Brooks Run Happy 2011 – Race Result Discussions and Photos

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Congratulations to those who participated and conquered the Brooks Run Happy that happened on May 22, 2011. Race Results and Photo Links will be available here once the organizers released them.

View Online Race Results:
Brooks Run Happy 2011 – Online Race Results

For now please feel free to share your comments and feedback about this event here. Let’s have a healthy discussion

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  1. -edited – big time :(

    1. Late start
    2. Too little too few water stations
    3. No distance marker
    4. RFID tags are almost useless – no mid checkpoints
    5. Finisher’s medal?? Does it look like one?

    Next time? Not again :(

  2. the run is okay, nice singlet ang gaan sa katawan. see u next year. Sulit na din. lalo na dun sa mga placer. RUN(ran) HAPPY :)

  3. the feedback i got is somehow mixed but generally leaning towards to an “UNHAPPY” run. an acquaintance even DNF because of the “bad” water and the scorching sun due to the late gunstart

  4. poorly organized race. late gunstart, lack of hydration along the route inspite of hot weather, no kilometer markings.

  5. late gunstart, poor hydration, no kilometer markings, lootbags a lot of paper inside. poor preparation they need to make it up for the runners few martials

  6. Runhappy? 30 minutes late gunstart? I guess the organizer wanted the sun smiling on everybody’s face.Hehe! Though I had my nice P.R. yet the race failed to deliver the basic necessities in running– Late gunstart (runners had their early warm up run and stretching 30 minutes before the race, in short “lumamig na kami”), poor hydration system (hydration staff is on its panic mode while refilling water in disorganized manner), poor distance markings (how many kilometers left??!),few martials (cheaters won the race, checkpoint isn’t well secured and even distribution of checkpoint lace isnt organized), post race kit (filled with so many papers..we understand that these are sponsors but wag naman gawing file folder and loot bag)..but anyway despite these glitches..I enjoyed the run and after all Runners have no choice but to finish the race happy and strong..

  7. boooooooo!!!!!! poor hydration-no electrolytes, no distance markings, lack of martials, super late gunstart!!!!!
    medal is unique pero cheap, buti na lang maganda the organizers pls make it better next there’s always room for improvement :)
    yun lang po bow

  8. poorly organized race, late start. lot bag contains nothing but paper. even bottled water is a rare specie after the race.

  9. Was it just me or was the 3k run not actually 3k? It felt like 1k to me. There were no distance markings so we had no idea if we went the wrong way. Late gunstart — the sun was up when the race started so it felt WARM — then the water stations had WARM water, which did not help at all. The whole event seemed disorganized from the beginning. Even the delivery of the race kits were delayed, and this was not communicated to the runners — what happened to all the phone numbers that you got from us upon registration?) We go through a lot of trouble to register, to fill out forms, to pick up race kits … the organizers should have respect for people’s time. If you commit to deliver at a specific time, you must deliver. The only saving grace is the nice singlet.

  10. yung finisher’s wooden medal lang nakakagulat parang toy lang at walang naka specify kung anong category yung tinakbo.

  11. late ang gunstart, no kilometer markings and medal na parang wala lang. hydration was adequate. nagkaubusan nga lang ng pocari sweat sa booth nila.

  12. Napahalo na yun 10k runners sa 15k runners nun magstart…did the d-tags worked? Kasi I did not here any sound when i passedby the start/finish line

  13. so meron palang pocari sweat?? i even did not noticed that…puro water lang ako. tsk..tsk..tsk..just want to say… this is a not so HAPPY BROOKS run because of a very late gunstart, very few marshalls and a very disappointing medal.

  14. im disappointed =( lack of hydraton station, no kilometer markings and the worst, LATE GUNSTART!!! sayang first 15 km ko pa naman.

  15. I made a wrong choice, sana dun na lang ako sa Greentenial tumakbo. I can use the medal as a reminder na Brook ay maganda lamang na pang takbo….

  16. Sobrang nakaka asar ung mga nag bibigay ng tubig parang hindi handa.. Nanonood sa natakbo kung kelan may lumapit na runner tsaka lang mag aabot ng tubig! Worst pa ang init ng tubig hindi man lang malamig.. Maganda lang singlet pero the run proper -edited-! Sana next year wag naman ganyan!

