We Love to Run and We Run for Love

Today, we live to run and run to live, for health, joy, and adventure, and for love, a love of just being together that sustained running.

How Joining the SUB1 10K Challenge Taught Me Humility

It was my first time to join the Sub1 10K Challenge this year. I crossed the finish line but I wasn't qualified for the Finisher’s Medal.

Up Close and Personal with Chris “Macca” McCormack

Up Close and Personal with Chris "Macca" McCormack by: Ria Cruz I was certainly surprised when Pinoy Fitness asked me to head to Under Armour Greenbelt...

My Story #1: Rizaldy Relativo

Growing up I’m always be on the heavy side, there is no single chance that my weight and BMI hit a normal level for my 5’6” frame...

The Power of the Pinoy Running Community

"We all maybe perfect strangers... but we run therefore we are friends."

Running To Be Our Personal Best

Do we run to lose ourselves or do we run to find ourselves? Running is dual in character, a means to find ourselves amidst the chaos that life brings and an opportunity finds our true selves at the same time.

How I Ran My First Marathon… While Pregnant

My marathon journey was a roller coaster ride. I cried so many times just thinking or dreaming of crossing the finish line. Guess what, I already have a photo of now an amazing reality. I could not have done this without the support of my family and running community.