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CPF Half Marathon 2023 in Clark Pampanga

Run for a Cause, Run for Life: The CPF Half Marathon isn't just about setting personal records—it's a rally for meaningful change

I’m Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: The Katherine Kay Story

"I'm comfortable being uncomfortable," Katherine's mantra that kept her going, symbolizing her belief in herself and her determination to overcome her challenges.

ECOFEST Run: Striding Towards Sustainability

MNL City Run presents EcoFest Run: Striding Towards Sustainability, an event featuring a special 1km Dog Run for an eco-conscious and positively delightful experience.

A Rewarding Stay at The Bellevue Resort: An Invitation to Bohol...

The Bellevue Resort in Bohol extends a warm invitation to all participants of this year's Bohol International Marathon – The Life Run, celebrating life, fitness, and the human spirit.

Paradigm Shift: A Journey of Transformation

Shedding 26 lbs and revitalizing her mental well-being, Gel's story is a beacon of hope, proving that it's never too late to renovate your life through fitness.