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Camsur Marathon 2011 – Race Results and Discussions

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Congratulations to all who participated and finishers of the 2011 Camsur Marathon. Race Results and Photo Links will be updated here once they are released by the organizers.

Race Results:
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For now please feel free to share your comments and feedback about this event here!

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46 comments on “Camsur Marathon 2011 – Race Results and Discussions

  1. Congratulations sa mga tumakbo dito….
    sana nag enjoy kayong lahat, injury free at sana safe ang trip pabalik ng manila….
    iniisip din namin kayo kahit dto lang kami sa manila tumakbo…hehehehe.. congrats again!!!!

  2. congratz to all runners here …..
    @pyxcel …. you are right my friend, the streets of the Metro are not the same without the usual PF Peeps ha ha ha ….
    ….hopefully we can all join them next year…

  3. One of the best running event I’ve participated. The route was nice and great scenery. Too bad lang na wala loot bag and konti lang freebies. Konti lang din yung markings kaya medyong nhirapan aq magestimate. Well hydrated naman kmi the entire race. Sarap pa ng feeling n ung mga locals nagcheer for you. Anyways, twas a very good experience. Sure gonna join again next year.

    We may all have a safe trip back home.

    Go RUN247!

  4. One the best routes ever, very scenic and smoke-free. Total road closure, not a single motor vehicle except for motorcycles used by the organizers. lots of hydration, sometimes just a kilometer apart, water and energy drinks, take your pick. almost all water station had ambulances stationed with them, very well organized and the locals were very supportive, waving and giving high fives to passing runners and no rude remarks or heckling. Every where you go to Naga, you will surely notice a lot of runners milling around, having a good time vacationing while waiting and after the run.
    Congratulations to all who participated, I’m sure next year, there will be more runners coming to participate, an event not to be missed!

  5. nagkalat ang patay na palaka! lol.. kidding aside, my most memorable run plus vacation with friends, lucky to hitch a puj & military truck going to cwc to come before the gunstart to leave our valuables at the very last minute & retrieve it -thanks to the organizers. Thank God for the good weather condition.

  6. Route is okay. We started on time. The first part was darkness, there was not enough street lightings so we could barely see the road if there are obstacles. The people who cheered along the streets were warm, most of them are kids.The last 7k was a hurdle as the sun shone so bright so my energy was consumed double. The finish line scene was touching as our co-GRC member Tiff did her first marathon this year and her mom could not believe that her baby really did it to the finish line. My most favorite portion is the claiming of the lootbag so I could have something to show to my hubby back home as he was not able to come with me to Camsur. Unfortunately, there were not a single lootbag left, for a 42km runner like me, it was disgusting as 42km /21km runners are normally treated special on Runrio races like this. Overall rating, it was a nice running experience and I intend to join again next time.

  7. Not a hardcore runner, joined the 5k run. Nagmistulang political rally/campaign ng Camsur Governor. Namimigay ng caps na may mga political msg/slogans. Ang dami sumali pero parang hindi naman talaga tumatakbo, nagmistulang binayaran lang para maka fillup ng sa race at maka suot nung mga caps at mapicturan. Hindi maintindihan bakit nauna tumakbo yung 5k kesa sa 10k. Hindi organized ung sa 10,5 at 3k RUN. Yung sa 21K at 42K kasi sa CWC ung gunstart nila hindi sa Stadium. Parang nakafocus lang ung organizers sa 21 at 42km. Yung sa 10km,5km at 3km eh hindi sya run kundi nagmistulang alay-lakad. Hindi sila tumatakbo, talagang lakad lang ang ngyari.

    Mukhang shocked at dismayado din ang ichura ni Coach Rio nung pumunta sya sa Stadium for the gunstart ng 10,5 at 3k run. Actually, wala ng diff. Sabay2 na sila pinatakbo. Inipon lahat ng runners sa stadium. Yung mga 5k runners nasa likod pero sila pala ung dapat una mag ra-run. Madaming 3k at 10k runners na nasa harap.

