Skechers + Miss Earth 2011 = Fashionable Footwear

skechers + miss earth 2011 - 1

When I hear the brand Skechers, I think about rubber shoes, well that’s slowly changing, this year Skechers is further expanding their growing like of fashionable footwear and supporting the Miss Earth delegates.

skechers + miss earth 2011 - 2

We are fortunate enough to be invited to the Skechers + Miss Earth launch at Trinoma, PhilipBF really had so much fun! So more than words, i think the Photos would say a lot more about what happened!

skechers + miss earth 2011 - 3

Miss Earth coronation night will be on December 4, 2011 at the Theatre in Diliman, QC. and by the end of the competition, the Top 4 ladies will be receiving two pairs each from Skechers.

View the Skechers + Miss Earth Photos -> Click Here!

For more information on Shape-Ups, visit and like Skechers on Facebook”



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