5 Foods that Can Help You Lose Weight


Eating excessively will, definitely, make you fat. But, according to science, some food can actually help you slim down if eaten at a moderate amount. There are foods that are naturally linked to ‘increase in metabolism’, ‘good digestion’, etc. — all of which can help you lose weight.

Exercise and proper diet are still important aspects in shedding some pounds, but this list can help you achieve your goal in its own way. Check the list out:

For fat burning: Chili Pepper

Basically, anything spicy can fall under this category. If you thought the burning sensation in your mouth gives you nothing but pain, you’re wrong. The heat does more than that and goes all the way to your body, which can, ultimately, burn fats (thanks to a substance called ‘Capcaisin’).


For high fiber: Kale, Spinach, Etc.

Aside from getting other vitamins and minerals, these leafy greens have notably high fiber. This can help you feel full, thus reducing your appetite to eat some more. They’re packed with nutrients, so you would benefit from them even if you don’t eat additional meals.

For metabolism: Salmon

Fishes are always a good choice of meat. Salmon can be costly, but its nutritional value is worth paying for. This fish is high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which plays a big role in combating obesity and metabolic diseases, and iodine, which help the thyroid function normally. The thyroid is crucial to keep our metabolism in-check; without it, we may have a hard time burning the food to eat!

For good digestion: Kimchi

Yes, those red, spicy-sour vegetables you see in Korean BBQ places are actually healthy! Kimchi contains probiotics, which aid digestion. It has certain good bacteria that reduces fat mass, too! It now totally makes sense that these are included in the Korean menu—eating this, along with the samgyupsal, will digest your consumption properly.

For energy boost and magnesium source: Dark Chocolates

Dark Chocolates should be your go-to dessert. Despite the bitter taste, it can yield sweet rewards! These treats don’t increase your metabolism or burn fats naturally like the other foods mentioned; it actually boosts your energy and gives you magnesium (to maintain nerve and muscle function) which will inspire you to move more. Not to mention the fact that chocolates are good stress-relievers, so you would feel the joy in working out than usual.

There are more food that can do you good; you just have to be informed and always check out what you’re eating first. Remember: you don’t have to eat less, you have to eat smart.

Did any of these food surprise you with its benefits? What other food do you know should be on this list? Share this article and let us know!

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