Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run 2012 – Results Discussion

Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run (Leg 1) 2012 race results and photos

Congratulations to everyone that participated and conquered the Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run (Leg 1) 2012 at La Mesa Nature Reserve! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run (Leg 1) 2012
August 26, 2012
La Mesa Nature Reserve

Race Results:
Immuvit Fearless Challenge – Race Results

Photo links will be updated here as they become available! Feel free to share your comments and feedback about the event below.

Photo Links:
Immuvit Fearless Challenge Photos c/o Pinoy Fitness
Immuvit Fearless Challenge c/o Running Photographers
Immuvit Fearless Challenge c/o Team USB


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  1. If this is Leg1 pa lang then sign me up for Leg3. Very organized. very impressive really…..medyo sumablay lang sa tubig…comedy nga kasi nasa La Mesa Dam ka tapos mauubusan ka ng shower water hahahaha….sana may transport din sa Nuvali sa Leg 3 FROM MANILA….kahit siguro magbayad kami ng transpo…naexperience ko na kasi magcommute sa Nuvali ng madaling araw (Outbreak run) and it was a pain….As for everything else, I put my faith entirely on Without Limits! Great job guys!

    PS: Sana may makita akong pic nung tumalon ako sa apoy….pwedeng pang profile pic yon!

  2. Panalo talaga ang organizer. another GREAT experience for the runners. Loved the surprise obstacles especially the running water + wall climbing part. Feeling ko nsa Hunger Games ako. Sayang talaga magkasunod ang leg 2 nito at RU3…
    More power sa organizers, the best tlaga. From brooks run happy, to kellogs, and Immuvit, lahat nag enjoy ako. Lalo dito, na challenge ako kahit 10k lang. Panalo talaga.

  3. LOVED IT! Lighter and slightly drier version ng Merrell Adventure Run pero mas friendly sa casual and beginner trail runners. Encouraged ang mga beginners na sumali pa sa mas maraming trail runs hindi tulad sa Merrell may narinig akong “never again” sa gitna ng takbo dahil parusa sa trail novices.

    Thanks for the many guides and helmets sa mud wall (akala namin military wall) pero ok lang its close to nature naman.

    Will definitely go for leg 2 and 3 even though leg 2 is the day before RU3!

    I second batabatuta’s transpo suggestion to nuvali. The last time I went there, I was very late for Haribon’s multreeply di na ko umabot :(

  4. Tnx guys… grabe 1st time ko mag trail run.. sobrang enjoy po… sana tlga gawing sunday leg2&3…… tnx din sa 2 pandesal.aahaha

  5. The Best!! Kudos to without limits for this awesome event, within short period of time, they managed to set up a very good race. medyo easy lang yung ibang obstacles. konti nung tires, may sapin yung mudcrawl and medyo mababa yung military wall.. Epic yung Mud wall.. na-enjoy ko yun haha.. medyo kinapos lang sa tubig pang banlaw, but all in all it was great.

    without limits: please give us more info on leg 2 as soon as possible so we can decide if its RU3 or Immuvit.

  6. Superb trail run! I absolutely enjoyed it especially the mud wall, very challenging! Kudos to the organizers!!! Thanks as well for not letting me down to my friends whom I encouraged to join this event.

  7. What a fantastic trail run experience! You had me at the mud wall, never mind the long queue. It was also fun watching and cheering others climb to the top. I absolutely enjoyed it especially the mud wall, very challenging! Very organized race, too!!! Navigating through the slippery ground and the bamboo obstacles was an equally challenging task.

    For fellow runners, we should learn to fall in line when there is a line and wait for your turn, specifically at the mud wall. Imagine, you are on Wave 6 and there is a line of runners from Waves 2, 3, 4 and 5 waiting patiently for their turn to climb and you had the gall to “make singit” over runners from 4 earlier waves. Elite running is not just about time and how fast you can reach the finish line without due regard to people around you. Etiquette, as in our daily life, likewise apply to running, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an elite runner. These so called elite runners should be properly advised for they are still young and they can still change for the better as an elite runner.

