The Bull Runner (TBR) Dream Marathon 2012


Dreaming of finishing your first full marathon in 2012!? Then be part of this year’s upcoming TBR Dream Marathon from our very own Jaymie Pizarro to help guide and train you in achieving this dream!

The Bull Runner (TBR) Dream Marathon 2012
March 18, 2012
Nuvali, Laguna

Registration Fee: PHP 2,500

I have several friends that joined last year’s TBR Dream Marathon Program there were only praises on how the program helped them in their journey for a full marathon.

This year TBR Dream Marathon 2012 will once again gather the top coaches like Coach Jim Lafferty and Coach Lit Onrubia to train and provide tips and tricks to make you have the most amazing marathon experience in 2012!


Registration will start soon! Only 500 slots!

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  1. Pangarap ko din talaga ang isang full marathon. And when I make my first marathon someday, it should be sponsored by an organization which I could look up to and build me history someday with the likes of Quezon City International Marathon, Manila International Marathon, Camsur Marathon not to disregard the Bullrunner’s Marathon, of course.

    X on my list…The Run for the Dilis…o Tawilis ba yun, kasi pang P50 lang ang donation out of a hefty fee.

  2. i won’t join qcim 42k this dec just to fit in this run. i heard that if you have joined 2 full marathons already then you’re out.

  3. @ Peterson> I haven’t known anything like that until you made it know to us. Perhaps two marathons in succession within a month’s time could really be detrimental to health. You’re not fully recovered yet in such a span of time. But if you’ll do a marathon with months of interval from the previous, perhaps you are already full recovered by then. The main point here is not to abuse our body, rest is also important as much as we give importance to training.

  4. from TBRDM faq #6:
    “I finished two marathon already, but I want to join your race. Can I still join? No. The race is exclusively for first- and second-time marathoners. We encourage you, however, to volunteer as a Dream Chaser, pacer, or cheerer. This is your chance to pay it forward to other runners. Registration for Dream Chasers and volunteers will be announced here soon.”

  5. this FM event is apparently tailor-fitted and custom-made for first-time FM-ers, the environment here is obviously different from the regular marathons in the sense that:
    (1) hindi ito PR-conscious;focus is on the safe completion of the race
    (2) if a runner is looking for competition, or podium placing, perhaps other events may be appropriate, not this one;
    (3)the organizers are sincere in saying they would disqualify entries who are already veteran FM-ers; the point of this exercise is to precisely shepherd newbies…..

    I look forward to joining this next year…

  6. I really want to complete a full-marathon and I want to do it methodically and safely. This is an event I am looking for and with the assistance/guidance of the coaches I think running a full marathon wouldn’t be just a dream after all.

  7. @boboy:i respect your post. but i hope you respect the event by supporting those people who finishes the race @ 6-9 hrs. they will not wrap up the event unless there’s still runners on the road. I ran in this event (2010), nagstart ang race @ 2:30 am and merong natapos ng 11:00 am. hindi biro ang course dito. puro “killer hills”.

    i dont know kung elite ka kaya mo nasabi yan pero this race is intended sa mga 1st timers so expected mo talagang may matatapos ng 6-9 hrs. Sorry kung hindi mamemeet yung standard time mo..tao lang kami.

    CHEERS! :D

  8. “to help guide and train you in archiving this dream!”

    please check your above quoted ad. “archiving” means to put aside or store away for further action.

    good luck and more power to your org.

  9. @ Boyboy. hahaha. agree. pero pagbigyan mo na yung 6-7 hrs. kaya nga newbie eh. pero i agree with the 8-10 hrs finish time. it means if you’ll gonna finish a full mara with a time of 8 hrs and above, definitely you are not ready. there are lots of time para mag ensayo at wag pilitin ang sarili kung hindi pa talaga kaya. no disrespect to anyone pero dapat po ay maging honest tayo sa sarili. kung kaya, galingan. kung hindi pa kaya, paghandaan. peace to all. be safe.

  10. @barefoot,hayaan mo na yan. Nanggugulo lang yan pati si ruben..di kasi nila naintindihan ang word na 1st & 2nd timer marathoner..

    Tsaka siguro mga bitter lang yan kasi di sila makatakbo ng ganung distance or siguro mga podium finisher kaya mataas ang hangin nila.

    Also the organizer’s aim for the runners is to finish the race injury free..

    Kaya to all runners that will participate in this event,wag mawalan ng pag-asa dahil sa post ni ruben at boyboy..takbo lang ng takbo

  11. @Ryan and @barefootdaves
    in behalf of those totally who are interested to join this event, many thanks for your supportive and positive words…

    especially @daves who is one of the core members of Team Alpha1, runners would naturally gravitate towards those who give meaningful and constructive inputs…

    God bless you people… :)

  12. @bayrunner. No problem.sino-sino pa ba ang magbibigay ng suporta sa isat-isa,kung hindi tayo-tayo lang.