  17. 1) late gunstart, which drew several boos from the crowd;
    2) hydration stations OK, in fact some marshals were already offering us glasses of water at some stations, but not a single glass of energy drink available for the runners in the 15k category
    3) the supply of pocari sweat after the race quickly ran out
    4) the marshals and even the traffic enforcers were helpless against cars who refused to heed calls for them to stop while runners were crossing in some intersections
    5) it was easy for some 15k runners to cheat, if there were any (but i guess, wala naman) because they were not given ribbons at the U-turns, only the 10k runners were given ribbons
    6) no kilometer markings

    Lesson learned: stick to well-organized races -edited-

  18. I did 15 mins for the 3k walking most of it ! No signs and marshalls directing us to do a u turn after 8mins !! Total shambles !!

  19. The run was okay, wala naman ako masyadong angal, basta ang sakin lang I need to beat my previous record sa 10k ko. Nakakabadtrip lang yung karamihan ng sumali nung kuhanan ng Pocari Sweat e dinumog yung booth di marunong magsipila mga demanding pa. Yung iba kararating lang nagdedemand pa. Ang angal ko lang dito yung kilometer markings, pero that made my run exciting kasi binase ko nalang sa time ko e. Sa loot bag naman okay lang, di naman ako nag-expect ng maraming freebies. Masaya din yung raffle kahit di ako nanalo. :)

  20. Grabe! ang organizer,late nag start, ang layo ng hydration station and worse..yung 3k..ang gulo, wlang nag marshal at mali ang instruction..pinabalik kagad kami sa finish line.poor event!

  21. this was my 10K run. Ofcourse like everyone else i love the singlet. As for the hydration sites distances was okay. It not being cold is good. It allows u to absorb it faster. . Late gunstart was caused by Crystal clear. They arrived late so set up was not finished before 5:30. One thing i didn’t like really was the no kilometer marks and the poor lootbags.

  22. Made the wrong choice too! As much as we (the runners) want to start early because of the heat of the sun, they started sooo late! Route specially for 3k was so disorganized! My friends got so pissed off! This is an UNHAPPY Run! Marshalls WAKE UP!

  23. @ mia macaraig, yes may pocari sweat, ice na lang inabutan ko kaya yelo na lang ginamit ko para mapawi yung init. konti na nga lang tumakbo hindi pa nabigyan lahat.

  24. tsaka nakakaawa yung dalawang pretty models. ginawa silang mascot dun sa backdrop ng brooks. nakabilad sila sa araw. baka naging nognog na sila kanina.

  25. everything was disorganized from the registration to the actual run itself.
    i registered at the block. we were told that the singlet (which was by the way as most say, dazzling) will be made available the next day of your registration. the next day, when i went there after work, i was surprised that the booth prematurely closed at 6am pa lang. point is, they set this and that but do otherwise. ang gulo!
    so we were told to go to runnr na lang. fortunately, we got the race kits, pero when we double checked it, the bib number indicated was different from the number in the D-Tag! i don’t know if some runners noticed that. pag nagkataon, pagdating ng result, you might be looking at data made by other runners dahil nga nagkapalitpalit yung mga D-Tags.
    on the day of the run, super late nagstart, the sun was already shining high when all the categories started. super layo ng water station. and the lootbag, well, i don’t really expect some extravagant freebies.

  26. walang laman lootbag ko. puro brochures… lamang! may bandana pala. sabi ng nagpapamigay e first 200 lang daw ata na lootbag ang malaman. di man lang priority ang 15 k. lalo na ung mga nahuli e parang wala nang nakuhang KAHIT ANO. late start. hot. no distance markers. singlet lang talaga maganda.

  27. nice race route.. di paikot ikot.. got my PR.. yehey to me..

    to the organizers.. please be early and be organize next time!!!

    Run Happy!!!

