Kennon Global Marathon @ Baguio – April 15, 2012


Are you already getting bored running the same flat course every Sunday? Then why not try uphill running? Why not try running on Kennon Road? Happening on April 15, 2012

Kennon Road will be the venue of the first Kennon Global Marathon, an annual event that is billed as the toughest yet most scenic and exhilarating of all marathons in the Philippines

Kennon Global Marathon
April 15, 2012 @ 6AM
Kennon Road
Organizer: Our race director is Ed Laureano, former middle distance runner of the Philippines and now athletic director of the University of Baguio.

Registration Fees:
21K – P750
8.5K – P650
5K – P550
3K – P450
– Each race packet will contain a singlet, a race bib number, a free shuttle coupon, race map, and uphill running tips.

Registration Venues:
– Baguio-based runners can now register at Tiong San Department Store on Harrison Road, Baguio City.
– Those in other areas can register at all LBC outlets starting March 1.


Contact Details:
Visit ->


  1. ^ gumihorunner

    oo nga sir, I checked their website parang 21k ang longest event.bakit marathon ang title..the kennon is 34km long. sana may 10k instead of 8.5k…I dont think uubra ako sa 21k nito baka himatayin ako at damputin sa bangin hehe..hehe kaya sana may 10k.

  2. @Gen Kun> Mam nice reading from your post. I wasn’t able to thank you personally after the Condura but your help to stand by me as my pacer means a lot to finish my first 42K while injured with IT Band syndrome. There’s still a bit pain but I was able to run a couple of miles already.

    I’ll be joining this one. When I visited LBC Alimall Cubao, staff there were not aware of this event. According to them,there was no notice from the LBC mgnt yet to accept applications for this race. Days are running, I don’t know if the organizers are really prepared for this. I just hope they are.

  3. @Barefootdaves: In addition, nagcoordinate ako sa branch office namin sa Baguio to inquire at Tiong San Dept store for the registration, nagreply sa akin yung branch manager namin na di din daw alam nung mga staff sa Tiong San yung event na Kennon Global Marathon. Bro, yung pinareserve ko na hotel sa, pinacancel ko na. I’m wasting precious time in this race. I really suspect that this event would possibly not pushed thru.

  4. @rotech, thanks for the advise. i directly coordinated with the inn where i am staying. might as well cancel it. baka masayang lang ang pagpunta ko or gawin ko na lang pasyal ang pag-akyat ko ng baguio, hehehe

  5. @gumihorunner: using marathon as title is for marketing purposes. just like using the word international in some races.
    @Rotech: thank you for sharing this information. race date and near but registration details seems questionable.

    Sorry about the delay in the registration. It just took us some time to complete some technical requirements.

    In the meantime, if you are based in Baguio City, registration is now in full swing at customer section of Tiong San Department Store Harrison, fronting Burnham Park.

    If you are in Manila or elsewhere, you may pay the registration fee at the bank account posted here, then email or fax the registration form and the deposit slip to, or fax it to our partner advertising agency, Maverick Media Solutions, at (02) 687-7450.

    United Coconut Planters Bank
    Account No.- 201960001693
    Account name- Kennon Global Marathon Inc.
    Banco de Oro
    Account No.- 4158009215
    Account Name- Maverick Media Solutions Inc.
    Your race pack will be delivered to you through LBC.
    Again, sorry for the delay and for any inconvenience we have caused you.

  7. Good evening everyone. We are the organizer of this event. This is a marathon because we truly intend to make it 42km event — from Rosario, La Union all the way to Burnham Park. But since it is only our inaugural year, we’re starting with a 21k as the longest. Next year, we’re going for the real thing and we’ll live up as the only uphill full marathon in the Philippines.
    Our objective for this year is to have a race that everyone would truly enjoy. There were some kinks in the initial registration stages but they have been remedied now. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience anyone of you might have experienced.
    Those who are interested in running this event, you need not go to LBC anymore. The registration form is available for download at We have posted bank accounts there where you can pay your registration fees and email addresses/fax numbers where you can send your deposit slip and reg forms. After that, we’ll send you your race packs through LBC.
    I’ll keep you posted on the latest developments. Please check our website, too, for the latest partner hotels who are offering as much as 30 percent discount on accommodation.
    Thank you for your interest on Kennon Global Marathon. Hope to see you on April 15!

