Adidas King of the Road [Update] – October 24, 2010


It’s time for the biggest run once again! Adidas Philippines is inviting everyone to participate in the Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) happening on October 24, 2010 at the Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Adidas King of the Road 2010
October 24, 2010
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
5K / 10K / 21K

Registration fee for 5k, 10k or 21k is Php 850. It’s a first come, first serve basis.

Enjoy side activities and mini events prepared exclusively for all participants during the race – foot scans, an Adidas photo wall, massage and stretching areas, Adidas sale and mini programs and concert. Buffet breakfast meals will be served.

Each Running Kit will contain a unique black singlet that comes with a timing chip that will help you improve your run, a race bib, a reflective slap strap, race routes/maps, a timing band and guidelines.

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Participating Stores:

RUNNR, RUNNR Cebu, adidas Trinoma, adidas Greenbelt, adidas Rockwell, adidas Ayala Center Cebu, adidas Gateway, adidas Glorietta, adidas Shangri-la, adidas Eastwood, adidas Alabang Town Center and adidas Newport City.

More information to follow…


  1. Our company, Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions, Inc., would like to support and partner in this activity.

    We would be glad to have a meeting with the organizers.

    Thank you and best regards.

  2. Ang mahal. But an Adidas shirt is about Php800 so I guess it’s like buying a shirt and paying for the other stuff – timing chip, timing band, buffet etc. A bit pricey, but it looks like it comes with a lot of stuff to compensate.

  3. Maybe this time I will just watch the run and learn the unique style of runner while I spent my P850 for chitchiria. Pass muna ako mga bruder bibili na lang ako ng Adidas shirt sa 168

  4. I checked Adidas’ facebook account and they said the fee includes the breakfast buffet, authentic Adidas singlet, timing chip, race medals and certificate for all categories.

    I think those would justify the fee…It’s very pricey but I think it’s worth it if you compute it hehe

  5. son,

    based on the initial press release:
    Running Kit will contain a unique black singlet that comes with a timing chip that ,a race bib, a reflective slap strap, race routes/maps, a timing band and guidelines, as well as a breakfast buffet

  6. ang mahal,but we'd been waiting for this. We can't miss it..

    Too add up, I think the singlets are original "Adidas made", right? :p

  7. Better start saving na for this run! hehe…will definitely join :) Pls. post when and where can we register once you get the word from Adidas…thanks :)

  8. It’s really a bit pricey kaya mega save na me and my friend coz. this will be our first time in ADIDAS. Maybe we’ll be able to shower in water, kahit ayaw mo nang umiinom uubligahin ka ha ha ha!!! Sana masarap ang breakfast buffet.

  9. muka naman worth it. sana maganda singlet design. ok din to para sa mga nangangarap magkaroon ng medal na hindi kaya mag half-full marathon ;)

  10. My fellow runners Iam sure the P850 is worth it! If its pricey then organizers doesn’t have a choice but to put their best foot forward and come up with a good race event, as they always say “you get what you pay for” :) And sa october pa more time to save and practice :)

  11. P850 are you kidding me!? I don’t think the buffet will suffice. How can they guarantee accommodation for thousands of runners??? I don’t see how a timing chip can improve a person’s run either. Simply put, P850 does not cut it. I enjoyed the run last year, but this is just too much. Overprice na to ha? Sumbong ko kayo kay Noynoy dyan eh :P

  12. To jerjer(#22)

    True ba talaga na may medal din for categories lower than 21k? Naku finally magkaka-medal na yata ako….yehey!!!