  28. For me, ok naman ung race….
    Negative feedbacks:
    1.imported ung brand, pero super
    filipino time, guys, if you notice,
    4am naka sulat sa brown envelope
    pero ot started past 6 na.
    2. Kawawa ung mga nag 3k, ive heard
    a lot of comments, na nagkagulo gulo
    daw ung ruta nila… Dami dw na disapoint
    3. Wlang naka indicate na mga kilometer
    sign, di ko tuloy alam kung kelan ko
    itotodo speed ko, haha bagal ko tuloi
    4. Natawa ako sa medal! Haha
    pinilet ko pang sumali frend ko kc mag
    kakamedal sya, tapos ganun lng pla

    its time for positive feedbacks!
    1. Brooks singlet— super panalo
    bawing bawi mo na ung binayad mo!
    Mas maganda naman ung brooks
    singlet kesa greentennial
    2. The fort pa rin preferred venue ko,
    for me, mas accessible na, mas mgnda
    pa ambiance.
    3. Thankful pa rin ako, kc di ako naligaw
    5k kc ako, nung nasa run for japan,
    napahalo ako sa 10k, wala man lng
    marshal n najapansin. Hehe
    4. One of the highlights of my week.
    This is my 4th marathon this year
    ive just started ths year, next month,
    preparing for my first 10k.
    See you guys!

  29. i gave to agree with the water stations. ang layo nakalocate nung water stations and the water was warm pa, di man lang cold. walang energy drinks along the way.
    race started out really late kaya super init na nung tumatakbo kami. loot bags puro brochure yung laman. :(

    the singlets and the medals were the only stand-outs sa race.

  30. Sorry to hear what happend here @Brooks. another friend of mine who ran here was also pissed off.
    me and my other run friends all had great time over @Greentenial! super FUN! we even saw some Brooks runners at our event…weird, but wow! maybe from BGC, they ran all the way to ASEANA City, hehe!

  31. over at the GREENTENIAL Run, we had unlimited POCARI SWEAT bottles! was able to take home some for my sister…

  32. 1. Very Late start
    2. Unorganized
    3. Lots of U-turns and quick turns
    4. warm water
    5. limited portalets

    overall I think the organizers failed to prepare early – because when we arrived at 5 am, booths were not prepared, markers were not yet set, no hosts guding the runners on the status of the race, no warm up for the runners… overall it was a badly organized run

    Pros: it was cheap and the singlet was nice

  33. A nice singlets and raffle prizes save the day. In running event, pinoy runners strictly observed time,become aware of distance,route and markers. Hydration is a big deal. Brooks make a run next year a happy run indeed, u can make it, smile.

  34. i ran 15k para sa akin ok naman ang hydration. nag skip pa nga ako ng stations kase parang ang lapit lang nila sa isat isa. masyadong beybi lang ang ibang runners ayaw ma arawan, gusto lootbags, gusto parang fiesta,gusto energy drinks. oks na ang tubig sa 15k.

  35. the event is okay… it wasn’t on time… but look at the bright side we had a chance to go under heat training and likely you’ll be running more efficient on your next run. . Let’s not whine about the freebies, C’mon this is about fitness not getting freebies… might as well join in willing willie show if you want freebies.

    What needs improvement is hydration.

  36. There is no excuse for the poorly organized Brooks event:

    * late, late, late start!!!
    * small water stations, warm water, sometimes no water at all!
    * no energy drink
    * no km markers
    * few marshalls; our 3k runners should get a refund!
    * limited portalets
    * funny medal
    * loot bag or just bag? where’s the loot? haha!

    Race Organizer: Adrenaline Multi-Sport

    Sorry for brooks for choosing this organizer, very bad impression for the brand; hey, nice singlet, however…

  37. @Ian Carlo, un pong “marathon” ginagamit lang po sa 42. distance.hindi po sa 5k :)( kapag natakbo mo un marathoner ka na.)

  38. paano na lang kaya kung hindi maganda ung singlet? paano na lang kaya kung may mag-complain directly sa Brooks/US about the race?

    @ms_mars, pocari was LIMITED at greentennial. i was about to get a bottle but they’ve ran out already. considering that 7 of my team mates wasn’t able to run yesterday

  39. actually, brooks provided the runners expectations on the singlet ‘coz same yung quality ng samples sa actual singlet that they gave. brooks made a mistake in hiring Adrenaline Multisport Group as an organizer. all the problems that occurred during the run was the fault of the organizer.

  40. runhappy?no!no!no!late gun start, the reason why I run faster than before maybe because of the rising sun..hahaha!napabilis takbo ko ah in fairness

  41. Good day runners. We are still verifying the ranking. There were a number of runners who may have ran a different category versus that of their registered distance. We would like to provide you the accurate ranking per category. Official results with rankings will be released soon. Please bear with us. Thank you

  42. The run is over! Damage has been done and we can’t do anything about it. I just don’t understand why can’t they start on time or a lil bit earlier (even the other fun runs)? Like the last category should run at about 5:40 or 5:45.