  8. One more thing pala. The word “global” in Kennon Global Marathon is not for marketing purposes. It is global because one of the goals of this event is to recognize the foreign nationals who contributed in building the historic Kennon Road. Not very many know that there are 46 nationalities who helped build this road from 1901 to 1905. Many were Japanese — about 2,600 — and many of them have stayed in Baguio. During the event’s ceremonial launch last Feb. 18, there were a couple of Filipino-Japanese young people who attended. They are already descendants of those who worked in Kennon Road.

  9. To the organizers> Now you’re in a hurry to invite everybody. You announced a March 1 date for registration at any LBC outlet and Tiong San, I personally went to LBC just to register only to find out that they are not aware of such registration. I even extended my effort to disturbing my officemates in Baguio for the Tiong San reg. site. Bakit parang kulang yata sa coordination at promotion ito? Sayang maganda pa naman. Alam niyo ba na ang Camsur Marathon as early as last year may campaign na? And yet you envisioned this event to become a major event? Konting tip, you have to plan in advance and be partner with running organizers who can deliver your vision to you. Thank you.

  10. Wow…Rosario, La Union…brings back memories of the Classic Individual Time Trial stage of the Marlboro Tour — Rosario La Union to Burnham Park!

    Good Luck to the Organisers.

  11. @Kennon Global Marathon organizer: i suggest that you ask philip pacle on how he successfully implemented metro manila-based registration areas during the baguio run 2011. race kits were provided to metro manila registrants upon arrival in baguio and the rest was a historic maiden baguio run.

  12. Thank you for all your valuable comments.
    We will have registration centers in selected Toby’s outlets starting April 1, with the race kits ready for pick up the same day you register.
    As for the comment about the Marlboro Tour, yes, indeed it brings back memories of the individual time trials from Rosario to Burnham. I covered several of them as a sportswriter in the ’80s, writing about Renato Dolosa, Placido Valdes, etal. Those experiences inspired this marathon.
    Thank you again. Hope to see you all on April 15!

  13. naku ano pong kaguluhan eto, anyway sasali pa din ako kahit 21K…tapos sa mga kapatid kong 42K runners, sa La Union yata meron sa May 19…Ku Ikaika Marathon, title pa lang iika ika na…dito sa Global baka hindi lang pilay abutin ko, pero subok lang…

  14. prizes for this has been doubled

    21k 1st Place-40,000
    2nd Place-30,000
    3rd Place-20,000

    Finishers Medal for 21K Finishers

    please visit: for more details about the race.

  15. too late the goodness.manila based runners have already registered for the earth run. dapat kasi ang orginizer nag sabi na kung ano ba talaga meron right at the very start. you now look “begging” for runners to join you. lol

  16. wala akong pakialam sa premyo! ang tanong eh maayos kaya itong race na ito? take note bagito yung race organizer kaya malamang magkaproblema.

  17. next week na pala ito katatapos lang ng semana santa.
    sana may matira pang mga boyz sa baguio.
    mahirap mag-isa pag malamig eh. :-(

  18. Hi I’m in Baguio right now and curious if there will be last-minute or on-site registrations. Also, what are the pick-up points and times of the shuttle?

  19. Just finished Kennon run buti na lang nakahabol n last minute reg sa Tiong San. I only ran 5k as a precautionary first uphill run but it still kicked my butt! We were ambushed by as much as 50 degree climbs! But when we got to the city, there were some big rewarding downhills. Going to try to join again next year. Good hydration medyo konti lang mga cups. Kenyans dominated as usual and took the 50k purse. Congrats all!

  20. Congrats to participants and organizers for a successful run, hope it will improved next year. Consider more welfare to most runners, sana meron din banana station and at least man lang 1 energy drink sa 21k runners hirap kaya umakyat hehehe. Another thing is hirap sumabay sa mga sasakyan na umaakyat, mausok, sana next year close na rin lane ng paakyat na vehicle..thanks..


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