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Aquaman Aquathlon 2018 in PhilSports Arena

Aquathlon has long been considered as the perfect stepping stone for triathlon. The Aquaman Aquathlon 2018 is designed for athletes who are just starting to get their multi-sport feet wet and are not yet that comfortable with their bike handling skills.

Mom and Me Fun to Be Fit – March 15, 22...

Keeping fit and healthy starts in the home. Kids need physical activity to build strength, coordination, and confidence and it is the parent’s responsibility to lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. This can't be done any better than engaging in physical activities with them as a new family routine.

Pinoy Fitness Events Calendar FREE Download – April 9, 2010

Pinoy Fitness Events Calendar Updated on April 9, 2010 which includes list of fitness activities up to November 2010.

Outdoor Parents – Outdoor Kids Book

I still remember the days when I spend most of my childhood outdoors, playing cops-and-robbers, patintero, cycling in Luneta, swimming in Rizal Memorial, Jogging with my dad... But lately when I see kids, they are mostly spending time with their XBox, PS3, they are even immersed playing with their PSP in Malls.

Corregidor Aquathlon Challenge

Race at the historic site of Corregidor! The Corregidor Aquathlon Challenge is a 400m swim, 7km run, 400m swim race coursing through the island dubbed...