Caribee Oasis Hydration Pack (Giveaway!)



Long Run, Bike or Hike!? Then this might be the perfect hydration partner for you! We’re giving away a Caribee Oasis Hydration Pack!

Caribee Oasis Hydration Pack Features:
– Slim line sports hydration pack
– Includes a 1.5L TPU hydration bladder with screw cap Insulated hydration sleeve
– Twin shoulder duct hydration ports
– Sternum strap
– 34 x 20 x 5cm

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  1. Awesome bag hydration pack not only for outdoor aficionados but also for the urban type of people doing their day jobs in the city.

  2. i want this amazing Caribee Oasis Hydration Pack for my running along the metro specifically in roxas blvd. not only this will save money to buy water in the market, this will also save/help th environment lessen the use of plastic bottles. thanks caribee!!!

  3. This will greatly help in minimizing the concern of where/how to getting hydrated in remote areas during long runs. will make you concentrate more in your activities because you know you have adequate hydration supply with you.

  4. this is my wish in my entire life to have this one and use for the long run because i don’t have yet cause i don’t have extra money to buy like that.. that’s all thanks fitness

  5. I wanna win the Caribee Oasis Hyrdation pack because I learned from pinoyfitness that running while holding a water bottle may offset your balance. The hyrdation pack will also help me focus more in training instead of just holding my belongings while running.

  6. this Caribee oasis hydration equipment would denitely fit my lifestyle. Jogging and biking has become my hobby and this stuff i. exactly what I need.

  7. wala pa po akong hydration belt,mahal po kasi..syempre po mas expensive po yan..ung mga may kayang bilhin yan they will..ako po dito lang nag wiwwish sana manalo..malaking bagay po iyan lalo na sa mga runners na tulad ko ..mas kumportable na walang hawak sa kamay mas mabilis makakakilos..sana manalo..salamat po

  8. gusto ko po mapanalunan ang hydration bag na ito para may magamit ako pag nag tatraining ako at para pag nag run ako ng full marathon ako up to ultra marathon ay magagamit ako dahil kakailanganin ng isang runner ang ganitong gamit para di ka ma dehydrate

  9. Because I am tired of losing in giveaways and raffles everytime. And it would be nice if I can have this one to use for my tracking trips :)

  10. This Caribee Oasis Hydration Pack will help me get hydrated through my long runs as well as on my cross-training activities like biking and paddling.

  11. This would be perfect for my future endeavor in running my 1st Full Marathon.
    Also would be of great help in my trainings for preparation on my long run activities and a new buddy in my mountain hikes/climb.

    Hope to have a chance to win and grab this wonderful gadget.

  12. It would be a perfect hydration pack to give my wife so I don’t have to worry about her getting dehydrated when we run

  13. What’s more cool than having a hydration pack? Of course, it is having a CARIBEE OASIS Hydration pack. Upon laying my eyes on this baby, I literally drooled (jk :) This hydration pack would be perfect for my cycling, running, and mountain climbing endevours! :)

  14. Caribee Oasis Hydration Pack will ensure that I don’t get dehydrated during those long runs. It is easy to carry along and is very versatile, perfect for my long cycling activities.


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