    Once again, thank you Without Limits – for a great trail run experience.

  8. Overall it was awesome! Very well organized, hassle lang yun wall kasi only three people at a time so na cut yun oras, good job!

  9. Good job to the Organizers!Though my Team already have a monthly trail session at the La Mesa Nature Reserve, we really were surprised on all the obstacles!Good Job Guys!keep it coming–those great runs!=)Leg 2?Challenge Accepted! =)

  10. It was a nice weather, venue, and run. My invited friends also had a great 1st time trail run experience..just some comments regarding: Hydration stub and the lettering in the medal ribbon easily wash-away when it got wet. (like correction ink)

  11. I enjoyed my 1st trail run, will try to participate in the other leg if possible…

    Great job to the organizer – Without Limits! =)

  12. i enjoy my trail run but on the other side , my helmet (IRONMAN) makes hassle on me but the biggest surprise is that i attract most of the runners and the organizers recognize me which is very fulfilling. next time, i will run with CAPTAIN AMERICA at RU3. see us on the road! :D

  13. I really enjoyed my 1st experience na mag trail run. Sobra excite ko super bilis ko inakyat ang mud wall at super bagal ko sa bamboo dahil sa laki ko hahaha. Good job sa event coordinators at friendly marshalls at photographer na kahit naka suplado mode ako nag great padin sila good morning :)

  14. congrats to all runners and finishers! had superb muddy fun! nag-laundry agad pag uwi ng house,hehe. nice medal for every1. winner lahat ng obstacles, wohoo! excited sa mga event pics :)

  15. It was great seeing all the particpants smiling despite the mud and the obstacles faced — talagang fearless!
    Ang galing ng band at engaging ang mga hosts pati marshalls =) Wonderful job to Without Limits, La Mesa Reserve team and ProActive. Loved the twist in having everyone do the mud wall climb! Of course, Immuvit would have not been able to create this without the brains and passion of Coach Jim Saret! Am so looking forward to Leg 2 – Immuvit MetaFit No Excuses and Leg 3 – No Turning Back at Nuvali

  16. Winner lahat! May saging pa along the way. :) will join leg 2 and leg 3!
    Masaya yong hurdles! Nalglag pa ako sa last hurdle. Hahahah!
    Congrats to the organizers and fellow runners!

  17. had a really great run!!! obstacle was great (except for the fire jump!!, kc ng-jump lng tlaga sa mga kahoy…) had two misfortune along the way in the last log, and in the military wall.. had some bruises, but it was all part of the game/run!!!! good job without limits!!! hope to experience again it soon.. sana nga lang sunday n lng ung ibang leg…

  18. Hi Guys,

    Thank you so much for joining the IMMUVIT FEARLESS Challenge Leg 1 No Surrender. It was very heart warming to read all your comments here. Despite na we only had a very short notice for this event you still trusted us.

    Sa totoo lang kinakabahan nga ako dahil maigsi yung lead time namin to create this… (although im a frequent trail runner and biker at La Mesa) this was still completely different. I was given the opportunity to run the 10K and i personally appreciated the event, sabi ko sa sarili ko “nagbunga din ang mga ilang araw naming walang tulog sa kagubatan”. It was all worth it.

    Hehehe! Anyway I would like to congratulate all of you.

    I would also like to give thanks to IMMUVIT and Coach Jim Saret for allowing us to organize their event.

    See you on the next Leg guys!


    Mr. Ian Alacar
    Race Director

  19. @Ian Alacar and Without Limits

    Aside from the Faulty design of the Military Slide which caused pain and possible minor injuries…

    The trail run was perfect in all areas!

  20. ang daya nung iba… hindi na sila lumusong sa ilog (bago mag mud wall). kami sa 1st wave required na dun sa ilog mismo mag lakad, hindi dun sa path sa gilid. tsk….

