Outbreak Manila BGC 2012 – Results and Photos

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Congratulations to everyone that participated, conquered and stayed alive at the Outbreak Manila BGC 2012! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here! Where you able to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!?

Outbreak Manila 2012 – Part 2
July 28, 2012
Bonifacio Global City

Some Photos of Outbreak Manila BGC:

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  1. Hi!
    I’m sorry but The Outbreak Manila for me FAILED!
    Im from wave 15. number 7087.
    I know, I finished first kc ako lang ang tumatakbo halos sa wave 15, and i even saw my co-15s all left behind me.
    Then umulan. at the finish line, i had my barcode scanned
    Nung lumabas ung results, wala ako sa top 20.
    I timed my self and i finished more or less 35minutes. I have pics before and after with time to prove it.
    But the wave 15 result showed, more than 1 HOUR lahat ng top 1 to top 20!! how come??!! tapos nung i had my number re-checked kung ilang minutes ako, NO RECORD daw!?!
    but I really had my tag scanned, and i heard it na tumunog pa nga eh. BAKIT WALA AKONG RESULT?? I should have gotten my Medal. Please help me verify and clear the results.and I know many others esp in wave 14 and 15 had problems similar to mine.

    Thank you.

  2. sa mga ganitong type of running event hindi na ko umaasa sa maayos na pagcapture ng time. kaya enjoy na lang. tignan mo, di ka tuloy nag-enjoy.

  3. Yes, the results from wave to wave had some problems from last night’s run. The runners who expected that they are in the top 20 did not make it in the official result. But the runners who did not expect to make it in top 20 doesn’t really care about the result made it. As a result there are so many medals that has not been given to the real winners.

  4. nag enjoy naman ako. kahit wala akong companion sa run. honestly had fun. pero my siyempre the organizers should also hear sides, weather it be good or bad, kasi its for their improvement din. kung fun at fun din lang, sana di na sila ang measure ng time diba. nawalan ng use. nagsayang pa sila ng bayad sa magtitime na di rin naman accurate. :

  5. magulo talaga timing ng outbreak miski nung 1st time, kaya halos wala na rin pumpansin, hehe.

    this outbreak is again fun, but a little less organized than the first. the marshalls were friendly, but at most times were confused as the runners on the starting points, mechanics, directions, distance, etc. is it too much for the organizer to print some directions especially on the course. tumaas naman ang reg fee e, sana naman nagprint kahit man lang para dun sa mga likuan. i was part of wave 1 and i saw groups of runners running the wrong way. may isa pa ngang nakatapos within 15 mins, apparently, he took the wrong turn.

    then yung unang obstacle walang marshall. our group went in the zombie infested room, just to see other runners escaping at the side. i’m not sure if that’s allowed. if it is, then nonsense yung obstacle di ba? no marshall here to explain or direct the runners towards the obstacle.

    for sure the 1st time runners enjoyed. it was fun, but can’t help but compare it to the first.

  6. Same kami ni Allan Jay, sure akong at least nasa top 5 akong natapos tumakbo sa wave namin. Maybe it has something to do with their systems being “down” and all. Epic fail lang talaga Outbreak Manila 2, the 1st one was better. i was surprised that my number wasn’t on the list.

  7. Naayos ung winners ng wave 14-15 (wave 14 ako) mga past 10pm na kasi nawalan daw ng electricity dahil sa ulan.

  8. First time ko kahapon. Masaya dahil kasama ko friends ko. Pero dahil sa ulan, nasira ung run. Konting zombies nalang saka nasa 1.5k lang yung natakbo namin dahil hinarangan ng security vans yung daan. Rain or Shine nga pero hindi sana ganun. Ready kaming mabasa. Wave 18 kami. Twice kami nagstart kasi after ng mga 100m pinabalik kami sa tent. Pagdating naman namin sa finish line, may mga wave 15 pang dumadating. Ganun kaiksi pinatakbo samin.I’m not sure kung ilan ang water stations pero isa lang nadaanan namin. Kung ready lang sila sa ulan, mas masaya sana.

  9. @Charles, good for you bro, naayos yung sa iyo. but mine wasn’t. i was there waiting until 12 midnight. wala pa rin yung name ko sa list. >: but it was really scanned. pumalpak siguro ung system tlga, so sad.

  10. I like this run, I mean, maraming flaws, but worth it. First race event na nagka medal ako, yippee! Shame though, nawala yung glasses ng friend ko habang tumatakbo sya kasi natulak sya ng isa pang runner, buti na lang, the zombie was nice enough to help him find his glasses :)

  11. I have a question. One of my friends that was with me during the run suffered a serious knee injury and she even went to St. Luke’s to get her knee stitched. Liability ng Outbreak Manila to diba since the accident happened with in the race track?

  12. We apologize for delaying other waves due to heavy rain. I know you want to enjoy the run, rain or shine man. We also want you to enjoy, but we also have to prioritize safety of the runners. I hope you understand. It is our venue and we don’t want accidents to happen. Thanks! Kitakits sa next run sa BGC. :)

  13. @batman actually you cant hold them liable since we all signed the white waiver form which free’s them from all liability.

