Immuvit Fearless Challenge Leg 2 – September 29, 2012


After a successful Immuvit Fearless Challenge “No Surrender” Trail Run at the La Mesa Reserve last August 26, Coach Jim Saret has designed another exciting time-based challenge entitled Immuvit MetaFit Challenge: “No Excuses”

In this event, participants will push themselves by sprinting from one challenging MetaFit exercise to another under a time limit.

As another “first”, we are introducing a TEAM CHALLENGE Category apart from the usual INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE.
We would like to inform you that Leg 2 will happen on September 29, 2012 at QC Circle.

“No Excuses” brings not just you or any individual to defy your limits. Set-up a team of five and challenge the other teams on who is the fastest and strongest at our Meta-fit course.

Teams can be composed of 5 male or five female or mixed team of three female and two male. Each team has a time limit and every member will have to go through the Meta-fit course and each member will must finish in a given time. There will be no excuses or else your team will be disqualified.


We are also opening new slots for the Individual Category starting September 21, 2012.

Immuvit Fearless Challenge Leg 2
September 29, 2012
Quezon City Circle

Registration Fees:
PHP 500 – Individual
PHP 2,000 – for Team of 5

For the TEAM CHALLENGE, you will have an option to sign up as an all beginner or an all advance 5-member team (all male, all female or mix team: 3 males and 2 females).

Registration Venues: (September 9, 2012 up to September 24, 2012)
– Chris Sports SM North Annex
– Chris Sports Glorietta
– Fitness and Athletics at Bonifacio High Street

Immuvit Fearless Challenge Leg 2 – Medal


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  1. Registered na ako for individual category! 2nd on the list of fitness &athletics. For info, BHS and Chris Sports SM North Annex lang ang may individual category slot as for glorietta will be team category only.

  2. what kind of metafit exercises are we talking about. Since it is time-based, you may need to give us a briefing here, looks interesting though.

  3. ALL IN nako dito, teka adidas tagline pala yun.=) basta go-go-go for leg2.. cguru situp, pushup, kettlebell, jumpin jack mga challenge dito.. dagdagan nyo narin ng sandbag pull.

  4. ayos bro. Ryan, sikat ka na hehehehe muntik ka nang mahulog dun sa obstacle hehehehe tara mag reg na tayo, who would like to form a team?
    siguro mga kakaibang challenge ito wag lang tumawid sa alambre at kumain ng mga bubog hehehehehe tumalon nga tayo sa apoy eh nung 1st leg hahahaha anu pa akyang mga naisip nilang mga challenges dito sa 2nd leg? siguro sa 3rd leg naman e sisisid na tayo sa putik nyan hahahahaha

  5. Hi! Looks very challenging but we missed the first leg – can we still join the 2nd and 3rd leg having missed on the first?

    thanks! more power

  6. @Without limits_comment16: Ang sabi ho sakin sa Chris Sports_SM North, meron din daw na time limit sa Individual (Beginner and Advance) tas mas limited daw ang time ng advance,, tuloy nakapagregister ako sa beginner. Dapat ho cguro malinaw dn sa reg sites-employees ung regulations ng race (may orientation cguro dapat cla, para hndi cla at kami namimisslead sa details ng race – suggestion lang, hehe),,tnx!

  7. What do we mean by advance and beginner since i think leg 2 is more on metafit exercises? A 30-min non-stop core exercises is a though one…

  8. masyadong out of way sa akin ang reg site ng individual….pero sa Chris Sports Glorietta meron….pero sa team category lang….sana pwede na rin dun yong individual unless may gusto sa inyong magform ng team at kulang kayo ng isa hehehe

  9. depende po kung saang wave ka nakapasok. wave 1 and 2 are for individual male advance then wave 3 and 4 are for female advance then wave 5 to 7 are for beginners in metafit exercises. 6am yata start ng event.

  10. @GRAN:
    Here are the brief details for leg 3:

    Registration for Immuvit Leg 3 will start tomorrow, Sept. 15, 2012 1pm at Chris Sports Stores: SM Annex, SM MOA, Glorietta 3, Festival Mall and Fitness and Athletics at BGC.

    Please be advised that singlets will be available on September 19, 2012.

    Participants can avail of BUS STUBS from BGC-NUVALI and NUVALI-BGC for Php250.00. Non-participants cannot avail of bus stubs.

    Immuvit Leg 3 will have
    2 distances, 8K and 16K with obstacles. There will be 400 slots for 8K and 600 slots for 16K. Registration fee for 8K is Php700, while 16K is Php1,000. The race will start in waves.

