Unilab Run United FULL Marathon in 2012?


I heard from several people that the Unilab Run United Series in 2012 will now include a FULL Marathon! I believe it’s a logical move since a lot of runners now are moving up to the 42K mark!

A Run United Full Marathon 2102 sounds exciting! So if you are preparing to run a FULL Marathon on 2012 then this might be the event for you! What do you think? Will you join!?

No Final date yet on when this will be, but it’s initially scheduled sometime October 2012. Time to Prepare!


  1. Yep. The host announced this just before the gun start of the 21k race last Sunday. They even announced the schedule for each (RU1, RU2, RU3, RU Marathon). Regrettably I was too focused on the race at hand & was too pumped up & in the zone to listen at the exact schedules. hahaha

  2. sana, ang PinoyFitness community, magkaroon ng Marathon clinic of sorts, yun tipong The Bull Runner ni Jaymie P., take note I dont mean to be a copy cat, the TBR is a good training program in itself culminating into the Bull Marathon,

    its just that most of the PF peeps and the kind people posting their thoughts here eh, more or less know each other already….so whenever a big event comes along like yun OctobeRun, Adidas KOTR, Run United series, MILO, etc., the PF Peeps and even some runners from amateur sports team(example Team Alpha 1 etc)tend to exchange and compare notes with each other here at Pinoy Fitness…

    with the huge turn-out in the 32K category last RU3, it wont come as a surprise that they might target their first FM in this event… as for me, balik muna ako ng usual 21K :)

    but if there are 21K runners who are aiming for their first FM in this event, maybe we can provide peer support to each other, what do you think…?

  3. nice. hope i could complete all 3 legs next year. sana yung sched for march lagay sa 4th wk of the month para ma kompleto ko. i’m having my vacation on the 1st and 2nd week. ^_^.

  4. Ok yan, lalong kikita ang Unilab at Runrio. For what I’ve noticed, naging negosyo nalang nila ang fun run. Their supposedly advocacy of making this event for the promotion of good health is only secondary. Bumababa na ang quality ng kanilang event.

    – Cheap singlets
    – Paulit-ulit at tira-tirang samples ng mga medicines ang pinamimigay. The quantity rin bumaba.

    Comparing RU2 and RU3, we are expecting na mas malaking event ang RU3. Pero venue at race distance lang ang humaba at lumaki. Ramdam mo na mas matamlay ang RU3. Konting photographer lang ang makikita mo sa daan. Kung kelan may 32K, puro tubig lang ang nasa hydration station at tsaka nawala pa ang banana station. Ikalulugi na nila ang saging?

    I don’t know kung nakakrating sa Runrio ang mga comments dito. Comments are not available sa website nila. Sana sabay-sabay tayong magpadala ng email sa kanila para mapansin. Kung dito tayo magrereklamo, mukhang di nakakarating.

  5. @J_Runner: tama ka dun brad. kung feeling nyo, “lugi” kayo or di kayo “pampered” sa isang run, wag nyo na lang salihan.

    takbo lang nang takbo…

  6. there was a noticeable race support quality deterioration in RU 32K. i hope that runrio will address 32K issues before the planned 42K.

  7. I think running a marathon is a very momentous occasion in anyone’s life. Most specially for first timers (like me). This is why I think organizers should make sure that the event will not only be memorable for the runners but also something that they will never forget in their lives. Sana naman hindi lang gawing bara bara ang 42K kasi hindi biro ang distance na yan. Sa mga sasali, I hope piliin nyong mabuti yung sasalihan nyong races kasi hindi porke’t mura eh dun na kayo tapos puro reklamo naman sa bandang huli. So far, amongst all the races I have joined so far, ang pinakamaayos for me was the recently concluded Chevrolet New Balance Run. Sana nga, ganun lahat kaayos ang mga races eh. Anyways, good luck sa Unilab Run organizers and sa lahat ng mga sasali sa 42K nila next year!

  8. ayos to ah. Ang ayoko lang sa Runrio ngayon, cheap ang singlet, maganda pa yung boon singlets ng Bull Run 2011.

    Idle ko si Angelo Lagumbay, gwapings at ambilis tumakbo. IDLE!!

  9. Initial Schedule for RU 2012:

    Run United Leg 1 (500m, 3km, 5km, 10km, 21km): March 2012
    Run United Leg 2 (500m, 3km, 5km, 10km, 21km): July 2012
    Run United Leg 3 (500m, 3km, 10km, 15km, 21km, 32km): September 2012
    RUN UNITED PHILIPPINE MARATHON (featuring a 42.195km distance): October 2012

    a more exciting Unilab Series for 2012. congrats and kudos to Mr Lester Castillo of Unilab and the rest of his team!

  10. @ Ms_Mars:)

    Many thanks to your early announcement of RU events for 2012. Wish to run for the October 42.195km since I did 4-consecutive run last Aug. 2011 (1-10k, 1-11k & 2-21k’s). Unfortunately I wasn’t able & not available last Sunday for 32k. Do you think I can surpass & able to cross the finish line for the 42.195km? Anyway, still long way to go. I’m a come-backing normal runner for many couple of yrs w/o joining running events.Right now I’m in love again in running & return back my passion to run.Likewise, my dream run is the MILO Marathon this coming Dec. 11, 2011 but my employer didn’t allow me to go back this month of November.

    One thing I noticed & I experienced in all 4 Fun Runs I joined into, they are all expensive and more commercialized. I’m sure much more for the FULL MARATHON:)

    Hopefully I can join here. Come October 2012 come……

  11. RUNRIO should answer first what happen to Limited Edition shirt if we completed RU1 to RU3, DRAWING!!!aside from that, yung sa NIKE RUN Shoe flash drive asan na?pag nag email ka sa kanila walang nangyayari hindi sinasagot, sana makarating sa kanila

  12. Hoping that organizers should take into considerations the loopholes of the previous event: RU3. Sana di na maulit ulit, kung meron ba talagang hoarding of hydration esp. powerade.

  13. @sniper

    i saw on unilab’s wall that they are consolidating the trilogy race results to know which runners are eligible to get the loyalty shirt. when will they announce? i’ve no idea but i hope soon

    as for the nike usb shoe, there was an announcement made last week that it will be delivered on our doorsteps by 1st week of december. i’m crossing my fingers to get mine before christmas if delays would occur

  14. @Runnox

    Milo Finals is coming up and let’s expect boatloads of powerade by Dec 11. i believe the logistical issues encountered with the recent unilab leg will be ironed out.

    malabo naman na tipirin tayo ng RunRio. alam ni coach ang importance ng hydration. i know this because i was able to peek the preparations they had for the KOTR event. bilang po lahat maski ilang sako ng yelo na gagamitin nila

    if such situation comes up again, best to look for Coach or his staff by the finish line and immediately air our concerns. with that, they can immediately rectify the issues while the event is ongoing =)

  15. ito ang target ko for this year (42k run) , natapos ko na ang , 21k AXN C5 RUN, 25k power run ng chevrolet, 32k rununited leg3 at 21k uphill run ng nathan…. naka survive na ako…next ko ang 42k full mar….masaya na ako after this run…sana maganda ito

  16. pwede na kaya ako dito????KUNG SAKALI 1ST TIME 5 TIMES nako tumakbo ng 21k eh…ano ano ano, isip, isip. hehehhehe! gusto ng mind ko kaya na kaya ng katawan ko??????

  17. OO sige magpa-42K kayo. Go Unilab! Bihira lang kasi ang above 21K races.

    Stick with Runrio. Natouch nga ko na kahit walang table, may bitbit pa silang tubig sa gitna ng init para satin last RU3.


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