  14. nabitin ako hahaha the run i think was a bit disorganized. when i got to the venue, i was confused why i had to register (again). it seemed like they have to check with their records and write your wave number on your bib? i didn’t really get it but i just went along with it.

    the raffle was also sadly, disorganized. for the raffling of rpizes for waves 1-6, they picked a bib number from another wave as the winner (they were picking 4 winners per wave). this happened twice.

    one of the people in the loot bag booths was also kind of snippy. my friend asked for a size S shirt but the person mistakenly gave her a size M. when my friend had it exchange, said person snapped at my friend, asking her why she got the medium in the first place when it was the person who gave her that shirt.

    i enjoyed the route though (was it 5k? it seemed short?). fortunately, it was relatively flat so that made it a bit safer. it was just difficult with the not-so-wide roads. a LOT of people tend to push because of lack of space + panic.

    the zombies though were quite kind to the injured hehehehe (first hand experience) and some of the kinder ones gave life flags if you asked nicely and if they saw you had no more life flags. (saw it with my own two eyes but didn’t dare ask)

    overall, it could’ve been better in terms of organization and logistics. but it was still good fun.

  15. im pretty sure the people behind this event are taking note of these.

    im glad to see some friends who had fun despite of the condition. you rock guys!

    kudos to Angelo, Mitch, Nina and Ms. Judy ^__^

  16. I myself was not happy with the results.. i can attest to myself that i was way behind my wavemates under wave “8”. how come my name wasnt included in the top 20? Ang gulo actually ng event. It was fun pero magulo organizers. One thing more parang walang significance ung 3 lives na binigay kc halos lahat naman may chance for the raffle.
    Anung diffrence nung naka survive at ung wla na tlagang life? The event was an EPIC FAIL!

  17. i enjoy naman the run but meron lang ako mga napansin like;
    1. yung sa entrance, iisa lang yung nag-a-assist kung ako yung unang gagawin like yung kukuha ng belt flag.
    2. sana meron pila dun sa kuhanan ng belt flag kasi nagkakagulo yung mga kumukuha ng belt flag.
    3. parang kulang ng medics or masyado lang marami yung na-accident. even me, bumagsak ako 15-20 meters before dun sa first water station, meron bumangga sakin from behind, semplang ako with my face on the ground pero wala medics na available dun sa area kaya i rest there about 5-10 minutes then run for 100 meters and dun lang meron ako nakita na medics, dun plang ako nagpa-check ng damage ko. buti na lang konting gasgas lang pero as of now, medyo masakit yung left shoulder ko. hindi ko masyado maigalaw.
    4. yung malapit na ako sa may MAZE, i saw guys na buhat nila yung isang kasama nila. mukhang injured kasi naka-akbay siya dun sa kasama nya and not fit to run or walk. wala yata ambulance to assist siya kaya inakay nila siya. wala rin sila kasama na medics.
    5. upon arriving finished line, nagkakagulo yung mga tao dun kasi need to scan yung bib. yung iba wala na bib kasi nahulog or wet na. (hindi water proof yung bib. parang paper lang yata kaya nung nabasa, nalusaw na.)
    or sana meron din sana line sa finished line.
    6. sa loot bag, same thing, nagkakagulo din sa kuhanan, looks like nalilito na yata yung nagre-release nung loot bags kasi hindi nya alam kung sino uunahin nya.
    7. and last, dun sa baggage counter, hoping walang nawalan ng gamit kasi yung iba, wala na bib number, how i wonder pano nila nakuha yung bag nila or walasana kumuha nung bag nila. and same thing, wala rin line kaya nagkakaulo rin sila dun.

    but for me, nag-enjoy ako sa run. even sabay sabay nawala yung flag ko nung sumemplang ako. kahit na maulan, enjoy pa rin. and thank you sa Mogu-Mogu kasi nakakuha ako ng isang life flag dun. hehehe so i finished with one life flag.

    if ever meron OUtbreak part 3, join pa rin ako.

    See you ZOMBIES on next outbreak.

  18. Did not have fun at all. Disorganized Some water stations ran out of water. No directional signs along the route. Timing was not tracked The people at the site were doing their jobs, mind you despite the rain. I just think it was not planned well.

  19. @Allan Jay: konti lang kami na nasa top parang top 10 na lang ung nalagay kasi ayun na lang ata nadaanan ng scanner before umulan ng malakas. Dapat nag expect sila for worst para lahat masaya diba? :)

  20. hi organizers!

    My friends and I are part of the desparate wave and we’re not able to get our loot bags after the run since it’s already out of stock. We wrote down our names, bib#s and contact#s and shirt sizes on a piece of paper provided by those at the loot bags tent. Please let us know when and where we can claim our loot bags/finisher’s shirts. Thanks!

  21. They have results pero top 20 per wave lang. they printed it during the event for medal claiming. kaso pumapalpak, dahil di lahat nakakuha. at di lahat ng waves complete at accurate ang data. kulang kulang. like me, i have no result at all when i asked them to search my number in their computer.. parang nagsaling-pusa lang ako. EPIC FAIL!

  22. According to OUtbreak Manila, they will be clearing the issue on AUgust 4. please vist their facebook page to see more details.. dun lang sila nagsasalita, though not individual response.


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