34th Milo Marathon Finals 2010 – Race Results


Congratulations to those who participated and enjoyed the 34th Milo Marathon Finals 2010, Race Results will be available here soon!

Download Race Results Here:
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For more information visit : https://www.nestle.com.ph/milo/marathon/

PhotoVendo Pictures are now Available: Click Here!

Feel free to share your feedback and comments about the race here!

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  1. Overall it was a very good race, obviously learning from the mistakes in the July elimination race.. This still is the race to look forward to every year. With a route that the manila and pasay govt could set aside just twice a year and a sponsor dedicated to sports. More power. Thank you di niyo pinakait yung medal kahit lumagpas ng curfew.. Although, I was within the curfew this time. Woohoo. Next up… Condura na!!!

  2. @john and coolhand- nagpunta ba kayo dun sa booth ng brooks sa loob ng activity area? may free pic kasi dun ee at may model pa.. sana laging may ganun.. hehehe..

  3. galing! well-organized! better than the july elimination run. first time to run 10 k and it was a pleasant experience…daming water stations, may “shower” pa sa harap ng CCP…di lang ako dumaan kasi mababasa shoes ko :p thank you din sa photovendo :)

  4. unfair naman bakit walang pix ang 5K excited pa naman brother ko kasi first time nya sumali sa running event. ok lang if my additional fee for that sana ganun na lang ginawa nila.

  5. bakit wala name ko d2 sa 5k results? my bib # is 569300. wala na nga pictures ang 5k, wala pa ako sa results. I finished the around 59 minutes(from the timer sa finish line) from gun start.

  6. i just want to know if how you come up with the race results..kasi i was not at the front when the run started for 5k. i thinks i was like 5mins or 6 mins behind when i started, but i clocked myself and its 34.33..but when i saw the official results, ang layo ng pagitan sa timer ko at sa result.naging 39mins..which im pretty sure i made it less than that time. just wondering kung yung 5 or 7mins i was not at the starting line counts?

  7. “…after the hurricane, comes the rainbow…” – K. P.

    …is happy to finish my 5th marathon with a PR time of 3:53:58 based on the “unalterable” OFFICIAL RESULT :D :D :D

    thank you to Mr. Biscocho and his staff for an excellent job in organizing the best and the most prestigious 42.195km marathon event here in the Phils.

  8. Ay! Ganun? So pag 5k wala pa lang pic? Sana man lang nung registration sinasabi na nila na walang pic yung 5k….kaya ayan marami tuloy kaming nagulat. Nakaka-disappoint naman. =(

  9. my name is incorrect in the list.. who and how can i make a request for correction?? Bib# 1325 it should be Mark Deniel Caballero


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