SlimmeRUN 2013 – Results Discussion



Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded SlimmeRUN 2013 in Bonifacio Global City!! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

SlimmeRUN 2013
May 19, 2013
Bonifacio Global City

Note to the Organizers:

We are sure that most of the complains will be about the lack in hydration for this race, we just want to preempt our readers in saying that basic drinking water still is best and cannot be replaced by any water substitute.

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Also Gun Start times should strictly be implemented, starting early is as bad as starting late in a race.

To our readers: We’re sure you guys have a lot of comments about the race, please be constructive about them to help make sure the organizer of this race as well as the sponsor Slimmers World can make their race better next year

Race Results:
SlimmeRUN 2013 Race Results
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  1. Right you are Sir lack of hydration on the remaining hydration.
    5:00am Gun start base dun sa liftlet nila late tuloy ako 10mins.

  2. They should have water available. They were giving out VItrite and it was not even cold. Worst, they ran out for some runners. The interesting part of the race is when the 21km runners received their Race Kit and it contained EXPIRED CALCIUM FIBER.. It would have been okay if the expiration was last month, but it was MORE than a year ago… GOSH!

  3. bakit nagstart ng 450am ang gun start for 10k? db dapat 530 kasi yun ang nakalagay sa leaflet.

    COLD water na lang sana instead sa mainit init nyong vitrite ang hydration.

    but,it was good run! nag enjoy pa din ako.

  4. may medal pala 21k finishers? bakit hindi ako nabigyan pagka-cross ng finish line? bad trip. ang hirap na ngang tumakbo nang dehydrated, mawawalan pa ng medal.

  5. ok naman yung route sa 5k. yung baggage counter ok din (kasi konti lang yata naglagay ng bag). yung loot bag ko ok naman laman. walang c-lium fiber ang lootbag ng 5k. hydration ng 5k ok din, nakaabot ako sa vitwater ba yun. pero ng pauwi na ko, may nakita akong tumatakbo pa din ng 21k at yung nadaanan kong hydration eh wala ng tubig dahil dumaan na din sa area na yun ang 3k at 5k runners. sa tingin ko eh yung mga hydration na dadaanan ng lahat ng runners eh naghanda dapat ng madaming tubig at sports drink. :)

  6. been joining races since 2008 and never experienced a race without any DRINKING WATER! I believe we didnt pay 900 to drink a few HOT vitwater and expired C-lium!?!? really disappointed by this race! lack of proper hydration is unforgivable!

  7. Lack of water was very disappointing especially in this heat, then to run out of that pink drink too with 6km left to run, Water is the best hydration so please for next year, water, water and more water, please. Race route was great and well organized marshaling, well done on this part.

  8. same here C-Lium, mfg date Jan 2010, Exp Date Jan 2012. Pascual Laboratories should be fined for distributing expired product.

  9. sana next run lahat my medal, delay paglalagay nila ng tubig s cup dami naghihintay mga runner para makakuha ng inumin

  10. akala ko mabagal lang ako kaya naubusan ako ng tubig. tama pala walang tubig buong route ng 21k kungdi puro vitrite.

    sa last “water” station ice na lang ang inaabot samin bago 2nd u-turn. nung last leg wala na talaga.

    was expecting a very organized race since proactive ang organizer, pero of all things, hydration pa ang pinabayaan tsk tsk

  11. Madaming vit water left sa hydration station sa makati area which was given to late runner by the bottle, instead of transferring it sa naubusang hydration station Kanya-kanyang inuwi ng nag bantay sa hydration station.

  12. I am sorry pero disappointed ako pagdating sa hydration lalo na sa mga tumakbo ng 21k..hello 21k yun, ang hirap tumakbo ng walang tubig na iinumin and pang buhos sa sobrang init…madami na rin naman akong natakbuhang 21k..mabuti na lang at may pera akong dala bumili ako pro ang hirap tumakbo na malaki ang dala mong tubig pang inom and pangbuhos dahil sobrang init….second run ko to sa slimmers..kung gaano kayo kagenerous nung 2011 kinapos ngayon…next time sana pag-aralan ng organizer kung magpapa21k pa kayo ulit…iba kse ang 21k sa 10k and 5k…

  13. I need Water to splash my face and even my body. The Vit water was hot. If I had known may medal sa 21 K . I should have joined the 21 K.