    A friend joined the 21k run, and said it was well organized. So parang dun lang ata sila naka focus. Overall, bad run. Ok lang atleast naka side trip ng CWC at Naga City.

    Sana ung susunod na run ng Camsur eh hindi hinahaluan ng politika ni Gov. L-Ray. Nakakadismaya eh.

  8. so nice to read very nice comments on this race! kabaligtaran ng nasa MIM aka Manila Homeowner’s Association Fun Run (hehehehe)…
    So inspiring and I am sure a lot of people will join next year’s race…
    Congrats sa mga tumakbo, nakatapos at mga naguwi ng mga masasayang alaala sa CamSur. Sana naman ligtas ang mga pag uwi ninyo…. at thank God din pala natapos ang run bago bumagyo!!!

  9. panalo ung nagcomment ng nagkalat na patay na palaka! haha! sobrang dami nga. pero i really enjoyed the race. ang saya ng participation ng mga locals lalo na ung mga kids na nakikipaghigh-five pa sa mga runners. sobrang nakakaboost ng energy while running. and i’m ok na walang lootbag and freebies kase ibibigay naman sa tree planting lahat ng proceeds nung race event. congrats to Rio (once again)!

  10. great weather! kudos to all marathoners! mainit na pagdating ng 8am. all we could do was to cheer ’em at the clubhouse to boost their spirit. flights got cancelled yesterday. we had to take the bus back to manila.. all is well. will participate again next year

  11. thank God, im now an official half mary marathoner! and it all happend during the CAMSUR Marathon, right in my very own province of Bicol! Caramoan Islands was a perfect sidetrip!

    good thing typhoon Pedring didnt ruin our race and instead the sun really shone so bright that Sunday morning! our flight back home got cancelled (sigh), and rode the bus instead.

    congrats to all participants and my fellow PF/ARC/FB/Newton RunnR finishers – we did it guys! what a very scenic and unpredictable route it was! so loved the Bicolano barrio folks cheers, the kid’s high fives and their warm greets of Good Morning to us runners. ibang klase ka talaga CamSur! and im so in love with my very first prestigious 21K Finisher’s Medal.

    kudos to the Organizers. gotta come back again for you next year!

  12. Will they only be posting winners’ results? How about everyone else that ran?
    Overall, the people of CamSur & the scenic route were all lovely, well organized race (as expected for RunRio events); despite the sketchy CR arrangements, I’d def. do this again next year.

  13. i had a great experience sa camsur grabe yung route may rough road tapos dadaan pa kayao sa bridge na walang railings tapos maraming downhill and uphill lalo na yung last 10 km is total hardcore!

  14. Camsur was superb.’Twas my first 10k run. I didn’t prepare for it but it was good, I had the best run ever. Thanks Coach JP and Coach Jomac for the tips, at least I learned from your running lesson. I was there last year and ran 5k. That’s true, they really focused on the 21k and 42k. The route was ok, so many hydration stations. Sad to say, there are no finisher’s kits… Nagtipid…..

    Prior to the event, we went to the islands in Caramoan and it was really really great… Next year ulit…. We were mesmerized by the beauty of Caramoan Island….. 2nd year at Camsur Marathon – 2nd year to visit Caramoan as well… See you on the 3rd year…..

  15. Nasan na yung mga pictures per participants? dati sa photo vendo, lahat ng smali may mga solo pics along the route…

  16. I enjoyed this event specially with my bestfriend.. kahit tumakbo kami na may bag na dala.. hahaha.. late po kasi kami.. but we still manage to finish.. and the best part of this trip is the vacation.. The BEST!!

  17. There’s no race results for 21K? Tried using this link: Camsur Marathon 2011 – 21K Race Results (91) and from the actual camsurmarathon website but I keep getting the results for 10K. where’s the 21K race results?