    Btw,final list for this event is OUT..good luck to all..

  13. once pa lang ako nag 21k.
    AXN asia
    with a time of 1hr58mins…
    if i can finish this in
    less than 4 hours…
    am i still considered a newbie?
    kaya lang sa nuvali na naman.
    dont have a car to go there.
    baka mag QCIM nlng ako.

  14. //@kinetic: thanks for posting additional info on TBRDM.

    i think before the actual race, there’ll be a series of running clinics that will be held to prep up the participants. as first/ second timers in this category, it is understandable if they finish the race beyond 6 hours. unfortunately, i don’t have the details of the race, like – if there’s a cut-off time. for as long as he finishes without any injury.

    on personal perspective, if we are a pro, the most that we can do is give moral support to the newbies. as runners, we should help build a harmonious community, and respect individual differences.

    unfortunately, i’m no longer eligible to participate in this event, eventhough i’ve been into running for barely 6 months…nonetheless, if ever i get the chance to be at the event when this happens, i’ll be there to cheer/pace/act as official photographer for my FRieNDS.

    congratulations to everyone who made it to the Top 500. goodluck..!

  15. congrats to those who made the list! =)

    lets all have fun sa TBR Dream Marathon. was supposedly to train and race in HK next Feb. Because of a knee injury (and getting sick) had to defer my plans and signed up on this race instead

    ive been getting rave reviews about Jaymie’s program. seeing her last night gave me the chills. both from excitement and fear. with that, i can’t wait for the bull sessions to start

    based from last year, gun start was at 2AM. race cutoff is 8hours. ‘chasers’ will be deployed by 4am that will run a few kilometers with the participants.

    this is the race, imho, that’ll surely spoil its participants and ensure a VERY FUN and SAFE run. there’s even a mobile van which can carry your friends and family to cheer you on while running

  16. congrats to all runners who made the list.

    for sure, you will enjoy your journey towards running your first or second marathon as I did this year.

    running a marathon will be much easier once you finish your first and doing it thru TBRDM is a wise choice.

  17. are correct with every details you’ve said. I ran 2010 TBR DM and its gave me goosebump and teary eye when i crossed the finish line…

    mamiss nyo na lahat ng sessions and talks wag lang yung 32k trial run sa nuvali

    ingat to all runners.. be safe…

  18. dapat di na pina-patulan yang mga ganyang comment,isa lang ibig sabihin nyan,di runners yan,kain,tulog,gala,lang yan sa bahay nila kaya ganyan yan,wlang sports na alam yan,

  19. Do you know the “coolest thing” in running today? Grab the ultra-technical, most modern running apparel in running…

    Pinoyfitness Technical shirt, engineered for the science of running.

  20. @josh,thanks,sa totoo lang mga runners,yung kenyan ang magandang talunin,meron kasi akong nakilalang runners sa mga patakbo,may potensyal na talunin ang kenyan,sana train nyo rin ang mga anak nyo na balang araw wala ng kenyan na laging nasa unahan ng race

  21. mahirap kasi sa ting mga pinoy,publicity ang dating,pa pogi effect,kung tayo ba nag-pa practice o kaya enjoy nyo lang takbo,training sa pag-takbo.may mara-rating pa siguro tayo.

  22. nakapasok ako sa 500 slot kaso di ko alam kung join ako una wala pa ako almost 1 year na narurun,,walang 15k or 21k experience longest ko 10k palang,,and concern ko yung venue nang clinic kung saan gaganapin if ever….tapos question po sa mga may idea pag di ka ba nagpareg at gusto mo ulit next year pareserve pwede pa ba yun

  23. @jajaboy tbr-dm’s training program is from couch to marathon…a 22-week program will be provided…this will be your guideline especially should you miss the group runs…most of time you will do your run assignments on your own…but it would be best if you have already ran halfs already…bull circles and sessions (runs and talks) are usually held in bhs-bgc except for the final long run that also serves as your test run in nuvali…make sure you join these gatherings to know your batchmates…lastly, you need to re-register again next year should you miss this the 3rd batch…

  24. buenas naman nung maka-kasama sa mga TBR,sana attend kayo dyan,maraming gustong mapa-sama dyan,hwag nyong sayangin ang effort nyo,yung mag-ba back out bigay nyo na lang sa kin,thanks

  25. @boyboy at @ruben

    masasabi nyo bang handa na sila sa kanilang first full marathon kung hindi pa nila sinusubukan?

    kayo ba nag practice kayo ng full 42k run bago kayo sumali sa first full marathon nyo?

