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Rescue Run Update

It isn't a race. There are no race timing chips, no souvenir t-shirts, no swag bags, no finishers medals, no prize money. THE RESCUE RUN is open to all athletes, their families and friends. Anyone who is willing to help the typhoon victims while getting a few minutes of exercise.

Typhoon Ondoy… Looking for Volunteers, Relief Goods and Donations

It is still fortunate that I am still able to write this post at this time... I have my own stories to tell, but stories can come later. People need our help now. If you are willing to volunteer, or are willing to donate for those in need of Relief Goods, click on the link below, it contains all the places where you can go and help. https://spreadsheets.google.com/lv?key=tBMVeBvbdAtYRaRB6ErFWnA&toomany=true