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Runner’s Review: Fort Running Festival 2010

The Fort Running Festival is a small but definitely well attended, well organized and fun event. There were other races lined up on this clear weathered Sunday morning but I’m definitely glad that I joined this event! I signed up for 10K and had a great time throughout the route. Here are some points that are worth mentioning...

Fort Running Festival 2010 – Race Map and Gun Start

For those participating in the upcoming Fort Running Festival on October 17, 2010, download the Race Map here for your reference.

The Fort Running Festival – October 17, 2010

A fun filled run to organized by MLB Road Race Specialist that features categories such as 5K family of four, 5K BIG-Atin (men and women), 10K Province of Origin, and 21K Philippine Running Team Championship. Surely an event worth catching to be held at the Fort on October 17, 2010.