    PARA KASING ANG YAYABANG NYO! kung mabibilis kayo tumakbo, kung nag hahabol lang kayo sa ranking at katanyagan, eh mag pabaril nlang kayo sa loob ng sm, kinabukasan nsa headline na kayo.


    i havent tried giving it a shot for a full marathon. kung makakapag ipon pko ng pera, i might as well join this event to train myself and gather helpful tips and interesting stories. basta sigurado ako, once i finish my first full marathon, it will make a big change in my life.

    to those who are certain in joining this event, good luck to all and more power to us. basta wag kalimutan ang safety precautions and everything should be fine.

    to those bitter and boastful runners out there, lamunin sana kayo ng tagumpay nyo sa pag takbo. kailangan yan ng bansa natin sa pag bangon at pag unlad. (what’s the connection? exactly! wala! so goodluck sa endeavors ninyong mayayabang na runners)

  26. comment # 10, ano problema kung matapos ng 6 to 10 hrs, kaya nga may cut off eh…

    “race is not always for the swiftest but also to those who keep on running”

  27. respeto lang sa mga slow runners! di pabilisan ang marathon doe maganda tlga ang magkaroon ng magandang PR 4 0r 5hrs. lahat halos ng TBR Dreamers eh 1st tymer, kaya expect na di lahat mamemeet ung expect nung iba. respeto sa mga slow runner who deserv much more atention at cheering! para sa mga ka batch ko, enjoy lang tau!!! c u sa clinics at sessions… keep practising mga kapatid!!!

  28. amen to all my batch mates here. :)
    i believe that a runner is not measured by how fast he/she can run but how determined he/she is to cross the finish line.
    that will definitely bring us to the finish line this coming march 2012.

  29. @mike,ok lang naman pagtatalo kapag may mali kang napupuna! sabi nga – all good has to do for evil to triumph is nothing. And you dont know anything about trying to beat kenyans, it takes years of practice, specific program and talent to be at par with them.

  30. Sayang gusto ko pa naman mg join dito. When i saw this in Sports Unlimited. Na-inspired ako sa kanilang lahat. Syempre ang Girl Power nila sa takbo lalo na ang 42k. Super layo ata nyan. I need to learned a lot. Kya gusto ko mg join ng program. Marami pa akong dapat malaman at matutunan. Since nakapag join nko ng 42k kya lng lack of knowledge. Mas masarap kasi kung meron nag-guguide. Puede pb akong humabol?

  31. day, I hope to join this. Lapit lang naman ako sa Nuvali..tho I think the sessions happen in Manila. di bale…take things easy.

  32. sana naka-sama yung mga malalakas tumakbo,baka naman sa post lang malakas mag-salita yan,sumali kayo para ma-experience nyo yung full marathon,baka mamaya mas malakas pang-kumain,kaysa tumakbo,challenge nyo sarili nyo,panget pag-sa post lang magaling.

  33. Good Luck sa mga participant! mahirap talaga ang 42K, as a first time Marathoner strength will not play a major factor but your will and determination to finish.

  34. advice ko lang,mag-e-mail na lang kayo sa TBR,mas maganda at realiable ang bi bigay sa inyong information,mag-send back naman sa e-mail nyo yun,kung wala na talaga,sa su sunod na tbr ganun ang gawin nyo,e-post naman nila yung mga maka-kasama,thanks

  35. Grabe naman magsalita yung boyboy,

    ako gusto ko tumakbo dito kaso hanggang 10k lang lagi ako sa mga run, kaya ko na kaya yung 42k at makakaabot sa time limit, guys please help me. :)

  36. Matagal na pong sarado ang run nato dahil puno na ang slots. Next year po abang abang kayo. Maganda ang run na to dahil they will support and guide you to your first ever marathon.

    Naka design po talaga ito for first time marathoners kaya asahan nyo na tutulungan nila kayo in finishing the full marathon.

  37. I am interested to be a pacer for this marathon. It willbe my first as a pacer, but i already have a solid running experience. Info pls. Thanks

  38. My Uncle was 200 yards from the finish line of the LA Marathon within his 4 hours and 30 minute personal best when he experienced cramps and chills, he dropped and crawled the remaining yardage to the finish line refusing all help until he crossed the finish line. He finished it in 5 hours and 15 minutes. Up to this day I am in awe of what he did. To the runners who smirk and enjoy having a superior complex over the rest of the running community(beginners and slowpokes like me), may you rediscover the joy of running and the spirit of personal triumph.

  39. what a coincidence, our local marathon will also be running this weekend. i’ve signed up for it but without much training so will see what happens. it’ll be quite warm too for this year compared to previous years so it’ll be a tough going. good luck to all TBR dream marathon participants this coming sunday.


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