14th Tour of the Fireflies – November 18, 2012


Join the Firefly Brigade in promoting the bicycle for clean air and sustainable communities happening this November 18, 2012 at Tiendesitas, Pasig City.

14th Tour of the Fireflies
November 18, 2012 @ 5:30AM
Tiendesitas, Pasig City

Registration Fees:
PHP 100.00 – Registration (Donation)
PHP 300.00 – Shirt (waived registration)
PHP 450.00 – Jersey (waived registration)

No Registration on Tour Day

Those vying for the costume awards must check-in and register between 5AM-8AM during the Tour Day to get a number.

Support us by joining our Events

Bike Clinic for beginners on November 4, Sunday at Emerald Ave., Pasig City.
Starts at 8:30AM. For kids and newbie Tour participants.

Registration Centers:
1. The Firefly Brigade Head Quarters
Cubao Expo, Quezon City
Nov. 3-16 only, 11AM-8PM

2. Tiendesitas, Pasig City
Nov. 3, 10 and 17 only, 12NN-5PM

3. Carless, Emerald Ave., Pasig City
Nov. 4 and 11 only, 8AM-12NN

Online Registration:https://www.fireflybrigade.org

Contact Details:
The Firefly Brigade
Tel: 632.400.5584
Fax: 632.922.0368
Email:[email protected]

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  1. Already registered at their HQ! And my goodness, the jerseys and t-shirts are so limited and are going fast! Excited for my first TOF!

  2. I’ve joined the ToF since its inaugural ride. i know its riding on paved road (and boring to those DH/trail maniacs) , but this activity is more on a social responsibility and awareness, lets ride together XD
    ~ __0
    (*)/ (*)

  3. Malapit-lapit na, once in every year makakatikim na naman ang metro street ng 3 hours less smog hehe sana mas lumawig pa ang pagpapadyak na physically and environmentally healthy for all us! Let support this campaign.

  4. sana magkaroon na ng bicycle lanes sa buong metro manila kahit paunti-unti…
    at sana magkaroon ng batas na sobrang mahal ang magiging multa ng mga sasagi sa mga naka-bike…
    sarap mag-bike…dami nga lang humaharurot na sasakyan na kailangan iwasan …”patintero”…
    kung walang batas para sa kapakanan ng mga bikers, hindi mapo-promote ang pagbibisikleta dito…(just sharing my views/thoughts)….

    sali kami dito…YES to CYCLING!

  5. From We Want Bike Lanes in RP Movement…


    Just last November 17, 2012 Saturday when most of our cycling enthusiasts & weekend bikers were busy preparing themselves for the upcoming fun ride : 14th Tour of the Fireflies, our fellow everyday bike commuter & advocate Jojie Puricallan, 43, was only pedaling his way home to Tagumpay Villag
    e, San Jose, Montalban, Rizal as he has been normally doing for the past years & decades since.

    In his earnest desire to take care of his family & to have savings on transportation expenses, he chooses to bike to & from his place of work inspite of the obvious danger & horror that the immense dump trucks plying the area pose to defenseless & vulnerable bike commuters like him.

    After fighting it out in a nearby hospital, Jojie passed away due to severe loss of blood from mortal wounds sustained with his fatal encounter with an unforgiving menace of the iron dump truck that ended his hopes and aspirations.


    With deep sadness & anger, he joins the 1.3 Million Fatalities and the 50+ Million Dismembered & Disabled people robbed of their dreams in a violent clash with death.

    After 11 years, the world still mourns for the 2,976 who lost their lives in the 9/11 World Trade Center Terrorist Attacks.

    But every single day, close to 3,300+ people are killed on the world’s most dangerous highways. And for the past 11 years, there has already been a massacre of 13.5 MILLION.

    TODAY, it is already the TOP 1 CAUSE OF DEATH
    for those falling in the 15 to 30 Age Bracket.

    It is a Humanitarian Crisis of epidemic proportions.
    It is a Global, Local, and Grassroots horror.

    It is not their fate. It is not by design. It is not right.
    There are no accidents. There is only negligence.

    Cycling enthusiasts, runners, triathletes…and other sports-minded persons…Sign the Petition. Spread the Word. Step Up the Cause. Save a Life.


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