  21. I will surely join the last 2 legs remaining kahit pa kasunod ito ng RU3 at Quezon Run…More obstacles and surprises pa…

  22. ayus yung mga obstacles, ver organized yung race. galing ng without limits. thanks kay coach Jim Saret, ang galing ng buong event. excited na ako sa leg 2. :)

  23. ranked #19 on the 10k category.. sweet!! hahaha.. Leg 2. lets get it on.. sana longer distance at mas challenging yung obstacles..

  24. congrats without limits for a successful event! bitin lang kala ko same obstables ung 10 at 5km.. hinahanap ko ung military wall :D tsaka hassle ung mud wall kasi 30minutes inantay namin bago makaakyat.. hmm, mas malaking area pa siguro? hehe. overall naman i enjoyed the run.. sayang di ako makasali next leg, 32km (RU3) ang next day..

  25. To Organizers:
    Congrats! ang successful ung event, kahit na first time ko lng sa trail run at wala pang mapagkumparahan sa other events, “Four Thumbs Up” pa din ako senyo!!! Lupet!
    Ready for the next Leg..

  26. @mel..mas malupit itong immuvit challenge kasi me mga obstacles unlike sa Natures Trail Discovery Run Leg 2 ay purely trail run lang.

  27. sir ian, ask ko lang kung confirmed na oct 6 yung immuvit no turning back leg 3? baka kasi ma-moved pa naka register na kasi kami sa columbia eco trail run sa pinatubo baka magkasabay sila. gusto ko rin sumali sa run nyo happy kasi kami sa leg 1 fearless challenge that was a great organized run.

  28. tama ang time sa event pero dapat meron minus ang time kasi may pila sa maw mud wall e. tagal kaya mag antay dun tapos pinayagan pa ang singit. anu bayun!

  29. @People Requesting Sundag Race: kau talaga,request pa kau ng sunday tas pag ginawang sunday sabihin nyo naman,nakapagreg n s other events tas irerequest nyo naman change date..pambihira…

  30. sana secured or may priority na ang slots nung sumali sa Leg 1 kung sakaling limited slots lang din ang legs 1 and 2…kung pwede lang… :)

  31. Naku October 6 pala ang Leg 3…too bad may work related matters na biglang sumulpot…I need to be at 1130am at Makati on that day thus there will be no chance in hell that I will make it by that time…enjoy the run guys. Sana next year magkaroon ulit. It was so much fun

  32. I really really enjoyed this trail run! Thank you COACH JOSEPH PAGULAYAN and Without Limits for organizing this awesome event! The 10k run was no ordinary 10k! It was so muddy and slippery and seemed to go on forever, but the many marshalls along the route were very encouraging and helped us finish the race. The obstacles were fun for beginners and veteran runners alike. Looking forward to the next one! Good job guys! :)

  33. @withoutlimits @ian alacar hindi pa po ba naayos yung sa race result error sa name ko (5140 Mar-Ben-Rey Bactol) followlng po pls. :(
    thank you!

  34. Please don’t resched the date of Leg 3 just because delayed ang schedule nyo ng Leg 2…..I just sold my 50% off buffet voucher sa Makati Shangri-la on October 6 para lang makasali dito. I will be really pissed if this happens.

  35. @5140 Mar-Ben-Rey Bactol – I;; personally look into your results. Sorry for the late reply.

    Leg 3 is final na on Oct 6, 2012. Don’t worry guys.. yung leg 2 lang ang namove


    Ian Alacar

  36. I have to cancel and sell my reservation for the Cabanatuan Race para makasali dito..sana wag ng mamove pa yung leg 3 kasi reserve na mga weekends ko by oct.

  37. San po ang registration sites? Nagpunta ako sa QC circle last Sunday pero ayon sa guard doon, umaga lang sila nandoon. please paki post naman po dito yung ibang details ng registrations sites. thanks


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