3rd Corregidor International Marathon 2012 – Results Discussion

3rd Corregidor International Half-Marathon 2012 race results and photos

Congratulations to everyone that participated and conquered the 3rd Corregidor International Half-Marathon 2012 at Corregidor Island! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

3rd Corregidor International Half-Marathon 2012
December 1, 2012
Corregidor Island

Race Results:
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Photo links will be updated here as they become available! Feel free to share your comments and feedback about the event below.

Photo Links:
Corregidor Half-Marathon Photos – [ SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3 ]

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  1. My friends and I had a blast! Galing! sooo much fun! camping was awesome, sarap magswimming sa beach :-) We timed 3:39 (super kulelat) but we took home great memories, gained friends, took hundreds of photos hehehe, see you in Dec. 8, 2013! Next year tatakbo na ako dami na ako pictures e ;-)

  2. surviving the rock was a worthy challenge, the CIHM is my best run for this year. A complete package of UPHILL, DOWNHILL, TRAIL and the beautiful views of the island. Experiencing the history while running and enjoying. Congratulation BIG BIG BIG for a job well done. KUDOS

  3. I originally planned to join this event to hit 2 birds in a stone: vacation & run. Never did I thought I’d be having so much fun way more than I expected.

    I met new friends, starting from looking for people to share accommodation with and. During the run, carbo-loading & of course ze rave party! Hahaha
    The run itself was already so much worth the effort & registration fee. It was my most challenging to date. Uphill, downhil, flat, trail and topping it all off, the killer last kilometer- the UPHELL as they call it. It was like touring Corregidor while running oh I already lost count of all the birds I hit with this stone:D

    The organization of the run was nice but yes could be better. Anyway they were minor misses(like a marshall pointing to the wrong direction, and Sir Jeff of team Pinoy Fitness and his companion was the victim, hehe). The hydration was plentiful & varying food for carb shots( I enjoyed the gelo shots haha).

    Twas nice running with recognized people in the country. Chris Everingham was there. Sen Pia Cayetano(who still finished strong in the female category even if she was taking pictures the whole time. And yeah she said she liked my “I Run For Gender Equality. #LGBT tech shirt) who for sure is coming back next year. Donna Cruz was there as well, sadly she stumbled and didn’t finish. I was the runner next to her when she fell to the ground. Washed her wounds, but there’s a little story we’re not telling:P

    And for people who didn’t attend the Rave Party, oh you definitely missed a lot! Haha. We were required to dance the Gangnam style and yeah Sir Edward Kho was strutting(and that’s only a “Parental Guidance” type of verb, just read between the lines). The beki division and the Big Big Big organizers had a blast!!

    We will be back next year and yes CAMPING IT IS. See you all on December 8 2013, let’s train for the UPHELL part as early as now:D

    Kudos to Big Big Big esp to the Race Director Sir Edward Kho. You guys did an amazing job.

  4. I really enjoyed my run in 3rd CIHM 2012 as a 10k Challenger . This is my first out of town run. One comment is the lack of distance signs for 10k runners. I heard a lot of 10k runners feeling lost because of it but all in all I LOVE CIHM 2012 and be running again next year in CIHM :)

  5. Astig…sobrang ibang experience ang narasan ko…like what lolo say: “I shall return”…i will definitely train for the “UPHELL”…hehehe…kita-kits next year…hehehe…

  6. We’re planning to join few runs next year since we need to prepare for the greatest run/event of our lives hehe, perhaps our top 5 runs this year and CIHM would definitely top our list.

  7. @Franc Ramon, you’re right it’s an upmountain run! Hahaha. Grabe uphill & downhill unlimited! I consider the selection of the route and all the pasikot-sikot, flat/inclined-trail combination and 3 rounds of the Historic Malinta tunnel very artistic! Twas like a maze in a challenging and uber fun way.

    CIHM is to date, my THE(reads thee) best! December 8,2013 next year okay?:D

  8. Had the awesome-eesssst experience in the CIHM 2012! Camping in Corregidor is definitely a must try! (thnx to boyzilla for the camping tips) I felt totally detached from the hustle and bustle of the city and corporate worklife. And of course the race proper was a blast! I never imagined that it would be that harsh! Indeed it was an upmountain, uphell, downhell route! The killer-hell was more a test to a runners’ mental and emotional state than to his/her physical preparedness! Will definitely return and conquer the ROCK!

    See you guys again in 2013!

  9. My race results SMS didn’t come. My name is not in the race results list. What happen?

    But it has been a great race. One of my toughest this year.

    I will be back to conquer the Rock!


  10. To say that the “CIHM was hard is an understatement. It’s a lung-busting. muscle-straining, over-the-top challenge of a run in a wonderfully, gorgeous environment. The sights, the sounds of nature, the fresh smell of the tree and the earth, the ascents, the descents and the trails … toally an awesome experience. Kudos to the organizers and #SunCruises

  11. The 3rd Corregidor International Half Marathon is my last MAJOR run for 2012. This is the best way to end my major running activity as it is my first out of town run. One of the best 3 days of my life! See you next year for the 4th Corregidor International half Marathon. Looking forward for the INFINITY! :)

  12. Im the 9th placer!!!! Yes kaya q pla ang downhell at uphell w/ trail pah!!! Hahaha…. Salamat po sir edward and s big big big!!! @john-next natin hiking naman…. Sya nun!!! Lolo mu pla sie i shall return? Hahaha….

  13. @lonelyrunner – wag mo lang tapat sa mga good runs gaya ng CIHM(best run i ever had), game ako dyan…mail / text mo lang ako…hehehe

  14. congratulations to all runners that joined 3rd CIHM and to the organizers! KUDOS guys!

    Best run ever…complete package (uphill, downhill, flats, trail, grass and beautiful views and fresh air). Grabe yung “UPHELL”………kaya pala ang laki ng ngiti ni Boss Edward nung briefing sa ROX nung sinabi nya yung surprise, hahaha.

    this is so far the best run I joined for this year (kahit mabagal, but the views and chats with fellow runners top it all).

    may bonus pa….my wife finished 10th sa 10K category! Congratulations

    next year ulit!!!!


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