5 Wedding Ideas For Running Couples


For many couples, running is an integral part of their relationship. It may be through running that they met or maybe it’s a shared love for running that keeps them in-sync. In such cases, a running-themed wedding may be the perfect way to start their “lifetime marathon”.

If you’re thinking of having such a wedding, then here are some ideas that you may want to incorporate into your special day:

1.) Wear your running shoes and race down the aisle with your “solemate”.

2.) Wedding invitation that looks like a race bib with the wedding date as the bib number.


3.) Kilometer marker on each seat row towards the finish-line

4.) Carbo-loading with a marathon-themed cake?

5.) Instead of doing your first dance, how about the first lap?

Got any cool wedding ideas to share? Leave a comment below!


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  2. Omg!!!
    We were just thinking and discussing this the other day na why not mag running-themed wedding kami sa Church wedding namin ni Kalbo?! Since nga na-aadict kami sa pagtakbo nowadays! Haha 😀🏃🏃🏃
    And then they have an article about it today???! 😱😱😱
    Thanks Pinoy Fitness this would be a great help! Ahihi 🙏❤❤❤

  3. HI! Can You give us the design elements of this collection to put in practice the theme? :) Thanks from Portugal!


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