VOTE for Pinoy Fitness at the 12th Philippine Web Awards


Hi Guys! has been chosen to be one of the semi-finalists for the 12th Philippine Web Awards 2011. If you find this site informative and helpful in the past year, I hope you can help my site as well by voting this site for the People’s Choice Award. Here’s How!

Here is How to VOTE for Pinoy Fitness

STEP 1: Goto –

STEP 2: Scroll down the screen to the Community and Portal Section and Click on the “RADIO BUTTON” beside Pinoy Fitness


STEP 3: Cast a VOTE for other Categories
STEP 4: Scroll down to the end of the Page to Submit your Vote!

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Thats It! You can vote again in 24 hours! Thanks and Hoping for your support! Hope you can LIKE this page and SHARE it to your friends as well!

Here is the link again:


  1. Done! Voted! Though I had to vote for the other categories as well (which I have no idea about) for my entry to be accepted…

    Will be voting again every 24hours.. ;-)

    Hope you win!

  2. Good luck and more power to Pinoy Fitness. I hope you and your subscribers could vote for, as well, under the E-business category. We’d be happy to support you! Thanks and best regards.


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