Mind Burst! Learn how to burn 600 Calories in 4 mins


After seeing this poster, the first question that came to mind is HOW!? I guess you’re curious about it too! I guess that’s how the Mind Museum arouse curiosity!

So if you want to learn how to burn 600 calories in 4 mins, as do I, as well as look around the Mind Museum at BGC as well then this is an event for you, Coach Jim Saret will talk about the mechanics of getting fit, the physics behind weight loss.

Mind Burst – Physics behind Weight Loss
August 19, 2012 @ 10AM
The Mind Museum, Taguig

Registration Fee:
PHP 150 – Mind Burst Tickets Only
PHP 750 – Museum All-Day-Pass + Mind Burst Ticket

* For ages 18 and above only

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Registration Venues:
RSVP Email -> [email protected]

Buy Online -> https://tickets.themindmuseum.org/

Once you bought the ticket, you can register to join the actual workout here (60 slots)
Reserve -> Click Here

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