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I drop by Fitness and Athletics Company in BGC a few weeks ago and was able to have a quick introduction about what Rapid Fit Training is all about. The training was designed with an exercise sequence enabled by 3 powerful machines, the Freemotion Incline Trainer, the Freemotion Dual Cable Cross and the Freemotion Vibration Platform (Vertex).


Here is a one of many Rapid Fit routines you can do with these 3 machines:


One thing I learned about the Freemotion Vibration Platform is that it can really magically loosen up your muscles. I’m not a very flexible person, i’m one of those who can’t reach my toes while bending, but after a minute on the Vibration Platform… Magic!


I would love to have these machines at home! But I’m sure i’ll see these machines soon at the local gyms!



Rapid Fit (formerly MC2) was developed by Freemotion Fitness, one of the leading fitness equipment dealer worldwide. They are well-known in fitness community for providing cutting-edge programming and education. By collaborating with their engineering team, fitness professionals and exercise scientists, they we’re able to take the basic principles of exercise and add new modalities and concepts to change the way people work out.

RapidFit™ includes exercise sequences designed to maximize muscle activation, caloric expenditure, fat utilization and recovery. Through the use of incline training, cable cross functional training and vibration training, efficiency of training and effectiveness is significantly enhanced.

RapidFit™ was developed through a process of metabolic and EMG testing to determine optimal exercise and recovery sequencing. This protocol was established based on the goal to complete a total-body workout in an efficient time with maximum caloric expenditure.

Incline training is placed in the sequence to elevate heart rate to anaerobic threshold. This is followed by two minutes of strength training to maintain heart rate and add total-body muscular demand. Strength is then followed by two minutes on vibration. The first minute on vibration should be an active strength movement and the second minute is designed to flush lactic acid from muscles for recovery. Participants go back to incline training and start the sequence again through five more cycles.

Benefits of Incline Training:
ENHANCE WEIGHT LOSS › Walking at inclines greater than 15% is a more effective fat-burning workout than walking or running on a flat surface.
BURNS FAT CALORIES › Incline training burns calories from fat vs. carbohydrates burned in intense aerobic training.
LOWER EXERTION, HIGHER FAT BURN › Compared to running on a flat surface, walking at 2 MPH between 16% and18% incline burns 30% more fat. At 21% incline range, it burns 70% more fat.
RECRUIT MORE MUSCLES › Incline training recruits more muscles than training on a flat surface.
INCREASED CARDIO GAINS > Clients can achieve similar heart rates while walking at an incline as compared to running on a flat surface, resulting in similar gains in cardiovascular fitness.
LESS JOINT IMPACT > Clients experience less joint impact training at an incline while burning the same or higher calories as high-impact running on a flat surface.
REDUCES INJURY RISK > Training at an incline with slower speeds reduces risk of injury while still offering cardio benefits.
VARIATION › Performing different movement patterns on the incline trainer (e.g. skipping, side shuffles, lunges, hops, etc) allows for creativity, enjoyment, progression and specificity of training.

Best of all, it makes getting a great workout enjoyable and fun.

Demonstrated Benefits of FreeMotion® Functional Training:

FreeMotion® users had a 58% greater increase in strength over the fixed-isolated group.

Balance improvements were 196% higher in the FreeMotion® group over the fixed isolated group.

The FreeMotion® group also reported an overall decrease in joint pain by 30%.

Demonstrated Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration:

An average improvement of 5 – 10% was demonstrated in a vertical jump test and power in the squat exercise. Athletes were able to jump higher and lift faster after the applied WBV session.

An immediate increase in power after WBV indicates improved function of the neuromuscular system for enhanced performance.

With the increases in power that can be realized with WBV, athletes like sprinters, jumpers and throwers can improve their performance by incorporating WBV into their warm-up prior to competition.

Application of massage and static stretching utilizing whole-body vibration was shown to reduce perceived pain due to muscle soreness by approximately 35%.

Equipment used in Rapid Fit Training:

Freemotion Incline Trainer i7.7
Price: P316, 195 Available for 24 months to pay 0% interest P13, 174.80/month
With an incline of 30%, the FreeMotion i7.7 Incline Trainer makes the treadmill even better. If you want to lose weight, research shows walking at inclines of 18% and above provides low-impact, exercise that burns 3 times more calories than running at 6 mph and zero incline. If you’re a runner or athlete, research shows hill training can dramatically increase your speed during sprints. Our new i7.7 offers the best features of the commercial product for light commercial facilities or premium home settings.

Freemotion Dual Cable Cross
Price: P229, 995 Available for 24 months to pay 0% interest P9, 583.13/month
The FreeMotion Dual-Cable Cross enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic activities in both sports and life. Functionally trains the muscles of the entire body to work together while building stability and coordination.

Freemotion Vibration Platform (Vertex)
Price: P288, 995 Available for 24 months to pay 0% interest P12, 041.46/month
Vibration training causes instability in the body. As a result, your muscles automatically contract at the same rate of vibration to regain stability, working more muscles in less time. The FreeMotion vibration platform is an outstanding complement to any fitness facility. Whether used as a stand-alone profit center or to enhance a personal training session, whole-body vibration training can be easily integrated into any fitness program.

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