Cavinti Adventure Marathon 2013 – Results Discussion and Photos


cavinti-medal-21kPhoto c/o: Clark Castro

Congratulations to all the finishers of the recently concluded Cavinti Adventure Marathon 2013 held in Cavinti Laguna! How was your race!? Time to share your feedback and comments here!

Cavinti Adventure Marathon 2013
November 30, 2013
Cavinti Laguna

Race Results:

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  1. i heard the Top 2 finishers daw sa 42k took the wrong route. They took the 21k route, that’s why they didn’t have any straws on them

    talo pa olympic champions sa 42k eh. halos sub2 sa trail marathon…

    well…..probably not their fault. kulang sa signage eh

  2. All I can say is… “putik”! Haha! Kapakapa mode kasi first time mag trail. I had a great time. Sarap humiga sa tubig. Ang lamig.

  3. May marshalls naman to guide kung saan ang turns sa 42K category. No excuse na “maligaw” haha.

    Ganda ng route, exciting and challenging. Vey friendly and welcoming mga residents ng Cavinti.

    Egg, buko juice, gatorade, tubig, coke, kamoteng kahoy, espasol, beng-beng– ano pa hahanapin mo?

    6:50 ang time ko (my first 42K) sana may photographer pa rin sa Finish Line for the slow finishers tulad ko. Hehe

    Naubusan na rin ako ng lunch. Pero OK lang, no big deal.

    Sana may 2nd event pa si sir Prince. Mabuhay ka sir! Congrats!

    By the way, saan ipo-post ang event pics?


    Congrats sa lahat ng sumali!

  4. not feeling well even before the race
    after learning that most of my friends are joining the 21k and I’m on the 42k i thought I made a big mistake… but… f*k it… no retreat, no surrender!
    first few steps after gun start I can already feel the pain on my right knee, but the fighter in me says that there’s no turning back, and so even with a slow pace, I managed to finish the race, even going barefoot on the last 12km+ (after the trail).
    made some new friends, and felt no further injuries after.

    i want to do this again when I’m feeling better. I won’t say this is not a PR race as an excuse, but I’ll do better next time around.

    congrats to all the participants, especially to


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