  13. to pinoy fitness, what is a reflective slap strap?? pardon my ignorance. ;)

    hope to join this for my first half-mary, despite the steep price

  14. hi weiwei_an, i suppose this is a reflective tape on a short strap that we can slap on our wrists for better visibility for motorists. got this from their facebook account “the Reflective slap/Strap will serve as your reflector during the race. This is because Gun start will commence very early around 5-ish”. hope this helps. good luck on your 21k race :)

  15. ask ko lang po sa organizer ala ba kayong sched ng fun run dito sa davao city, i love running po noon pa nasa skul day pa po ako.thanks

  16. hi. I hope adidas organizer can read this since they are still in a planning stage. I always join the run almost every week but i have never wear any of the singlets. size is too small for my 2XL body. They have 2 XL size but it's not really 2XL. I hope they would consider this time the runners with big sizes. Btw, Ill be in UP Pump it Up run (my 15th run)and based on their singlets sizes from their website, their 2 XL is really for 2XL people. If ever, it would be my first singlet that I can wear during run…Please let adidas know my concern. I see a lot of runners every week who has not wearing the singlet so I assume, they too have same issue. Thanks.

  17. Addidas store in Alabang Town Center does not accept registration… how come it is included in the participating stores in this site?

  18. The most expensive run yet here in the Phil. I doubt the number of runners will surpass from last year’s.

    But for sure the singlets are nice. I have collected 2 singlets. I will still join.

  19. adidas organizer, sana sulit yung magjojoin ng run nyo, paano naman yung di kya yung Php850.00, just make sure na maganda yung mga freebies…

  20. but of course, masarap pa din ung pakiramdam kung sa longest category mo makukuha ung medal. 21k finisher’s medal still feels the best.

  21. i wish they have a beneficiary for this. wouldnt you agree that if only it was for charity it wouldnt be as hard to pay 850. even if it is ridiculously oober expensive.

  22. In fairness, too dear for the minimum wage earners, pero di namin palalampasin ang event na ito, since we love running. Inclusive kaya ito ng lootbag. Saka lahat ba, AS IN LAHAT PATI KULELAT RUNNERS like me ay entitled sa medal?

  23. I know sa 21k talagang meron but sa 10k din ba? oo nga, sino ba entitled sa medal? yung first 50 finishers or 100 or 200? Pano nga yung mga kulelat na tulad ko din na pang 201st or 301st??? LOL!!!!

  24. My wife and I will join this race. It is still a long way to save from our earnings until the registration ends. I have high hopes for the medals' design as well as the design and quality of singlets. In totality, P850 is reasonable investment of every runner or feel sorry for letting this annual event pass by.

  25. I will definitely save up for this event. If they can hold true to the quality of the race, then I guess the P850 would be worth it. So far all KOTR events have been great. There have been several running events this year which although the participation fees were cheap, turned out to be a real disappointment. Races did not start on time, distances were significantly inaccurate, no timing chip, unsafe race course, chaotic finishlines, not enough marshals, etc just to name a few. As they say, you get what you pay for.

    And I’m sure everyone agrees that the Adidas KOTR singlets have always been of the best quality compared to that of other running events. Original Adidas fabric eh! Besides, I don’t join a lot of running events. Para makatipid, I save my money and join only those that have a good track record.

  26. when you say buffet it means na pwedeng mag 2nd round? hehe. are 21K finisher will get the medal? baka dito ko tumakbo ng 21K for the first time, sana my medal lahat ng finisher.

  27. Ndi nga, no beneficiaries? :-O Yeah, mahal nga, I think enough lang ung 600 even with timing chip and buffet. Most expensive na run ko tong sasalihan in case :-/

    Also, based on last year's run, ndi rin nmn masyado organized, mas ok pa rin ung mga runrio events. I hope KOTR improves this year, knowing the price is steep as well.

  28. @Gdawg,

    well yung last year's kotr is far from perfect din naman. daming issue sa pagregister and claiming of singlets. race day na marami pang walang singlets and nagkaubusan ng sizes. also, sablay din yung 5km event because hindi nasunod yung map and nalito yung marshalls. turned out almost 6k yung naging distance. pero syempre adidas pa rin eh so sali pa rin tayo. hehehe.