  43. Iisa lang Adevents at adrenaline palpak mag organize AdEvents ang humawak sa PSE Bull run yan din ang mga tao miske sa timing kaya brooks idemanda ninyo yan or wag ninyo bayaran…..

  44. Isn’t it ironic?It is supposed to be happy run as the title suggested,but hey look,runners are not happy the way organizer handled it(based on my experience et al..).Brooks has to rectify it so that it won’t happen again next run( I suppose it will be held annually just like the other prestigious run we have already).I suggest they look for better organizer…there is always room for improvement,look at it in a positive perspective.I hope to run again next year and still hoping it will be very different story.

  45. Two things that come to my notice in the comments ,1. Warm water. The idea of the water is to re-hydrate not for a social drink ! If your are thirsty you will drink anything be it warm or cold,!
    2. The pocari sweat .This is courtesy of the sponsors,it is not your given right to demand a bottle or moan that you couldnt get one. If you keep on complaining then the sponsors will withdraw their kind sponsorship ,what i saw at the Pocari stand was terrible when the actual runners entered the tent and were actually stealing the drinks ! Very sad,Criticise the organisation of the run not the sponsors gifts

  46. masyadong late nag start, parang Run unhappy yung na experience ko. halos nangitim na ako sa init. bawi lang sa singlet. sabi may loot bag daw, eh puro papel ang laman. bag lang hindi loot bag ang binigay. sana di na maulit.

  47. Very late gun start.
    Very few people manning the water stations. A few had to buy water at ministop or 7/11.
    No distance markers.
    No portalets along the race route.
    Finishers kit just contained hand sanitizer. No water.
    But, hey, great singlet!
    Still happy….somehow.

  48. Hi! Just a few points.

    The water stations were unable to fairly serve the needs of the runners. I had a first hand experience of drinking from the water gallons using my hands as there were no longer any available cups at the water station at the end of the Skyway. Hey! it was ok since I had no other choice but some of the runners chose not to drink anymore. Hydration stations should be of primary importance. Second, the event started way behind the scheduled time. We were there as early as 5am and others were even earlier. There was already a clamor among the runners to such extent that they did countdowns prior to the gun start. Third, there were no kilometer marks.

    Anyway, if there was any consolation, the singlet was a-ok.

  49. the 3k runners got lost and most of them didn’t finish the race, due to wrong directions…OMG! this is one of the most disappointing event EVER! i ran 5k and there were people shouting and who were really MAD while we were running cz they were supposed to be in the 3k category and were mislead by the signs… too disorganized.. and the water at the water station is not even cold.. then it started soooooooo LATE konti na lang heat stroke na aabutin mo. super palpak this event ever. please don’t do this again, kawawa naman ang mga runners plus we all paid for this, we ran UNHAPPY.

  50. I registered under the 3K category and boy did I regret it. When we were in between Serendra and High Street, the marshalls were shouting at the runners to go back at the starting line because the 3K runners were on the wrong route. There were no signages or whatsoever to guide us, I was perhaps at the middle of the running batch and we were all following the route provided. The marshall even informed that we will be starting again and only to realize that they already set up the finish line (of course!)

    Apart from that, the run started very late with no provided reason. Since it’s summer, it became very hot already when the 3K runners started the run and it was really untolerable. No ample water stations were present, and there was clearly lack of preparation.

    I am not happy at all.

  51. I thought Brooks Run do not have registration on site as what the in-charge told us in Trinoma..I got mad during the time of registration. Another is the schedule of getting my singlet..from Rizal to Trinoma..i saw a lots of singlet and yet they do not like to dispose it..i was so mad at that time,,the in-charge was so strict.I like to see the singlet but she told me to dont touch anything on the plastic bag wherein you can see the size of the singlet..but I already paid my registration..Im not satisfied but what makes me smile is the singlet..during the race.I was shocked when I look at my loot bags..gosh..pieces of paper..huh..