  18. 3K/5K/10K events nakakadismaya. pagkadating pa lang namin, may mga chant na na sinasabi ung organizer tapos ang isasagot ng mga participants e yung name ng governor, lame.. Yung mga kasali, particularly sa 3k/5k parang hinila lang somewhere, binigyan ng singlet tapos saka pinaglakad, epic fail. May mga caps pa na may slogan pertaining sa paghihiwalay ng camsur, na dinistribute prior ng run..I’ve been to several runs na si coach rio ang nagorganize, ito ang worst.. I can’t blame coach rio kasi kahit ata cia nasurprise nung nakita nya yung mga caps na suot ng karamihan sa runners.. As you can see walang results ang 3k/5k event, pano wala namang kumukuha ng barcode na nakalagay sa racebib namin at the end of the race..

  19. Nakakawala ng pagod at nakakamotivate to run mga locals ng CamSur esp ang mga bata waiting to say “Good Morning” at high five. Next year, magdadala ako ng candy while running at ibibigay ko sa kanila. Next year ulit, sana I will run my 42K there! At sana next year me portalets na sa mga starting points. Sumakit kc tyan ko while waiting for the gunshot! Hahaha alam na… :)

  20. Why is it my name was not posted on the result? maayos naman yung pagkaregister ko sa R.O.X. i was even able received a Congratulation confirmation sent in my email, bakit UNKNOWN pa din ako sa result? happy to know na pasok ako sa top 50, but was so disappointed coz UNKNOWN pangalan ko..why? di naman ako late disappointed,,..sana macorrect yun..race bib number ko 201..sana maicorrect ng organizers..Thank you!..

  21. we were 11 in a group from mla. We’re very early on that day. In fact at 3am, we were waiting for the transport service to arrive & as scheduled, we departed at 3:45am. There was a certain point na di na gumagalaw ang mga sasakyan. We stayed inside the bus for 15mins then we decided to walk. The road was closed pala kya talagang di na gagalaw ang mga vehicles. The driver was not informed about this. Sana pinababa na kmi ng driver kung alam lang niya na up to this point lang kami than staying inside the bus na nasayang ang oras namin. The problem was super layo pala ng stadium magmula sa binabaan namin, estimated 4k pa. Grabe ang warm up namin. We could barely see the road, lack of street lightings. The gunstart was just started when we arrived the stadium. We just joined the 5k instead of 10k. Sayang.. very disappointing… this was our 1st out of town run.

  22. There were 4 of us in a group from manila who joined the 10k run. We were the last 4 runners in that category since we’re late but we still finished the run. Unfortunately, our names weren’t included on the list. Maybe the organizers can update the results. Sayang naman na tinapos pa namin yung run, then, wala rin palang result.

  23. Ang sarap sa camsur sulit ang barkada, sulit ang hotel[dami namin na meet na runners:)] ang mali lang kaunti yung portalet sa event,pero nakalagay sa website nila.(There will be 120 portalets all over the site during the race.) “This is not true” sa actual mga 10-15 lang na portalet ang nakalagay then ang haba pa nang pila at nakalagay pa ito sa mga boot ng mga sponsor at mga matataas na opisyal at mga celebrity (kaya naki ihi na lang kami) di ba dapat sa mga runners yan, bakit nasa kanila. Congratulations to camsur marathon for a well organized but sana damihan nyo yung portalet at maging honest kayo sa website na ilalagay nyo :)

  24. This was an epic adventure for me, first time joining a group of runners out of town. Our trip didn’t go exactly as we planned but the race itself was well worth the trip. With better preparation, I felt I could have gotten a new PR. It was refreshing to run in the countryside, away from pollution and just the scenery that would take your breath away. Add to that the locals, especially the children, who lined up the streets extending their hands out to greet you a ‘Good morning!’ Kudos to the organizers of this event! I just wish there were more photos (I haven’t seen mine :( Nevertheless, I’d surely plan to come back next year. And get that new PR, too. :)

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