    – Fire Wall (FW)
    – Oil Wall (OW)
    – Log Hurdles (LH)
    – Tire Mountain (TM)
    – River Crossing (RC)
    – Military Wall (MW)
    – Military Crawl (MC)
    – Ice Pool (IP)

    – Fire Wall (FW)
    – Oil Wall (OW)
    – Log Hurdles (LH)
    – Tire Mountain (TM)
    – Tire Skip (TS)
    – Log Hurdles II (LH II)
    – Sand Bag (SB)
    – Garter Maze (GM)
    – River Crossing (RC)
    – Military Wall (MW)
    – Military Crawl (MC)
    – Ice Pool (IP)

    3 hours for 8k
    4.5 hours for 16k
    * Sweep time: 12nn

    See you at the Trail on October 6, 2012!

    Please visit our FB page and for updates and questions.

  11. @Withoutlimits: Salamat nang madami!! Cg cg, paregister na kami, ICE POOL?,, mukang manginginig kami jan a,,haha. ung arrangement ho ba ng obstacles yan din ung arrangement on the race??

  12. @Withoutlimits: Follow-up questions,, bale more than 1000 slots din ho ung available na bus stubs?? pwede ho bang to follow nalang ung stub ng bus (ilang days after magparegister??, kumbaga undecided pa kung kukuha ng bus stub o magbiyahe nlng, kc 12nn pa ho ung race??))tas tungkol ho dun sa 12nn-first wave ho cia ng 16k, tama ho ba?? pasensya na, walang FB kaya dito sana magpapaupdate,,heheh, Salamat!!!

  13. @GRAN: Ang bus stub po ay para lang sa nagpa-register. Pwede pong to follow ninyo bilhin yung stub pero dun din po kayo bumili kung saan kayo nagregister na site.

    Tungkol po sa arrangement nang obstacles… secret pa po. :D

    Ang First wave po nang 16K ay 6:00am. Yung 12:00noon po ay sweep time para sa mga na-cut-off.

    @Eljon: Wala na po sir for Leg 2 and 3. Pero nag-open naman po kami sa SM MOA para sa Leg 3.

    @Drew: Some examples of Metafit exercises are Burpee box jumps, tire flips, and swipe push-ups.

  14. @Withoutlimits: ok, noted!!
    Secret?? kahit konting tip lang,,hehe, di bale mas masaya yan!!
    Pasensya na ho, di ko nabasa ung “Sweep”,,hehe. cg cg,, sali kami jan,,hehe. Tnx sa mabilis na pagreply!! Nice!

  15. Ryan:
    suggestion lang team WL, sana meron pong dri-fit shirt na makukuha yung mga makaka-kumpleto ng trilogy.. the color scheme of black, white and red is awesome tapos may nakalagay na “FEARLESS” sa likod.. nag-file pa naman ako ng Vacation leave sa mga race dates nyo, makasali lang.. haha..

    Without Limits Philippines :
    Titignan po namin sir, pero kung makapagbigay po kami baka later date po ang claiming para makuha namin yung exact number lang nang people na nakabuo nang 3 legs.

    Thanks for considering Team WL!

  16. @Withoulimits: un ho bang 6 obstacles, lahat un gagawin ng individual beginner level? kung hindi, pwede pa bang mapabago ung niregisteran, from individual beginner to advance?? nasabi kc nung nagregister ako sa Leg2 na may time limit daw sa advance individual kaya napabeginner ako., pero kung pareho lang ang mga obstacles,, repetitive lang sa advance,, ok na din kahit beginner,, salamat sa reply,,

  17. wala pang naka register ng team sa CS Glorietta for leg 2…kaya sa leg 3 na lang kami nag reg kasi di kami makabuo ng team…until when ba ang registration ng leg 2?..sana i open na lang sa Glorietta ang individual…..

  18. someone told me ang run lang sa leg 2 is like a 800meter sprint….all the rest are time based metafit exercises……I don’t want to sound sarcastic pero your making me pay Php500 to do jumping jacks and burpees etc…? I love what without limits has done so far but i do hope you guys understand that you need to show us value for money for us to consider Leg 2. Leg 3 without question, we will be there just like Leg 1 …but Leg 2? kanya kanya nga lang talaga siguro…

  19. anyone who still needs a member? haha.. I don’t think it will be just burpees and jumping jacks. it was Coach Jim who designed the exercises so I can confidently say it will not be ‘those things’. money is a sensitive issue, so ingat lang po sa sinasabi..

  20. @batabatutablog

    If you are familiar with metafit exercises then doin it properly in about 30 mins to 1 hr is more hard than running a 32-km. Im sure you’ll gonna enjoy the leg 2.


    One loop in nuvali is about 30km so most probably the 16-k is just one loop.

  21. @Withoutlimits: Pwede bang magparegister para sa Leg3 in the Leg2 event place?? kung pwede, makukuha din ba namin agad ang race kit?
    Additional: sa mga nakacomplete ho ng Legs 1, 2 and 3, meron ho ba kaming reward?? (sana meron),, kung meron ano ho kelangan naming ipresent? ung mga medals??