  52. I’m from Baguio and was excited to run the brooks run happy kasi my first run there was the goldilocks run and i was satisfied on how well organized the race was. Then ito na, yung Brooks run happy. I arrived around 5:30am, akala ko 10k na ung mga nasa starting lane.. yun pala 15k. So i thought it was the second wave. Yun pala hindi pa nagsisimula!! It was funny because they were starting to chant runrio and 5-4-3-2-1 eeekkk!!! hehehe.. I joined the 10k so the supposed to be 5:40 became 6:05 am??!!!! Very disappointing indeed kasi half way after the 2.5 turning point sa may skyway almost exhausted na ako kasi sobrang init na and you could literally feel the heat of the road na pumapasok sa sapatos mo.. Half way point I was on the brink of giving up because I can’t stand the heat of the sun PLUS!!!! every turning point wala man lang 5k left.. 3k left.. as in wala.. So i’d rather run on a slow pace just to finish the race, takot ako ma-heat stroke.. plus!! i rarely use the water stations but this was the only race where i refilled my hydration belt for 3 times. I almost feel my frustration kasi sobrang taas na ng araw. And, almost the last few hundred meters sa race meron nag-faint na babae.. biro mo, malapit na siya sa finish line (malamang because of heat exhaustion). Pampalubang loob lang ung magandang singlet, but if i only knew this will happen sana sa Greentenial nalang sana ako sumali.

    To the race organizers, here are a few lessons that you need to fix:

    1. Be prompt on the gun time, 20-25mins difference is huge! Kayo kaya tumakbo na sobrang taas na ng araw.

    2. Every crucial points should have a distance indicator kung ilan kms left.

    3. Water stations.. very poor.. yung iba magkakatabi tapos ung iba sobrang layo. Dapat you already have identified cruial spots where water stations should be placed.

    4. I’ve noticed that baggage stations and claiming of race kits are not organized. Walang signage na nakalagay sana “Finishers Kit claiming area”. Literal na pupuntahan mo ung tent just to see kung anu ung binibigay nila.

    5. Loot bag, hehe.. bakit puro papel? And iba iba ang laman. Yung kasama ko may nakuhang panyo eh 5k lang sinali niya.. ako 10k pero wala. pati mga discount coupon ung iba wala.. I think hindi rin organized ung distribution ng loot bags..

  53. my running friends and i were at GreeNTeniAL last Sunday simultaneous with Brooks. i understand where all you guys are coming from with all these very similar feedbacks from each runners.

    one thing very notable we noticed in our venue were a handful of Brooks runners who showed up, ran for GreenteniAL too! and one even had a Bib ShoutOut at the back that said, “IM LOST!”
    not sure if they ran 5K or 16K? so these guys came all the way from BGC to Aseana City! Amazing Race?! ;)

  54. i’ve seen the results of the 3K category, nasa 10 minutes lang ang time ng halos lahat ng runners. are the results accurate or dahil ba ito sa confusion na nangyari sa route ng 3K category?

  55. i’ve seen the results of the 3k category. parang nasa 10 minutes ang average time ng most of the runners. are the results accurate or dahil ba ito sa confusion na nangyari sa route ng 3k category?

  56. puro sticker ang laman ng loot bag. kanya kanya kuha ng tubig sa ibang water station. late gun start at marami ang naasar… no markers at kulang ang marshals.. buti na lang maganda ang singlet… hope that you improve it the next time you organize a fun run. dapat walang aberya…

  57. Booo talaga…..i got sick bec. of heatstroke. Good thing di me nag-effort too much to run, i did a longer walk bec. i was so nauseaus due to the sun’s heat. Then only to find out at the finish line wooden medal ang ibibigay ha ha ha! Baka sa wooden medal ako mag collapse sa inis at kakatawa.

  58. Singlet for Brooks – you paid and run it for your personal ; while the singlet for the Greentennial – you paid and run it for the beneficiary of the event. Therefore, you can’t compared the purpose of the singlet. That is the reason i choose to run for Greentennial. I was able to accomplished something for myself and also able to help a foundation which my money is worth to spend.

    Great run

  59. I agree that the late gunstart was terrible. Only one portalet in sight for men? Gee wee where ever you can then. I improved on my PR for the 15k by 9 mins. But I could not help thinking it may have been better by 3 to 8 minutes more if the sun was still low when we started. In all the races I’ve joined, I can say with some confidence that races run at M.O.A. and Alabang tend to start promptly. And none of the races I’ve joined in BGC started on time. Will I join this year’s Urban Ahtlete run? No. Last year it was bad. Late start too. Not enough portalets too. Obstacles too easy. The only highlight was the water truck that sprayed a fountain of water on the sidewalk for people to cool down.

