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Run Faster By Losing Weight Cover

Run Faster by Losing Weight

If you’ve been running for quite some time and you haven’t broken your current PR, maybe you it’s time to go on a diet.


9 Common Mistakes Running Newbies Make

So you’ve decided to get into running as part of your fitness goals this year. Good job! Take care, though: it’s so easy to make mistakes that can turn you off from the sport.

Hydrate Properly Cover

6 Reasons Why You Should Hydrate Properly

The human body is 60% water. Losing a mere 1.5% to 2% of that amount and dehydration can already kick in. According to a study, dehydration causes moods, energy levels, athletic performance and brain functions to slow down.

Things To Eat After Running Cover

10 Healthy Things To Eat After Running

After a run session, it’s important that your body replenishes the fluids, carbohydrates, and protein it lost while working out. This will make your body recover faster, ready for you’re the next run.


6 Fun, Sporty things to do in Taguig

There’s more to Taguig than those sleek buildings, trendy restaurants, and hot night spots. Should you find yourself in this booming city, there are fun, sporty activities you can try with your friends during the weekend, or when you want to avoid the evening rush hour.

Marathon Recovery Tips Cover

5 Marathon Recovery Tips

So you just finished a marathon. Good job, you! Now you’re all set to do something that’s just as important: Marathon Recovery.

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