A Calorie Countdown of Your Noche Buena Favorites


It is an undeniable reputation of Filipinos that we start celebrating Christmas way too early (which is honestly not that hard to expect from a generally happy people). We love the Christmas season so much, we get so giddy and excited to the point that malls end up overtaken by garlands and holly, Christmas carols sung by Jose Marie Chan echo in every establishment, and presents are bought and wrapped as early as September. Not that we’re complaining.

And who could honestly blame us? There is much to love about Christmas. There’s the chill in the otherwise, warm, tropical air, you get to receive presents, relatives from far and wide gather to laugh and share stories, and of course, there’s also the delicious food at Noche Buena.

All of it making it hard to resist forgetting all your worries and cares, and even your diet and training for a little while.

You’ve worked hard and you were good, and you stuck to your training/diet regimen all year. Yes, you deserve a break, and no one should be denying you of it. But just in case you were wondering how many calories you’ll need to burn after the holiday, we’ve compiled you guys a short list of Noche Buena feast must-haves, along with the amount of running you need to do in order to burn all the calories off:

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Based on the above values and what you plan to eat at Christmas Eve, how many kilometers will you be running on Christmas morning? Let us know in the comments!


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