Meet Tyson “Baby Rocket” Ogsimer

Meet the 11-year Old Who Runs 21K Marathons, Tyson Ogsimer

My Story 18: Jet Luga

I'm Jet Luga. I'm 22 years old and I'm currently based in the great province of Cebu. In October of 2012, I made a commitment to get fit and healthy. Why? Because I badly needed to do so.

Willy Yao – The 100 Marathon Man

How long do you run before you decide you’ve had enough? How many years does it take for you to say “I’m done running”? How many marathons before you feel accomplished enough to retire?

My Story 14: Vince Natividad

My Journey | Paying it Forward by: Vince Natividad I don't know how to properly start this thing so let me first tell you that I'm...

I’ve been fat for most of my life, until now.

I've been fat for most of my life. I was chubby in elementary school and constantly gained weight throughout the years. I reached my heaviest back in 2012 at over 220 lbs.

Get to Know Filipino Pole Vaulter EJ Obiena

The Philippines finally has a shot at winning Gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Behind the Podium

This year, the annual Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge concluded with over 4,500 runners who attempted to beat the clock and set their own records. Amongst the thousands that joined the race, there were only a few that bested the majority.

Reagan Lost More Than 100 Pounds Chasing a SUB3 Half Marathon

We often hear the saying “Try and try until you succeed” and we’ve seen success stories of people who didn’t quit. This is no different with the journey of Reagan Dy, a regular employee in a brokerage firm in Intramuros, a guy who weighed more than 310 lbs before he discovered running.

Fittest Moms to Follow on Instagram

Being a mom is no easy task. However, if you ask any mother out there if they love what they do, more or less they would likely say that they would choose being a mother over anything any day and any time of the week.

RUN: Endure the Pain, Keep the Faith, Finish Your Race

RUN: Endure the Pain, Keep the Faith, Finish Your Race

JC Esguerra : A Man’s Journey in Losing 100+ lbs in...

I’m JC, male, 5’5”, 20 years old. All throughout the last 19 years of my life, I’ve always been overweight. From age 16-19, I was obese 2 with a body fat of more than 40%. My highest recorded weight was 270lbs (December 2013).

Ernest Carual : An Osteomyelitic’s Journey to 42K

Ernest Carual finished his first successful 10K in July 2013, merely months after he turned to running to help improve his physical state. A year and a month later, the now famous runner, is preparing to conquer his next and biggest feat—a full 42K marathon.

ButterToast – Running became my Ultimate Therapy

Ever since I was a kid the phrase “getting fit” was never in my vocabulary. When I was a teenager, all I did was to study, eat and watch my favorite movies, just like any other girl in the neighborhood.

How 3 Couples Found Love through Running and Pinoy Fitness

May forever nga ba sa running? From sweethearts who met and fell in love through running to two married couples whose love was strengthened by the sport and being a part of the Pinoy Fitness family