RUNDdividual 2011 – Results Discussion

rundividual 2011 results and photos

Congratulations to all finishers of the recently concluded Rundividual 2011! Now it’s time to share your personal race result experiences and stories about this event here!

RUNdividual: Make Your Mark
December 10, 2011
Bonifacio Global City

Official Race Results and Photo Links will also be updated here as they become available. For now please feel free to discuss about this event below.

Race Results:
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  1. 15k route was a mess. Ang gulo ng first few kms and the last few. The marshalls did not know where to direct the runners. Nag u-turn tuloy kmi kasi mali pa dinaanan namin. Ang labo. Lousy race route. Measured at slightly less than 14k distance per my watch. Although there were a lot of sponsors and freebies, it did not make up for the bad race preps.

  2. 15k route was quite a mess. many of us got lost at the start, pati na sa end. i guess the marshalls were confused as well. reason why some of us 15k runners did 19k and some just around 14k. everyone was nice and friendly though. i still enjoyed the run kahit it was a few kms more than what i signed up for

    @rob – were you able to do the 2nd loop heading back to the area where the british school area or the “last 5km” as they were referring to it? di kasi visible yung sign to turn left again a hundred meters or so before the finish line. nalito rin ako. i saw the sign and turned left but realized that many of the 15k runners behind me went straight towards the finish line. i asked the marshalls and they insisted on that 2nd loop. still, mali pa rin distance. another runner and i measured our run more than 18.5kms. we brought this up to one of the organizers at the finish.

    nalito kami on that 2nd loop. if we really needed to do that (thereby running more than 18++kms) or like many of the others behind us, went straight to the finish. as i was looking at the map that was given to us during the reg, correct nga second loop but at the start, pinadaan nila tayo sa dapat di naman natin dinaanan (left after bgc then towards the nbc tent area then doubling back to the serendra area). reason why nakasabay/kasalubong natin ang 10k runners. the map shows we should have gone straight. oh well. hope they do better next time on the actual race technicalities.

  3. 15k runner here, okay na sana kaya lang yung early stage may kapalpakan, sana organizers anticipated na madilim yung route, walang lights yung mga maliliit na signages and walang marshall na nagsasabi o sumisigal which route to turn to kaya yun nag karoon ng konteng mess considering na paikot-ikot yung route.

    overall okay na rin… waiting for the results and the pictures :) thanks.

  4. just as we thought. mahaba iyong 10k. kasi my friend and i had a nice run and then pagtingin ko sa watch ko bakit matagal pa rin ang time namin. anyway, overall, the race was successful. good hydration and friendly marshals.

  5. nice run! Me and my 2 buddies, really enjoyed it. mababait at magaganda mga marshalls. visible mga signages at panalo mga freebies!!! I will definitely sign up and run again for the next edition kahit 21K pa!!! Thanks AteneoJMA. What a good yearender run.

  6. @pg – no i did not do the 2nd loop because as i approached that corner and upon seeing the SMALL sign, the marshall asked me if i had done the loop in the initial part of the race, then i didn’t have to go the 2nd loop anymore, and so he just asked me to go straight to the Finish. Wow, that was the first time ever i heard that in a race.

    actually, during the start and first 2KMs, we should have gone straight to British School Area and didn’t turn left after Serendra. Doon nagkagulo. THen napunat kaaagad sa likod ng NBC tent area where we got the Red Ribbon at th uturn mark. There was only supposed to be one red ribbon and we were supposed to do that turn only once. In our case (and most of the runners) we did that loop again toward the last KMs (i.e. effectively twice in that uturn) which was obviously wrong. I even asked the marshall there why we were going around this same turn again (and showed him the red ribbon i got earlier).

  7. @ rob / pg and other complaining about the distance and route of the race, madami kayong complain but to tell you honestly sobrang mas maayos poa nga ang RUNDIVUAL compare sa 9th animo run which is a disaster and the worst event ever for fun run, imagine ang ajma its the 1st event nila for fun run but they put so much effort on it compare sa 9th the fact na 9th ahh na fun run ng studnt govt. ng lasalle sobrang disaster pa, atleast small error lang ang meron ang run dividual at pwdeng ayusin ang itama sa next event nila( sana meron i am really hoping meron). sa lasalle 9th animo run it was a death run so if you have to complain anything sana worth it ang pag complain nyo kasi this student and members of ajma made alot of effort to make it organize as much as possible.

