Running is not about going around the same place for a few times until you get tired of it – it’s about being in sync with nature and actually enjoy the scenery.

The SUB1 10K Journey of a Lupus Patient

As a lupus patient who was once told that this was impossible, Annie wanted to prove to herself that she is stronger than this disease. She wanted to prove to herself that she has what it takes to be a SUB1 10K Finisher.

Behind the Podium

This year, the annual Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge concluded with over 4,500 runners who attempted to beat the clock and set their own records. Amongst the thousands that joined the race, there were only a few that bested the majority.

Martial arts in the Philippines – an undying culture

The martial arts culture in the Philippines currently faces a threat that may endanger the practice as local quarantine measures stretch on.

Wilbert Ang: The Only Disability Is a Bad Attitude

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude,” he says. “Walang Imposible.”

Fittest Moms to Follow on Instagram

Being a mom is no easy task. However, if you ask any mother out there if they love what they do, more or less they would likely say that they would choose being a mother over anything any day and any time of the week.

RUN: Endure the Pain, Keep the Faith, Finish Your Race

RUN: Endure the Pain, Keep the Faith, Finish Your Race

Racing in the time of the Novel Coronavirus

I was looking forward to racing a whole lot, this year.

Hindi pa huli ang lahat, Huwag mawalan ng Pag-asa.

Huwag niyo din itigil ang pagiging active sa sports at run kapag pumapayat na kayo, ituloy nyo lang. Huwag nyo nang hayaan na bumalik pa kayo sa dati ninyong katawan, sayang ang lahat ng pinaghirapan at pinag daanan ninyo.

Spreading the Love for Running with Pinoy Fitness

The idea of putting up a running clinic and a small fun run came up as part of my fifth runniversary. And what better way to mark such milestone is to celebrate it with a group of children

TBR Dream Marathon 2020 – Video Highlights

You never forget your first! Here's a short video highlight on what happened last weekend at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2020!

My Story #15 : Allan Fusingan

Getting there is only half the fun…. For me, it surely is. While running towards the finish line, there were so many emotions and some flashback of series of events that led me to this point of my life. It occurred to me the same emotions, excitement and thrill that I felt when I made a promise last year...

Lui Vidal: Running Changed Me

I have been overweight most of my life. Being fit was never in my vocabulary since I was a kid. I spend most of my time playing games and of course, eating (my favorite past time).