Power-UP your Blog/Site with Pinoy Fitness Calendar!


Got a Website or Blog of your own!? Want to inform your readers about some of the upcoming fitness events that’s happening around the Philippines? Then Power-Up your Blog/Site with the Pinoy Fitness Events Calendar!

Here are the Steps on How to do this!
1. Select and Copy This Code!

2. If you are using WordPress. Goto Admin Panel-> Appearance-> Widgets and select the “TEXT” Widget


3. Click CTRL+C to copy,and CTRL+V to paste into your Sidebar TEXT Widget

4. SAVE it! and Test it out!

There is a sample website powered by the Pinoy Fitness Calendar -> http://www.surfthephilippines.net/

Is your website/blog PF Calendar Powered already!? Leave a comment below with your website link!

Again, Thanks for all the Support, help me spread the word to your friends with Blog/Sites by forwarding in FB and Twitter! Email me at me@pinoyfitness.com or a comment below if you encountered any problems. Thanks!


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    • @precious:

      Try these steps:
      1. Go to Customize >> Theme >> Custom HTML
      2. With CTRL-F look for “{/block:IfShowPeopleIFollow}”
      3. Just AFTER the “{/block:IfShowPeopleIFollow}” Paste the following code:
      [div class=”sidebar-box”] [iframe src=”http://www.pinoyfitness.com/pf-calendar-frame.php” width=”280″ height=”400″ frameborder=”no” align=”top”][/iframe][/div]
      PS: Replace the [ and ] brackets above with < < and >>
      4. Update Preview and test it out!

      it should look something like this -> http://pinoyfitness.tumblr.com/

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