Unilab ActiveHealth 2014 Race Calendar



Here it is! Unilab ActiveHealth just released their 2014 Race Calender for the Run United and Tri United series! Check them out and Save the date!

One thing to take note of, Tri United 3 2014 is now a half-ironman (70.3) distance! WOW!

Run United Series

Run United 1
March 16, 2014

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Run United 2
June 1, 2014

Run United Philippine Marathon
October 5, 2014

Tri United Series

Tri United 1
March 9, 2014
1.5km swim/40km bike/10km run

Tri United 2
July 6, 2014
2km swim/60km bike/15km run

Tri United 3
1.9km swim/90km bike/21km run

Tri United 4

Partners and Registration Fees:

We’ll provide more information about each races as they become available! Now, which ULAH Race is in your bucket list!? Leave a comment below!

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  1. sasalihan ko lahat yan..pero please naman sana wag nyo iapply sa run united yang RACE KIT CLAIMING/PREPAID CARD strategy nyo.. pag ganyan pa din ginawa nyo good luck nlang kung makahakot pa kayo ng mga runners

  2. sir/mam still me, i’ll try to communicate again eventhough that you said this is not the right place. Hoping all of our reply may bring to the ADMIN. Sali ko sa lahat, request po namin magkaroon po ng instore registration dito sa batangas area. Early po ang scheduling nyo, so that our comments same as early. SALAMAT

  3. I like the comment of Rolly. Batangas din ako. Kaya kung in store reg give kaagad ang race kit. Kung d nyo kayang maglagay ng in store reg dito sa Batangas. Tnx.

  4. Hello guys!this is my first time to run sa runUnited and my goal is to finish the 3legs. . Now my question is where to register . Pwede ba sabay sabay nang magregister sa tatlong leg? Then sabay sabay nyo na rin ibigay yung racekits.
    Dapat kc pagkataposng race 2014 handa kaagad lahat for the 2015 race


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