Introducing the Pinoy Fitness Magazine with Drew and Iya!


Thanks to everyone who supported Pinoy Fitness through the years, I am now happy to announce that we are venturing into a new platform with the same vision of providing everyone fun fitness facts and information.


We’re very happy to have Drew Arellano and Iya Villania as our cover for the premiere issue of Pinoy Fitness Magazine. Grab a FREE copy now and learn about their secret to staying together!

We also featured Ciara Sotto showcasing her Pole Dancing skills, Victor Ting and the story of his running career and the Top Must Have Gadgets of Q4!

So make sure to grab a FREE copy now! It’s now Available at:
– SecondWind Greenhills
– SecondWind Home Depot
– More Stores will be announced shortly!

We would love to hear about your feedback and suggestions about our maiden issue as well! Hope you can comment below! Cheers Everyone!

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16 comments on “Introducing the Pinoy Fitness Magazine with Drew and Iya!

  1. Big kudos PF, you’ve really gone a long way! Very proud to be part of the family ^_^ I have yet to grab myself a copy this weekend. Excited!

  2. congrats , Pinoy Fitness :-) looking forward to get a copy of your maiden issue….YOU inspired us to run more…

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