Your BALA against Stress and Fatigue



Living an active lifestyle is not easy. There will be days when you’re full of energy and raring to go out and run, and there will be days when fatigue and stress will take the best out of you.

When you encounter low moments and rest is not an option, it’s time to grab a bottle of BALA; your ammo to help fight fatigue, stress and boost your energy for upto 8 hours.

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BALA® – an energy shot specially designed for today’s hard working and highly active individuals. BALA® 8 HOUR provides an extra boost of energy whenever needed. Besides boosting your energy for up to 8 hours, its active ingredients stimulate the brain and help keep you alert.


What are the Key Benefits of Bala 8Hour?
– Reducesstressandanxiety
– Combat Stress
– Combats Fatigue
– BrainBooster:Improvedmemoryandconcentration
– Anti-oxidant
– Improved Virility
– Improved Digestion
– Improved Mood
– Treats Hangovers
– Improves muscle strength and recovery
– No sugar (Sweetened by Stevia and Splenda)

BALA 8 Hour is available in all Chris Sports Outlets and Fitness and Athletics Store in BGC.

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    • found it interesting as well… checked the website… looks like the key components for many of the energy shots are there except green tea and the siberian and american ginseng. That’s new to me. Did some research and apparently they’re pretty damn good for you!

    • Never heard of booster-b here in NY, but my buddy sent me some Bala 8 form the PI. It’s legit! I did think it was 5 Hour Energy or Take 5ive at first.

      Just checked both sites. Booster’s like the others. I’d like to try it for myself though.

    • Sama nga ng lasa ng booster at mejo manaho din, pero shot lang naman eh. hehe I’ve yet to try Bala. Available daw sa Chris Sports. Bili ako this weekend. Will keep you posted! ;)

      • Tried it kanina. Bought one from Chris Sports SM Annex. It’s sour and sweet. You can totally taste a hint of the ginseng’s bitterness, but very mild. Mejo pleasant yung taste actually. Parang tamarind flavor na may kalamansi. Gising ka sa kick nung vitamin c!

        And ok yung epekto niya. Sarap ng tama. Half bottle muna ako just in case, tapos after 5 minutes, inubos ko na. :D

  1. Will be trying this Bala 8 hrs. It looks like booster-c what i do not like with booster-c is that its sweetener is made of aspartame. Which some say affects the brain and is poison with prolonged use. Accordingly, Bala 8 hrs’ sweetener is natural Stevia and splenda. No wonder the price… 31.00 pesos at Chris Sports.


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