Nike Run Manila 2010 scheduled on December 5, 2010


This will surely be something interesting, no details yet, but keep the date in mind, the Nike Run Manila is scheduled to take place on December 5, 2010

More details to follow…


  1. Hope this will not disappoint us compare to that so called adidas king of the road “daw”. Hope Nike will deliver the goods or partner with RunRio since he is sponsored by Nike.

  2. This would probably be like the last Nike Human Race… Only runners with nike plus+ gadgets are allowed to join.. I hope it wouldnt be that exclusive..

  3. I am looking forward for this run since Adidas KOTR..but I and along with my nurses friends are committed to run on Dec 5 at the 1st Nurses Fun Run..could it be possible to move the date, perhaps Dec12, or how about an evening run? juz asking :)

  4. Go Nike! Nabwisit ako sa adidas KOTR run tlg…so I’ll expect this run to be different and never duplicate Adidas’ flops. Sorry KOTR u just didn’t care much for the runners…

  5. I already joined the QCIM2. And even if Nike announced it earlier, I will still choose the former. It’s out of patriotism, to support the cause of the Quezon City government. These sporting companies are just pure hype sometimes unless they hired the services of Runrio to fully organize this event. Otherwise, this will just be another average race paid at a costly price. Bandang huli, kata-katakot na reklamo na naman ang ipopost dito.

  6. Yes, I agree with Lea. Pinoyfitness, perhaps you can help lobby for a change in date :)..any other weekend in December since there are no other runs scheduled in Metro Manila after Dec. 5. And I’m wondering why..I understand that it’s the season to be merry but it’s also the season to run and lose all those calories so more runs please?
    Changing the schedule of the Nike run will definitely increase its participants.

  7. is this a separate race or a tie up with qcim?

    i remember last year, when i joined qcim, i was given a nike human race red technical shirt for being a finisher of the 21K. the material is soft and wicking. it’s one of my favorite running shirts. there was tie up between qcim and nike human race.

    not sure though if this is still the case this year. if yes, you better hurry and register for qcim as the runnex website says their 21K & 42K slots are almost full now.

  8. yan ang sinasabi ko eh mga orga negosyo on the go lang sila hindi para sa runners. fun run is negsyo already.nobody cares sa mga runners basta tanggap bayad ayos na.madami sumali ayus na kita na. runrio well orga talaga.

  9. iba ang runrio magorga talaga d ka magsisisi. sa dami ng fun run nasalihan ko. naku adidas OMG the fud OMG parang binili muh lang ang singlet. the fud oh my sana adidas kids run ang pinangalan nila.hotdog and bread. omg dapat nagpasponsor na lang sila sa purefoods.tapos nakuha pa na magbenta ng singlet limited.tapos may mga booth pa na nagbebenta ng products nila na dapat sponsors un. negosyo!!!!! naku kung ganyan lang tumakbo ka na lang sa loob ng ARMY CAMP. sory po ( pero thats the truth ) sana matuto maraming hindi nagandahan sa KOTR the word buffet

  10. this is absolutely going to be a well organized event, syempre RunRio yan e, plus Coach Rio must have learned all the kapalpakan that the Adidas KOTR had. Coach Rio ran at KOTR, di na ba sila nahiya kay Rio sa dami ng palpak nila? Alam naman ng lahat pag Runrio ang nag organize napaka flawless!

  11. I have already registered for QCIM2, pero ok lang, mas gusto ko to kaya dito ako :-) I only paid P350 for the registration pwede ko na ibigay na lang sa iba yun.

  12. Me and my friends registered for QCIM too… there a possibility for a later date???

    @Rotech – I so agree….I support QCIM’s cause…plus I’m from Q.C… =)

  13. tsk tsk tsk.. bakit sumabay kayo sa QCIM? pa usog naman ng sched nyo. maraming gusto tumakbo sa nike problem is conflict naman sa QCIM. sayang naman.


  15. sa mga nagiisip na di na tatakbo sa QCIM: pwede kong itakbo yan, basta 21k. willing akong bilhin ang race kit, basta less than P500 na syempre.

  16. KOTR = all bark, no bite. I was never dissapointed with a Runrio organized event. Sure, the reg fee is skyhigh but the event is excellent. Ano gusto nyo ung P850 ng Adidas na palpak o magbayad ng mahal pero sulit ka naman sa freebies and services? Who’s the organizer of Adidas KOTR? X-tribe! Better think twice if you want to join a race organized by them.

  17. I don’t think Nike is serious on this. Last year, I could recall that they just rode on another major event in Subic International Marathon but they co-promoted as Nike Human Race. Where’s the promotional tool? Where’s the press release? Where’s the hype? Considering the company name, the marketing division of Nike Philippines is just being outperformed by their counterpart in Adidas Philippines. May this serve a challenge to Nike. C’mon don rush things if you’re planning a major running event. Give yourselves more time to plan or suffer the consequences in the end. If I were you, I’ll move it to 2011 and plan for a major event that would be worth expecting for.

