Want to Lose Weight? Let the “Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles” Inspire You



Want to Lose Weight? Let the “Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles” Inspire You
Words By: Ms_Mars

Considered as the country’s biggest reality show, “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” is back and premieres February 3 on ABS-CBN.

The popular show recently held a media conference at the Dolphy Theater. While waiting for the presser to start, we were given a chance to check our latest weights and BMI’s (body mass index). This season on the “Biggest Loser Doubles”, 14 pairs of overweight Pinoys will go through pre-camp, where they will be asked to lose weight on their own, using only the things that are readily available in their homes and environment for 30 days.



Inside the camp, each pair is expected to do everything it takes to stay in the competition – a twist that will also test their relationship as relatives, work colleagues or friends and will show that in having a partner, the journey to a better life will be lighter.

Returning as fitness coach is Jim Saret who’s also identified as resident coach to a known health drink. And this time he will be joined by his wife Toni Saret to prescribe exercise programs to the contestants.


“It’s always an honor to be part of the show because I get to touch a lot of lives, inspire a lot of people, and Biggest Loser’s reach is unmatched, worldwide. I’m honored because i’m teaming up with my wife,” shared Coach Jim.

Coach Toni Saret on the other hand is doubly excited as one of the fitness coaches opposite Coach Jim. She auditioned for the part and made it!

“Our workout routines are everything you would be surprised your body would do. That’s what the viewers should watch out for. We’re going to bring fitness to everyone,” declares Coach Toni.

Featuring as Challenge Masters is the exciting tandem of Matteo Guidicelli and Robi Domingo. Both will give out challenges to all 14 pairs of overweight contestants to have a healthy and better life.


“We won’t just help them lose weight, but we will also help them heal their emotional scars. We’re there to make them realize that this what happened to them, and they can do something about it. No more excuses,” Robi explains.

For his part, triathlete Matteo is elated to be included in the show. “I’m very happy because I wanted to host “Biggest Loser” since its first season. It’s connected to triathlon and sports, my passion and lifestyle,” says Matteo.

The show’s main hosting job is tasked to award-winning actress Iza Calzado. Growing up as a teenager, Iza has always been open about her struggle with overweight issues.

In order to enhance her hosting, Iza underwent a workshop to enhance her hosting skills. “I need to work hard as a host so I can help the whole team showcase the contestants’ struggles and weight loss journey inside the camp.”



As a bonus, all four personalities showcased a sample of their typical workout routine. Coach Toni did a headstand lift assisted by Coach Jim; Matteo performed a challenging push up with Robi as his human weight while Iza demonstrated her favorite squats while lifting a 20 pound kettlebell.

The successful pair who will have the biggest weight drop is expected to win P1 million, appliance showcase, P100,000 worth of sports merchandise from Toby’s, lifetime gym membership at Gold’s Gym and kitchen showcase among others.


Iza fittingly summarized the media meet with the show’s slogan, “Ang bigat ng buhay, mas magaan ‘pag may karamay.”

For updates on the program, follow @BLPinoyEdition on Twitter or like www.facebook.com/abscbn.boggestloserpinoyedition.

Many thanks to Mr.Kane Choa of ABS-CBN and to Pinoy Fitness for the chance to cover this event.

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