    My next run will be with Merrell in San Mateo Rizal. A 10k trail run that I am confident will start on time.

  60. Good thing I chose to run at the Greentennial Half Marathon which was somehow a satisfying run on a new route… but maganda sana ung singlet ng brooks hehe

  61. after all… tama lang na run happy ang title ng brooks… tingnan nio ung mga medal nio!!! matatawa ka db? kakaiba sa lahat ng naging medal nio!!! sya lang ang medal na kahoy na, nakangiti pa!!! hahaha… RUN.HAPPY!!!!! i really like the brooks singlet! singlet plng, sulit na regstration fee eh,,,, aminin nio na din… tama naman db? ^_^

  62. @ white lady… thanks for correcting me…
    haha…. and for the benefit of all….
    ung word na marathon pala ay pang 42.195kilometers lang….. haha
    pag 5k, 10k or 15k…. hindi pala un marathon…. haha,,,, takbo lang un… hehe ^_^

  63. well what can i expect from the organizers of the brooks “unhappy” run…late gunstart and disorganized race so no wonder the photos will also be delayed…goodluck!

  64. Cons:
    -Disorganized baggage depository
    -late start
    -a total of 4 portalets for all runners
    -not one signage for 3k runners along the route
    -not one marshall along the route who knows the 3k route (yes 3k runners, it was less than 3km. We (lead pack) got lost at the corner of 11th & 32nd; Marshalls made us turn back but we knew it was way too short for a turn-around. Run until Fully Booked then returned to 11th & 32nd only to find the rest of the 3k runners coming. So we just run to the finish.
    -warm water (had time to drink while waiting for info from a route marshall on the 3km route)
    -the finish was right around a corner (its always best to have a long straight run leading to the finish for that final kick)
    -chutes per race distance at the finish (we had strider strips right? So why the chute? Can’t get the logic for this. The location of the finish line also made this chutes dangerous since runners criss crossed just when they’re at their fastest)
    -Wooden finisher medals. Its not at all creative, its cheap!
    -Loot bag. Its nothing but paper. Really now, where’s the loot?

    -Quality singlet.
    -The motorcycle escort knew the route by heart (unfortunately, only the top men were able to keep up with him. The rest of us 3k runners got left behind when we were swallowed up by the tail end of the 5k runners and the vehicles on the serendra side of 11th Ave; eventually got lost with the wrong directions given by the marshalls at 11th & 32nd.)

    Brooks Philipppines, you chose the wrong people to handle your race.

  65. Chineck ko lang ngayon kung meron ng race photos, so far wala pa, okay lang madelay yun pero ang kinaiinis ko lang napalitan bigla yung record ko sa race results, I clearly saw yung record ko nung wala pang names, kasi bib nos. lang yung unang nilabas tapos nung naglagayan na ng names yung record ko nadelay ng 30minutes, wth e. Disappointed talaga ko. Oh well.

  66. To BROOKS RUN HAPPY Organizer/s:

    Saw the 10K race results today, JUN10 (by Itemhound?).
    The correct BIB# issued to me is #1236. So the BIB# should be registered under my name and so with the electronic RFID Tag(?) issued, right?
    I noticed that my name appeared in another BIB# with race result of 1:16:16 (10K).
    The official results under BIB#1236 is 0:59:50 (10K).
    At the FINISH line on the day of the race, I noticed that my 10K time is 1:08:++ as the digital time is being flashed on the board. So, I presumed that my official race results is 1:08:++.

    One more thing, in the summary lists of the 10K race results, my name did not appear under the correct BIB# you officially issued to me. My name appeared in another BIB# that does not belonged to me..!!
    Sorry, kailangang sabihin namin ang mga ito sa inyo, for you guys to correct….i hope…

    GOOD LUCK sa next fun-run ninyo that you are going to organize…

  67. di na ako aasa na maitama pa ung race results ko. mali ang race bib number at race results ko. disappointed because this was my 1st 5K run. i clocked in at 34 minutes pero nasa race results 46 minutes something at ayun sa race results, naunahan pko ng sister ko ng 10 minutes. lol. eh hinintay ko pa nga sya after i crossed the finish line. tsk tsk.

  68. ang gulo…walang tamang result…anu ba yang patakbo na to ,,sa susunod wala ng tatakbo sa event ng brooks ..mada-dala na .

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