Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 @ Singapore

standard chartered marathon 2012

Year after year, I see more friends and fellow Pinoy runners prepare and aim to join the Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore! This year, if you are one of them, you might want to know that registration for the marathon this 2012 has started!

Time to Train and Prepare your trip early!

Standard Chartered Marathon 2012
December 2, 2012

Registration Venue ->

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  1. Already registered. And booked our flights early thru tiger air. Imagine an airfare na Ph7,5000 round trip!? Hotel na lang…

  2. I think it is high time Standard Chartered bank Philippines organized a Philippines charter for this race. Running is now one of the top recreational passtimes in Philippines and I’m sure they can easily get 10K plus participants.

  3. I wonder how many will join if SCB-Phil in collaboration with other running organizer like rio, sets up a marathon race in here in home soil.

  4. I think if a significant number of runners would sign a petition letter to Standard Chartered bank Philippines, they might just start hosting one here in Manila.

  5. Sa mga walang running buddy jan, available ako pa-sponsor lng sa run na to, i can give mental & moral boost during the run. Salamat!

  6. I 2nd emotion with JOEY, it’s time to organize an event here in the Philippines since we also have many branches of Standard Chartered Bank. For sure there will be a minimum of 5K participants. Give it to Proactive or withoutlimits organizer im sure runners will surely enjoy this event


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