  29. adidas and mayon trail run sched coincides, both oct 24, nonetheless, me and my friends will register to both runs.. we like the singlet pack of adidas though we will run for the mayon trail.. hehehe.. kudos!

  30. Mga kasamahan kong tumatakbo hindi naman tayo pinipilit ng KOTR na tumakbo kung sa tingin niyo mahal yung registration may choice naman tayong hindi tumakbo. Pero kung talagang love niyo ang pagtakbo gagawa kayo ng paraan para makag-ipon ng P 850 o kaya tumakbo na lang kayo sa ibang lugar na walang bayad. Sobrang ganda nung singlet last year ang daming umaarbor pagsuot ko sana this year maganda din. Sana meron din registration sa Adidas Market! Market! salamat po

  31. got my kit already but not too impressive for an 850 registration fee and i also did not received the reflective strap and the timing chip only the timing strap

  32. Warning lang guys, avoid registering sa adidas the Mall of Asia, napakatanga ng nagaasikaso, at super bagal pa.

    naghigpit pa sa waiver, kailangan daw ng ID, bago iprocess ang registration, pero later on sabi niya okay lang kung may ilagay na number (eh paano niya maveverify na tama ang nilagay na number). i don't see the point why they would make the registration process more difficult. the waiver is not valid any way pag may negligence sila.

  33. @john virgino, Hi what's the no they are asking for?I also encountered a similar incident involving adidas glorietta, i was asking a very simple question of kung pwede humingi ng more that 1 reg. form, the store crew replied, hindi po pwede reservation, sabi ko humihingi lang ako ng reg form. Hay naku, this is like a sign of worse things to come up to the event, i hope not coz so far this is the most expensive running event i've joined in so far.

  34. not so expensive run for me. I got my race kit for 100% free because of the adination of runners passport. Had my registration in ATC.

  35. If you're registering for 5K and 10K, I advice you to proceed to Gateway. If you have bunch of applications that include 21 K, there are still race packs in Trinoma. There are no 21 K race packs in Gateway but there are still a few available ones in Trinoma. I just observed that the texture of the singlets is inferior to the ones on their shelves. If my finances would permit me so, I'll buy one blue adidas singlet and use it in the event. Anyway, I can still use it in my future runs.

  36. just registered. i will have to agree with the rest that 800 just went to the singlet. i was expecting a nice time band but just saw a stick on strap **sigh**

    the run packages were only delivered a few hours before the adidas boutique's opening so the stocks were not yet audited. the registration process was not organised **sigh**

    oh well.. at least i'll be running on the 24th :)

  37. @john virgino. Hey tnx! Good thing you took action on that matter. Ang weird talaga to ask for an ID???? for what???? and you're right waiver of liability will not free them from any future negligence. He he, fearing of another Milo part 2 controversy……

  38. @Alexskywalker. Is this the regular username that you use in the pinyofitness forum or just recently changed it???? Coz your tone of uncalled for yabang sounds familiar with another alexs i encountered before……

  39. Hi, i would like to trade my KOTR LARGE singlet to MEDIUM. My wife got the wrong size when she registered me while i was out of the country.Please text or call… 09279768968… cheers!

  40. i SUPER DUPER AGREE!!! with Cristy!! hindi rin pinag isipan ang singlet parang nag spray lang ng KOTR… not satisfied with it…

  41. gateway is closed but libis is still open. however, they only have mens xl and 2xl singlet left. I still registered since you are not really required to wear the singlet as long as you wear your bib.. Would be nice if you wear the singlet too, but i cant wear xl .. too big :-)

  42. any store na open pa for registration?
    i’ve been to gateway and shangri-la — oh no! closed na. i’ve been calling to the hotlines kaso milo ang sumagot… argh! please please please! help poh for 2 slots for 5K. thanks in advance

  43. Guys, isama nyo naman ako sa takbo nyo. Mag-isa lang ako sa event na ‘to. Hehe.

    email ad/YM: pinakapangetnanilalang @ yahoo dot com

    Thank you!


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