Need a Running Buddy? TRY GRABRUN


Grab Run

Need a Running Buddy? TRY GRABRUN

Introducing GRABRUN! A service that can find you a Running Buddy to help you during your long runs.

GRABRUN will enable users to tap a single button and instantly find an available running buddy in the area (holding hands is optional), the app will also show your total run distance, speed, pace, calories burned and run route.

After the RUN, the App also can feature healthy dining options where you and your buddy can re-fuel.

How to Use the App:
1. Choose the GRABRUN option
2. Enter your distance
3. GRABRUN will show you all available runners in the area and their photo
4. Share Tracking Details with your friends or family


What do you think? Will it help you? Share your thoughts below!

NOTE: This is NOT a real service (YET) and is just a product of our imagination. It’s one of those things we talk about with the team in the office, because we think it would be fun if there’s really an app that can find you a running buddy.

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  1. Before kayo matapos, malalaman mo bigla na wala na yung mga gamit at pera mo. #budolbudol #PALAU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  2. Kulit nito hehehe…I’ll run with you for free…kung within UST area po kayo hehehe…pwede rin libreng nutri up milo and nilagang saba after the run hehehe…

  3. Suggestion
    GrabPartner para sa naghahanap ng boyfriend/girlfriend
    GrabDietBuddy para sa mga nag didiet
    GrabMaller para kasama mo mag malling kung ikaw ay nag iisa
    GrabYaya… Malaki demand dito… Marami nangangailangan ng yaya

  4. Baka eto na talaga ang tamang panahon para magpapayat at magkalovelife. Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone, mem.

  5. Lester Monton Palma be jan try mo oh, baka makahanap ka ng forever mo. Haha! Dba Kathleen Aemil Dela Cruz Bryks Que?

  6. Itzie Del Mundo lucky nga ba matatawag ang magiging running buddy mo? Hahaha surrender sya sa nuknukan! LOL U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  7. Well, Ms. Nangangaladkad U0001f61c hindi mo pa ko nakikita tumakbo… baka magulat ka, ikaw na makaladkad ko! U0001f601


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