  22. @Bones: Hindi po two loops ang 16K but just like leg 1 there will be parts of the trail that all runners will pass.

    @GRAN: Our registration sites for Immuvit Leg 3 is at our partner Chris Sports Stores (SM MOA, SM Annex, Glorietta 3, and Festival Mall Alabang) and Fitness and Athletics BGC.

    “Pwede bang magparegister para sa Leg3 in the Leg2 event place?? kung pwede, makukuha din ba namin agad ang race kit?”

    We would consider that idea sir.

    “sa mga nakacomplete ho ng Legs 1, 2 and 3, meron ho ba kaming reward?? (sana meron),, kung meron ano ho kelangan naming ipresent? ung mga medals?”

    We will give a survivor shirt for those who will successfully “survive” all three legs. However, we need three weeks to verify and produce them because we want only those who finished to get the shirt. We will produce a list and post it in the website together with how you can claim the shirt.

    Thank you!

  23. oh what the hell…ala rin naman akong lakad sa Sabado ng umaga…. meron bang on site reg? medyo out of way na ako to go to the registration sites by this time……nung nagreg kasi ako ng Leg 3 sa Chris Sports Glorietta ang sabi pinullout nyo na daw yung sa Leg2……and lastly papano pumunta sa Quezon circle coming from Taft EDSA? We do metafit exercises sa dragonboat training namin pero not the full workout….I don’t know if I will enjoy it but at least siguro masasabi ko na lang sa sarili ko na I’ve tried it and survived.

  24. @batabatutablog:
    Sakay po kayo nang bus na papuntang Fairview then tell the driver bababa kayo nang Philcoa. Daan po kayo sa underpass para makatawid papuntang QC Circle.

    Team lang po ang available sa Glorietta 3.

    Last day of registration for Immuvit Leg 2 today until 8pm.

    Thank you everyone and see you at Liwasang Aurora on Saturday!

    PS. We have registration for Immuvit Leg 3 on Saturday at the activity area, just go to the registration booth.

  25. @Withoutlimits: pwede hong pakipost ung schedule time per “wave” para sa Leg2,, para guided din ho kami kung anong oras kami pupunta,,salamat,,

  26. Check out the wave and time schedule for Immuvit Leg 2: No Excuses

    Assembly time of Individual: 5:30 AM

    Individual gunstart

    Wave 1: 6am Advance Individual Male
    Wave 2: 6:15am Advance Individual Male
    Wave 3: 6:30am Advance Individual Female
    Wave 4: 6:45am Advance Indvidual Male / Female
    Wave 5: 7am Beginner Individual Male
    Wave 6: 7:15am Beginner Individual Male
    Wave 7: 7:30am Beginner Individual Female
    Wave 8: 7:45am Beginner Individual Male / Female
    Wave 9:8:00am Advanced Individual Male/Female
    Wave 10:8:15am Advanced Individual Male
    Wave 11: 8:30am Advanced Individual Female
    Wave 12: 8:45am Beginner Individual Male

    Assembly time of Team: 7:30AM

    To confirm your wave, please check the website tomorrow at 10AM for the complete masterlist or call 3837658, look for Marjan.

  27. @Withoutlimits(Leg3): Hahaha,@Comment-42; nasagot din ung natanong ko,,hahah, thank you sa sketch ng iba’t ibang location ng Obstacles tska Water&medical stations,,hahhaha,, masaya ‘to,, mukang susuong talaga kami sa river,,hahhahah, tska buti inihuli ung ice pool, Cg, masaya ‘to!!! Makapagregister na bukas para sa leg3!!

  28. sana may finisher shirt sa maka tapos ng tatlong leg… para mas malupit…. at isang mas malakaing medal na finisher ng tatlong event… ty…

  29. Good luck na lang to everyone tomorrow! I tried the burpee box jumps and wiper push ups for 20 reps each and I got wiped out LOL I hope they don’t require more than 50 reps for each exercise in the advanced category hehehe

  30. I enjoyed the metafit challenge today….I was the 1st in my wave but not enough to be in the overall top ten…its all good. It is what it is. Next stop, Immuvit Leg 3 ….I am so stoked….Kitakits bukas sa KOTR….I was able to get a slash priced racebib kanina nina lang hehehe

  31. grabe…akala ko madali lang ang mga challenges..ang hirap pala…muntik na ko sumuko…sakit katawan ko pero i enjoyed pa din…sa wave namin bumuhos ang malakas na ulan kaya naliligo na kami sa ulan bago pa kami mag start sa mga challenges…goodluck sa lahat ng nakatapos…see u sa leg 3…registered na kami wave 4…


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