Meet Sister Madonna Buder – The Iron Nun

When Sister Madonna Buder needed a little extra oomph to complete her first IRONMAN® World Championship triathlon in Hawaii...

5 Inspiring Moments at the Run United Philippine Marathon 2014

Here are 5 inspiring moments we captured are the recently concluded Run United Philippine Marathon that happened last October 5, 2014 presented by Unilab Active Health.

Niah at the Color Run Philippines for UNICEF

Some of us registered for the color powder, most of us joined for unicorn medal, but sometimes running is not always about the fun or the freebies, but an opportunity to help others who are in need.

It doesn’t matter where you begin, as long as you do...

This is how Jade took advantage of the pandemic quarantine to stay fit and get even healthier

Ralph Du: From Fat to Effin’ Fit

“Kapag gusto mo ang isang bagay, laging may paraan,” Ralph says. “Sabi nga ni Papa, ang tao nga nakalakad sa buwan – so walang imposible.”

Running With Dystonia : A Different Kind of Strong

Jirome ran this race, and runs all of his other races, in constant pain. And he makes sure he finishes it, anyway.

How I Quickly Gained 22 Pounds in College

I gained 22 pounds in about 4 years while in College. Now looking back at my 16 year old self, I have never felt this much regret as I realize how much I unknowingly abused my body with all the junk food, alcohol, stress eating and all nighters I had done in my college years.

My Story #7: Billie Jay Jacob

Two years ago I was a smoker, I drink beer anytime I want and when my barkada want. I stay up late every night as my work needs me to, so I drink at least 3 cups of coffee a night...

It’s Not the End of the Road: Life Story of Alex...

Have you faced something so challenging that you just feel like it’s the end of the world?

Lauren – The Accidental Runner

There’s a sure way you can get 22 year-old Lauren Lim to do something: tell her that it’s hard and that it can’t be done.

The Power of the Pinoy Running Community

"We all maybe perfect strangers... but we run therefore we are friends."

You are a Strong, Independent Woman. Period

Yes, you are those things: strong and independent, and they describe you perfectly. No ifs or buts. So please; drop the word “pero.” Stop attaching conditions to that phrase you tell yourself to stay motivated when you’re struggling with that last mile on the run or the last rep to that set of deadlifts, or when you’re dragging your tired body to the gym after a long day at work.

Faith and Fitness

Working out both my faith and fitness is making me healthier and stronger than I have ever been.