Puso + Pawis T-Shirt on PF Booth at Energizer Run 2011

puso pawis pinoy fitness tech shirt

Special Announcement! A lot has been asking on when the Puso + Pawis T-Shirt will be available! Well here are the details!

Puso + Pawis T-Shirt will debut this Saturday, November 5, 2011 at the Energizer Night Race 2011! Look for the Pinoy Fitness booth after your race! Don’t forget to pose for a photo at the PF Photo Wall as well!

The T-Shirt will also be available in all The Perfect White Shirt outlets starting November 7, 2011!

The Puso+Pawis T-Shirt is priced at P400.

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For Full Details -> Check out this Link
Race Details -> Energizer Night Run 2011 Details


  1. @ Poging Runner, i think this is the same on Pinoy mountaineer produce tee by the perfect white shirt(dont change the mountain, let the mountain change you)

  2. @pinoyfitness

    can i have 1 black shirt for male reserved? if te sizes are the same with pf, i’ll get M size. i’ll be running sa energizer race… thanks

  3. Pwera dyan sa Puso + Pawis magbebenta ba kayo mamaya sa booth nyo ng PF shirt din? Kasi gusto ko rin bumili ulit nun XL size. Anong oras kayo magbubukas ng booth nyo? 5pm po ba, bukas na kayo?


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