How to Find the Right Running Shoes for You!

How to Find the Right Running Shoes for You!

The Masungi Georeserve Trail in Rizal

By some random twist of fate, I found myself in a van towards Masungi Georeserve with celebrity nutritionist Nadine Tengco, plant based wholefoods expert Weizel Gulfan...

The Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinic Experience

Pain is not a Lifestyle. This is definitely something I learned over the last couple of years of trying to “live” with my chronic back pain. I almost accepted the fact that I will have to live with my situation for the rest of my life… until I finally decided to visit a Chiropractor.

Choosing the Right Pair of Shoes

The first time I ran, I made an honest mistake of running wearing my badminton shoes. I used to think that all shoes are just the same, and I can use them any way I want; until I felt some pain after a few training sessions.

Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge 2017 – Thank You!

4 years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined the turnout of this year’s Pinoy Fitness SUB1 10K Challenge. My brainchild race is now 5 years old, and it has become bigger and runners has become faster

16 Asian Race-cations to Sign Up For

Having a race-cation, or a race and a vacation, is definitely an exciting experience. Running and racing in a different country allows you to explore new places, cultures, and flavors while enjoying a sport that you love.

Meet Larry Ronquillo, the Taong Grasa Runner

A lot of runners during the recently concluded Run United 1 were surprised to see a taong grasa running along with them.

5 Diagnostic Tests Runners Need to Perform Regularly

Most of us started running because we want to stay fit and healthy, and it's true, we have heard a lot of stories about people losing weight, getting stronger, healthier and more active because of running.

Basics of Running

The Fit Stop Episode 2. The crew talks about the basics of running.

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Donating Blood in the Philippines

The mere thought of donating blood often times makes most people feel weak. I have to be honest, it scared me a bit as...

Real Women Fitspiration to Follow on Instagram

Sometimes, all you need to be fit is an inspiration -- and nowadays that isn’t so hard to find. From the people we interact with to the people we see on TV/Magazine/etc., they’re practically everywhere.

Hate Cramps and Muscle Pain? Try BSI

Hate cramps and muscle pain? Me too! Especially when it occurs during a workout or race, it forces you to stop or completely disables you.

6 tips on running in the Summer Heat

We can't escape the summer heat. Here's 6 tips to help you beat the summer heat and still continue with your summer training.

Sneak Peek at Climb Central Manila in Greenfield City

For those who wants to take advantage of this promo, Climb Central is now open daily and is located inside the Portal at Greenfields District, Mandaluyong, Philippines.