  8. well medyo magulo nga ang 15k route, pero satisfied naman ako dahil madaming hydration compared to other races (except RunRio of course)

    sa freebies naman wala na akong naabutan buti pa yung iba nakakuha:(

    Over-all OK naman etong event

    I will definitely join this race next year :)

  9. @sebastian, if you’re not part of the 15K runners you wouldn’t really know what happened…and was our complain not worth it? ikaw ba tumakbo ng tumakbo tapos mali pala yung direction hindi ka ba ma di-disappoint? anyway, konteng mess lang to, kaya nga suggestions ko sana may ILAW yung maliliit na SIGNAGES dahil sa dilim at sana rin FAMILIAR ang mga MARSHALS sa RACE ROUTE, but i agree with you, this is far better than the Animo Run.

  10. @ sebastian reymundo…bro, the comments posted ahead of you did NOT in anyway compared RUNDIVIDUAL from the La Salle Run…all comments were pertaining to the actual run itself (the 15K issues in particular)…so for you to compare the two races is totally pointless.

    I agree with all the comments on the 15K run…but AJMA should take it as a learning experience and not be discouraged to organize again.

    Overall, good job for a 1st time organizer…definitely, has room for improvement para sa 2nd RUNDIVIDUAL in 2012.

    btw, runner 4120 here sa 15K (lest I be accuse of not walking/running the talk)…he he ge

  11. @vicoy kahit san mong angle tignan the fact that this is a 1st time event for this student still way too far from a begginer ang outcome ng fun run nila, well yes i did run and i utilize the map that they gave me and i review the site prior to the day of the race, now as a runner you have responsibility as well masyado nyo kasi inaasa lahat sa organizer it just show how filipino you are, the reason why you have map on your kit and why they post it in the site is for you to review it para sa actual event familiar kana, and dont tell me its your first time sa bgc after all that route is always being use sa mga fun run sa bgc.

  12. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! ilang araw na ang nag dadaan wala pang result, samantalang yung milo ko the following day meron ng results, whats taking so much time to post the results? yun na lang ang kulang result ng race.

  13. @Sebastian – in every effort there is room for improvement. While my comment was a complaint, it is definitely an objective criticism which hopefully the organizer can learn from in order to improve similar running events in the future. We are simply narrating what happened..and specifically just for the 15k. The other distances were probably managed better.

    And why do you keep on comparing this vs the animo run? obviously, that was at a much lower level altogether. I would think you would prefer to be compared to better managed runs as a benchmark..

    ..if only to get better.


  14. @sebastian reymundo – agree that this was better than animo run. but the truth is 15k route was a mess and quite confusing. up to now, confused pa rin ako if i really had to do that 2nd loop. nonetheless, like what i said earlier, still enjoyed the race. most likely, sali ulit should they decide to do it again next year. sana nga lang, like what @vicoy also pointed out, they can take our comments constructively and learn from this experience. nothing wrong naman siguro in hoping for improvements sa 2nd rundividual.

    overall i got what i wanted in joining this event – contributed to a good cause (benefit of ateneo scholars)and still had fun in my run.

  15. +1 on tanong ni Rob for you sebastian…please name one race that has the same route as RUNDIVIDUAL…

    how many times have you run at BHS-based events, bro?

  16. Hey Move on guys., this event (Rundividual) overall is a good one., (compare to 9th Animo Run of Lasalle) Its way too far to compare the both RUN! Rundividual is a success, despite of some technical minor mistakes, take note guys they are beginners for organizing this event and they are students ,no running club watsoever, Honestly there is no perfect RUN event at all., but give credit to all Organizers,. Good Hydration and some volunteers marshalls and traffic guards is a major PLUS! the negative that i think is your comment in 15k was yes its quite confusing and also no portalet., lol. but to sum total of this event , is a good one… hope for a more better run to organize by ateneo students

  17. Thanks for the prompt issuance of results. It’s not good, though, that many are indicated as “Unnamed finisher”. Even the top finishers for 15K?

  18. if this was just an ordinary fun run, I would have gone back to the finish line and ask for a refund. Never did i expect for a run to be this disorganized. To get lost THREE TIMES by the marshals, very disappointing. How could you even say that this is a “FUN” run, when you couldn’t even make it fun. Stick with making your runs at your campus.

  19. haist … nakakadala na talaga pag taga-ateneo ang nagpatakbo … ADBR and RUNDIVIDUAL both failed to meet the basic expectations of runners. And to take note that one runner had compared this run to another lousy and disorganized Animo race .. tsk-tsk-tsk. Will mark these 3 runs and advise our friends not to join any of these next year.

  20. ajma, why po ganun? andaming entry na unnamed finisher including ours with 1’42” and 1’43” (with bib #4095 & #4100). Syempre gusto rin naming makita mga name namin s 15K race results to satisfy our pride.


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