registration Venue:
To register, download and fill up the Registration Form, indicating which Leg(s) you wish to join. Deposit payment to either of the following:

1. Union Bank : S/A “Alexander Leuterio” 102520026685 (Check or Cash)
2. BDO: S/A “Alexander Leuterio” 5350092295 (Cash only)

Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis only.

For More Information:
Email: [email protected]

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