  18. Guys, I can surmise that Nike’s planning now to move the date. That initial news bit is just a bait to catch reaction from prospective runners. But I’ll bet, their race will never happen this year. If it happens this year and I lose, I’ll keep my hands off the keyboard and will not post any comment here for three months beginning December 5, 2010, if they will make the race on said date or even any date within 2010. But I’ll stand on my belief, Nike Human Race or by any other title they wanted to, will not happen in 2010 because they themselves have doubts of their readiness. They are often been outclassed by their counterparts in Adidas in terms of gimmickry.

  19. @Rotech….what do you mean makikikabit? Yun bang QCIM race but with Nike as one of the sponsors? If that’s the case, i think we might have a better organized event that is not expensive & the singlet is a nice one.

  20. @Cecille. Buti nga sana as one of the sponsors. Pero parang nag-adopt sila ng certain distance doon sa route ng Subic Marathon at ikinabit nila ang Nike Human Race. I cannot recall the complete detail but you may try researching it. Pero alam ko, something to that effect ang ginawa nila. Wala talagang solely organized running event na ginawa ang NIke sa Pilipinas last year pero sa ibang bansa, iisang date lang ang Nike Human Race at sabay-sabay na ikina-conduct. Mahina ang marketing strategist ng Nike dito sa Pinas, mga tamad.

  21. there’s only less than a month before the said date. when do you plan to start the registration? i hope you won’t do as adidas did in registrations. so many people get so irritated because of the line of people. and you have to get back again and again. or is it dec 5, 2011?

  22. @RunsNRoses…..hello! about the NIKE run i don’t think that will push through, they”re just trying to get the majority’s reaction. Register ka na lang sa QCIM since a lot of the regular runners will be participating in this event…. Sabi nga sa Chris Sports the registratio is blockbuster…. I read in this forum that the registration is extended until nov 14. Hope your group would still be able to register

  23. 2nd QCIM will be a great event, for sure an improved from last year.(marshal ako nun) This time im doing my first 21km.

  24. sana naman ma move yung date kahit before Corregidor run or After QCIM para makasama kami.. kase baka di maxado maging successful ang Nike Run kapag sumabay sa QCIM, mas marami ng registered sa QCIM, sana makasama kami d2 sa NIKE run

  25. Nike RunClub Manila will have the 5K run on Dec 5, 2010. There’s already an announcement and registration is at selected Nike Park stores. I went to High Street last night and was given a form and was told that today 11/21/10 is the start of the registration. So I went back there today only to be told to come back again tomorrow at wala pa daw today. Ang galing no? 5K run na nga lang ang lagay ilang beses ko pa babalikan? Looks like mas palpak pa ito sa adidas. Btw, P300 fee for non students. No singlet.

  26. Nike only has 5k and registration is 350 for non students if i am not mistaken and 100 for students… I thought this would be the running event of the year… supposed it is a nike event and a december year ended run

  27. ask like poh! date natin today is nov. 22… will nike push this event or not na… no update till now… sana masagot naman today…

  28. hi is it true na in order to join dapat meron kang any nike accessories or shoes, basta anything that is nike products.

    panu kung wala naman any nike product..di na pede sumali?

  29. @echo The form I got says P300 for non students, unless they changed it? I guess they will push this through, meron ng booth sa Nike Park High Street. But I suggest, we all call first before going there (Nike Park: BHS, Trinoma, Gbelt3, MOA, Nike Stadium Alabang Town Center) at baka masayang na naman oras at pagod. Called Gbelt early today and the lady said there’s no rep yet to man their booth for this event, tomorrow pa lang daw nila malalaman. I have no idea who is organizing this.

  30. Hope they post the detail early….need to choose between nike Dec5 and milo Dec 12.
    If nike change the date sana early next year na lang.

  31. @j Hi, by the way, I’m not a spokesperson from Nike :) I’m just a newbie-runner who’s into running events and I’m watching close this Nike run because I patronize their products. But to answer your question, the registration form does not make any mention about that requirement; the salespeople at BHS did not mention about one having a Nike product before registering (but then again they have not been very accommodating so baka may surprise na naman pag registration time na). My personal observation is that the target for this run are the students (reduced fee at P100 plus they have the “School Challenge” thingy).

  32. really, walang singlet??? napadaan dn ako sa nike gb3 kahapon, meron na dn cla forms, pero wala pa dn tao sa booth, tawag-tawag nlng dw ako.

    I think Run Rio dn organizer nito, they announced this yesterday, dun ko lng nga nlaman na may nike run.

  33. thanks ms. i love that school challenge..hmmm sounds fun..keep us update po ha..thank you very much…=) well register on this event…=)

  34. im already registered at the nike run manila.Good News, it is organized by RUNRIO and we will be using the same D-tag like the ones we used at unilab run 2. too bad there’s no singlets for this run, but what is important is that the race will be handled by runrio..

  35. Thank you Nike, Coach Rio, RunRio team and the sponsors for another well organized event. Even if most of the runners (and photographers) are in QC, it was a good turnout. Lots of bananas, water, and Century tuna sandwiches (yes sandwiches!). Kape na lang ang kulang :P

  36. aww… i missed Runrio’s event…. i was even tempted to go to the fort after i finished running at QCIM… i am done with my 5K @ 630am… makakahabol sana ako.. :D


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