  14. I wonder where I can file a formal complaint on the expired C-Lium Fiber. Are they trying to poison the runners?

  15. just be sure na you’ll be able to deliver our medals right to our respective houses…you made us sign or register our names for the delivery of medals…

  16. this was my first 21k run. just joined to experience the distance before the Milo marathon.

    quite nice seeing EDSA on top of the fly-over at Buendia in the morning. well organized with marshals especially in the Makati area. they even had several cops on standby.

    the run was great. downsides were not avoided though. the 21k was almost a kilometer longer due to the curve where the runners already ran 20k but still 2 or so kilometers away from the finish line. (better than the energizer night race though where they missed more than 3 kilometers in the 10k category)

    the 10k started too early so they had to organize a second batch of 10k runners.

    don’t know why some people didn’t get their medals in the 21k category. the organizers were at the finish line waiting for runners to give medals to and have their pictures taken with the contest girls. my friend even had a medal although she almost finished last in the 21k category.

    the hydro stations got emptied pretty fast. good thing I brought my own drinks. even had a free taho at the finish line. ^_^

    would definitely join once again on their next event.

  17. hydration was flavored water (doesnt hydrate well) plus last few hydration stations got emptied early

    early guntime that doesnt follow the leaflet. actually a very chaotic guntime esp. in the 10k category …

    some marshalls not guiding runners where to go especially in road forks and crossings

      • ok naman organizer ang leadpack katulad nung sa rebisco. sa sunday sa energen sali ulit ako eh. ang naging problema sa hydration eh yung sa station na dinaanan ng 5k at 3k runners. kaya ng dumaan ulit dun yung 21k runners para sa 2nd loop nila, ubos na tubig. dapat yung ibang hydration stations eh dinala agad nila yung natira nilang tubig sa station na malapit sa 14k signage.
        btw 5k lang tinakbo ko pero ng pauwi na ko around 7am, nakita ko ibang stations may tubig pa naman. at yung isang station, wala na talaga tubig.

    • HINDI po Leadpack ang organizers nitong run, FYI. I have joined their races and will be joining the Energen and Runfest.

    • Sir, no disrespect, pero paano niyo po nasabing “they even got the distance correct” kung 21.90km ang na-register sa Garmin niyo? Masyado po atang malaki ang 0.90km kung iko-consider ang accuracy errors ng GPS watches/devices.

      • the problem I think was the u-turn wrongly placed at makati area. it’s whole lot better than having a lesser distance though. ehem*couch*energizer*ehem*cough…

  18. Di na award yung prize sa 3rd place female category. kasi wala yung winner. pero alam ko ako ang 3rd female finishers. cguro yung mayvil almodiel ay male.

  19. Kaloka yung mga bakanteng water stations. Parang tambay lang ung mga bantay. Parang display lang ung mga mesa!!! Mukhang pang 10k lang ang slimmerun.

  20. I ran 5k and hydrating stations had enough for everyone. I wonder what happened… Anyway, had lots of fun! Loot bags and taho was good. Will definitely join again next year!

    • That’s exactly why there was nothing left for most 21K runners in the last 5KM+…because most of it was consumed by 5K and 10K runners!

    • No disrespect to 5K and 10K runners (they need hydration too — well the 10K runners need them more). The problem really lies in the inadequate supply. Kulang na nga, hindi pa malamig.

  21. @JP Navarette
    @ Rapido


    We are not the organizers of this Race.




    • Thanks Leadpack for the clarification.
      I hope Slimmers World would clarify who organized last Sunday’s race. I believe runners have the right to know.

      More power Leadpack.

  22. i was running for 10k..5:30 gunstart..pero inagahan nila…i was still watching the exercise (naaliw sa mga chikababes) nalaman ko lang after 24mins na nagstar na yung 10k..ala pang 5:30…josko….

  23. Agree. A very inaccurate statement about the 21.90 being correct distance for a half-marathon. A seasoned runner knows what a 13.1 miles in kilometer.

  24. i received a call from slimmer’s world this afternoon, seems like they will deliver C-Lium Fibre gift pack to 21K finishers.

  25. To Pascual Lab and SWI, masisira kayo nyan dahil sa expired na C-Lium Fiber na pinamigay nyo. Next time be aware sa ginagawa ng mga tao nyo to prevent future occurences from happening…Pero it was a good run, the route and the loot bag. Go SWI!!!

  26. Slimmers World sent us an extra lootbag via mail today. One each for me & my wife (we ran the 21k). Inside the lootbag is an extra singlet & a bunch of goodies (no more expired C-Lium). Pang-bawi siguro sa mga binigay na expired C-Lium & the lack of hydration for the 21k @ raceday. hehe


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